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Stephen Kampyongo is deceiving the Nation, First Lady’s office is not a Constitutional Office-Chipenzi


The newly built and furnished 'Esther Lungu Police Post' in Kitwe's Nkana East,
The newly built and furnished ‘Esther Lungu Police Post’ in Kitwe’s Nkana East,

GEARS Initiative Zambia says Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo is deceiving the nation by claiming that the Office of the First Lady is a Constitutional Office by virtue of it receiving government funding.

In justifying the action of the First Lady to commission a police post in Kitwe recently instead of the Established government office or official, Mr. Kampyongo, claimed that the Office of the First Lady was well established in law and that the First Lady was in order to commission a police post.

McDonald Chipenzi, the Organisation Executive Director has challenged Mr. Kampyongo to tell the nation which Article in the Constitution of Zambia or Act of Parliament establishes the Office of the First Lady in Zambia other than being the spouse of the President.

Mr Chipenzi said even the funding being channeled to this Office by government without supporting legal instrument can be described as illegality in itself.

“We recall how the First Lady’s Office’s was forcibly allocated a budget line in the national budget and that did not make it a government Office and does not make the First Lady’s Office a Constitutional Office”, he said.

Mr Kampyongo challenged the Minister to help Zambians understand how the Office of the first lady is a Constitutional or government one.

“Otherwise, this propensity by ministers to justifying a wrong in order to impress the president will haunt this government”, he added.


  1. Well done Chipenzi. Zambia needs brave intelligent people like you to challenge entrenched corruption. For most people who are in power it is perfectly alright to misuse taxpayers money and even state house itself. The presidency is part of our constitution but not the first lady’s office. People like Kampyongo are trying to normalise theft so that they can use the same loopholes for their self enrichment. Zambia needs people like Chipenzi who the media must amplify so that we all can shout ‘Thief!’ when our money is stolen

  2. How can a first Lady commission a police post?? On what basis? She isn’t a government official so who nominated her to officiate? Are police stations supposed to be named after any politician? No. Why is HH silent about the whole action? Because he has same ambitions

    • Please dont bring HH in this nonsense. If HH says something you the same PF cadres will say he is desparate. Every nonsense created by PF you want HH to say something. Lungu picks up a fight with USA over gay, you wsnt HH to say something. He says something over stealing of Mukula trees that affects the economy, you condemn him. Damn if he says something and damn if he doesnt. Leave the future president alone.

    • He chose to go into politics. This job has no “‘leave HH out of this'” that is cowardice.
      Everything that affects people a politician has to deal with so HH tell us is your first Lady waiting for you to get to state house to reveal her Esther Lungu colors?

  3. These people from Eastern province have the worst propensity to steal. You have been blaming bembers now you see it for your selves. There a thieving breed that no one can compare probably in the world. Sad

  4. The problem with Zambian politics is once offered a position we change our views .Zumani , Miles , etc are have now changed their mind sets on the PF politics and policies because of what they can get out of politics not what they can give to politics .They have joined the ranks of dodgy politicians who only care about having plots in forest 27 and building mansions well beyond their earnings than protecting their employers ,the poor people of Zambia .

  5. When God wants you out first he confuses you and you begin to worship wrong as right and stand by it, but in the eyes of society, they will begin to see your madness and judge you as such.

    • He is very on point to bring it up…..the money that silly illiterate woman and her entourage spent commissioning the police post could have paid school fees for some vaunrable kids unable to go to school.

  6. “Otherwise, this propensity by ministers to justifying a wrong in order to impress the president will haunt this government”

    All PF ministers will do anything to impress their president, even if it is not right. But one thing they forget is government was once under the hands of other people, eventually, it comes to pass, it is a boomerang it hits hard when it comes back. Wait for it.

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