Monday, April 15, 2024

PF Media Promotion of Works at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital



  1. Wow a breath of fresh air. Credit due where its deserved. This is nice. Lets keep corrupt workers out that will destroy it like UTH. Be strict.

    Very nice. All airports and public toilets in Australia have auto taps. Its not new. Its a conservation smart measure of power water and air-conditioning as well.

    But well done. Very happy for new years to watch this.


    • I hope this Signals the end of ECL and his fellow politicians misusing tax payers money flying to South Africa for medical care at the flimsy of excuses. The Government has spent a huge amount money building this hospital and therefore there will be no excuse for the Politicians not to use the state of art hospital in future.

  2. This is wonderful stuff but my only concern is that if we start putting party slogans to development then we are opening a whole can of worms. In my opinion, you would have been better off by just exemplifying what the PF has done to add value. Levy hospital was appropriately named by Sata to acknowledge the fact that it was a Mwanawasa project and that the PF brought it to life. If we start adding tags to development then we may as well bring back UNIP because Zambia’s core infrastructure dates back to Kaunda era. Imagine UNIP doing a similar video on the Kariba, UTH, ZESCO, UNZA etc.

  3. This is not PF but Government work -with tax payers money (our money) and probably donors money. Government duties should not be confused with political party activities. Its a great hospital and its about time we had something like this. Zambians -health care is your human right don’t act like its a favor from PF. This is where your taxes go. Hope they will use solar panels and generators though or else those smart threatres will be decorations.

  4. This is what a working and competent pf government can achieve. As I said we let our achievements speak for themselves. What can the upnd point at to say they have achieved? Yes they are not in government but they could still work with us on various projects by offering technical advice and support. However to them all they know is politicking. This is why in 2021 it is pf winning. I can lose a position but I don’t lose elections. Kz


    APRIL 2019 : China releases $58 million for bed space expansion at the Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital BUT HH SAYS TOO MANY LOANS : Zambians shall eat beds..


  6. how much Chinese loan did this cost?
    before you start giving props, let’s find out what the cost is, as well, do we have Zambian trained technicians to fix even simple issues with the equipment? everything is great when it’s brand new,
    I guess it’s an improvement according to what the narrator is saying, I’ve never been to a hospital in Zambia, everything they are talking about is how every hospital operates here..
    are they going to be restocked with medications? is this a public hospital or a fee paying?

    will inonge and all of them ministers go there or they’ll still be fly to sa and india?
    how “green” is this hospital? I don’t think the current Zambian government has a foresight, as long as something is new they think it’s all that matters, they don’t think outside the…

    • you can request a FOI. All government departments are obliged to provide information that is in public interest. happy new year

    • I would rather pay over the odds to have such projects than the ones which embazzle our natural resources under the guise of harvestment, sorry I mean investment. I really hope you will attract good managers to run this facility. I would even endorse a private/public partnership to attract the best doctors and use this as a center of excellence for medicine in the southern region. Let’s build capacity and make this work. Abena Kaizar, where is the helipad? we expect flying doctors and paramedics with this thing.

  7. I would have thought this would have been apt by saying it is a Ministry of Health Media Team Production considering it is ultimately tax payers money that will be used to pay for these loans?

  8. Kudos is appropriate in this case.

    It would have been wonderful and astounding if all other areas of PF governance ……economy… ….were as impressive as this hospital

  9. Kaizer eating humble pie with the hope that he may become invincible again. We are fed up. PF, silence this guy, he is doing more harm than good. KZ association for every Zambian is a drunken gun toting, punch throwing POS.

  10. Why not start making copper wires bullets pipes plates watchers etc,what are we waiting for cooper to finish than start wishing lates lean from Indonesia poeple lates plan think for the our children

  11. Careful voters, politicians know how to market these things but would leave out the important details. Kenyan and Ethiopian politicians marketed the train stations and first subway in Africa like heaven, fast forward now there are complaints about the quality of the train stations, and the subway in Ethiopia is barely accessible. You will be disappointed that the real thing will not be as advertised.

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