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President Lungu fires Information and Broadcasting PS, Chanda Kasolo


Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo
File:Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo urges Germany Ambassador to Zambia Achim Burkart to stop inciting an unnecessary uproar in the Country as reported by an online publication

President Lungu has terminated the contract of Mr.Chanda Kasolo as permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting services.

In a statement released to the media by Isaac Chimpampe, Special Assistant to the President,Press and public relations, the President said Pursuant to Articles 92(1), 92(2) (e) and 270 of the Constitution of Zambia he has decided to terminate Mr.Kasolo’s contract as Permanent Secretary with immediate effect.

The President thanked Mr.Kasolo for the service he has rendered to the Government of the Republic of Zambia and also wished him well in his future endeavors.

Recently President Edgar Lungu  announced a reduction of his salary and that of his cabinet between a range of 15 and 20 percent. The President also directed the Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Simon Miti to cascade the directive to all Non Unionised Public Officers including parastatal executives.

However Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo then stated that whilst  the President Lungu had decided to cut his salary by 20%  the decision was voluntary for top civil servants and heads of Parastatals.Mr. Kasolo said that the initiative is voluntary because civil servants are employed on contracts that cannot be altered.




  1. I feel sorry for my country Zambia. Being led by clueless ridiculous regime i have ever seen in my life in Zambia. Even sadder is for the less privileged in our society who are helpless and heavily depends on good leadership in this country.

    • That’s what Lungu is good at..anyone who talks sense is an enemy. Last kicks of the dying horse. PF has truly run out of ideas, kuya bebele 2021.

    • I am shocked he has fired Kasolo whose only crime was controlling the damage Lungu had done.

      I think this is the beginning of the end of this drunk corrupt man Lungu.

      He surely is not mentally fit to lead.

      What a waste of a man.

    • If you are not wako ni wako dont even make a simple mistake in Lungu government….its fired immediately…but if you are wako ni wako they dont fire you just promoting you like Zindaba Soko and Kaizer Zulu….and these guys are still on big money appointments and payroll…NOW ZAMBIANS SHOULD FIRE LUNGU….

    • The end of Bandit President Lungu but unfortunately all these guys will end up in UPND and we will have PF bandits in UPND continuing the same….African Politicians full of nonsense….HH will welcome them

    • You have got it wrong. He hasnt been fired. His contract was just terminated. Terminated with immediate effect. These journalists of nowadays ncha!

    • Extremely sad reading.
      ECL must not force the reduction of salaries of othet people. This should have ended at cutting his own salary kwasila.

  2. Dictatorship, Corruption, Thieving, Hunger, Diseased, Cursed is the best way to describe the current PF GRZ.

    God bless Zambia.

    • What a year it has been President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Zimbabwean President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa were conferred with honorary doctorate degrees in law by the University of Zambia (UNZA) for, among other things, their exceptional leadership and upholding the rule of law.
      Meanwhile Patrick Zhuwao, a former Zimbabwean cabinet minister and nephew to the late former President, Robert Mugabe, said MDC leader Nelson Chamisa won the 2018 presidential election but was denied victory by electoral officials.
      Zhuwawo made the remarks from South Africa where he is in self-imposed exile while announcing that he had applied to join the Julius Malema-led Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).
      I agree with CIC (Commander-in-Chief Julius) Malema’s view that Mnangagwa can be defeated. Chamisa won the…

    • Continue
      Chamisa won the 2018 presidential election which was stolen as proven in Professor Jonathan Moyo’s Excelgate book.
      Whilst I am not a member of MDC, I however respect the democratic expression of Zimbabweans who electorally expressed their wish for Chamisa to be president of Zimbabwe.
      Excelgate is a book which purports to reveal how Zimbabwe’s security services, working in cahoots with electoral officials and ruling party officials manipulated the 2018 elections results using an excel spreadsheet.

  3. This Government is very disorganised. Why do you just fire people at a drop of a pin like that. Didn’t Lungu live in those KK or FTJ days when they would hold a press conference and then make wholesale coordinated changes. Looks like this Govt can just wake up and fire civil servants at no notice at all.

    This is costing Zambians a lot of money, mind you, you have to pay the fired man his full benefits for the contract and then hire somebody on a same salary, where is the savings!!!

    This is total wastage of money ..Austerity measures my foot!!!

  4. Civil service etiquette entails that you cannot contract your boss (even a stupid boss) in public. Kasolo might have sounded right but he contradicted his boss. Too bad.

  5. Hehehe

    But lungu and his gang are funny people…..they thought leading a country was based on borrowing and dancing dunnuna on stage ?

  6. So What Did The Man Do—To Deserve Termination Of His Contract?
    So He Will Be Paid Out All The Annuities Due Him, And Have another one new in his place who will have a new contract and in so doing the cost centre for same position will be doubled–and yet you are claiming to do cost serving measures –please can some one explain if this is making economical sense in terms of salaries–

  7. So will the permanent sec for Charles Banda Go As well,,or did he apologise for contradicting his boss over the Alic Nkhata Bridge?

  8. I am lost for words but what should have happened is that Cabinet was supposed to review that directive if the government found it to be improper. If the outcome was as announced by the PS, that would have been ok as it would be Cabinet decision. If cabinet did not review it, this means the directive was reversed by the PS and his minister. In this case the minister should also go unless he apologised the way Hon Charles Banda apologised over the bridge saga. This confusion in our party and government points to one thing: this is a government based on tribal cousinship and as such everyone now feels has powers to do anything or reverse any decision. Professionalism has been lost. U tribal cousins, what is wrong with u guys? The few years u have selected yourselves to run this country has…

  9. Knee jerk reaction because he was embarrassed. Kasolo just pointed out that ECL was naked, in the midst of all his bootlickers who continually claim that he is dressed in fine robes

  10. We have a wrong President but Chanda Kasolo was also an over zealous character, even with the official government spokesperson(another wrong chap) available, Chanda Kasolo always wanted to be heard.

  11. A failed lawyer who does not understand the rule of law. First thinking he was smart he read from the constitution in few view of the public and ambassadors and misled everyone that ministers can overstay in office. Fast forward the concourt overruled him, instead of being shameful, he has again misdirected himself with salary cuts only to be embarrassed by his PS. What does he do, fire the PS to save face and his ignorance of contract law, what a lawyer, no wonder our economy is in shambles.


  13. To lose a job is not something anyone can wish another person especially given this is the end of the year and month end. In every set up junior officers may error to err is human but the punishment that must follow must be as that of a father to his children. Former PS Kasolo may have erred but his crime can not be compare to others who even after brandishing a fire arm assaulting people etc. they were spared. Others are known criminals, corrupt to the core but they walk free and hold their jobs….let us learn to give measured punishment as a leader.

  14. “Hello everyone, I have had my contract terminated following my radio and tv showing last night regarding the Directive to cut salaries.” “I really enjoyed working with you. God bless and please give your support to the incoming PS. Love you all,” Mr. Kasolo.
    Too bad Kasola you should have followed laid down procedures in airing your views.
    And sorry to learn that you were fired at night.I mean ELC’s rage could not wait for morning.Lets learn to be tolerant to one another.

  15. “Manyengwe” is what is going on in this government under what Archbishop Mpundu has rightly called a dictatorship and a kleptocracy. We have allowed a proper joker at the helm and are paying the price. The incumbent has made the office of the president so cheap; he has taken us from one of the fastest growing economies in he world seven years ago (along with Ghana and Ivory Coast on the verge of being declared middle income states) to a bread basket case. In the meantime Ghana and Ivory Coast have continued on that trajectory while we regress. It is so sad we entrusted the leadership of the nation into the hands of an inept and clueless group of people who do not have the interest of the nation at heart but to steal at an industrial scale.

  16. The Zambian Ministry of Health distributes condoms to prisoners as “Special groups” who do these prisoners use the condoms with? And yet you what to shout loudest against the rights of gay people and even expel the American envoy. The so called church people do not question why condoms are distributed to men who are in prison. HYPOCRATES
    WHY REDUCE SALARIES IF THERE IS NO CRISIS? This country is doomed for now until a visionary leader is found soon

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