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GEARS hopes Malupenga will Transform State Media into Public Platforms for all Citizens


Amos Malupenga
Amos Malupenga

GEARS Initiative Zambia has welcomed the transfer of Amos Malupenga to the the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the same capacity as Permanent Secretary.

Mr. Malupenga’s transfer to Information is a very timely, progressive and a good move for the furtherance of media issues in the country.

Organisation Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says his Organisation had found Mr. Malupenga’s transfer to Ministry of Tourism and Arts as a misplaced skill and expertise.

Mr Chipenzi said Mr Malupenga ended up in the Tourism and Arts Ministry dealing with black lechwe translocation fiasco.

He said Mr Malupenga is a very tolerant and democratic person who has a measured response to National issues.

“It is our hope that Mr. MALUPENGA will transform the state media into truly public platforms for all citizens to have access to and space to be covered for the advancement of Deliberative Democracy in Zambia”, he added.

He said so far, Mr Malupenga has been impressive in whichever ministry he has served no wonder, he is one of the few long serving Permanent Secretaries in this regime or administration.


  1. The public media traffiics in hate and division.It’s contaminated by the cancer of cadresm and sees all things through ethnicity because it’s structure is nepostic.The only way out to revive it is to let die of the wounds it has inflicted on itself.When luminaries like Ms kapwepwe are dismissed you know new and fresh ideas are no longer welcome.

    • Even if Amos Malupenga wanted state-owned media to cover all newsmakers which would even help to increase circulation, the politicians will not allow that. But GEARS can dream on if that is the world they want to live in.

    • Znbc is remarkable, responsible and patriotic.
      Don’t dare mess with his public media house. Call it names but it has managed to save and serve your souls.
      Znbc is conservative.
      Znbc has preserved Zambia’s peace.
      Znbc looks out for your soul.
      Znbc is laka.
      Don’t touch Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.
      So mature and promotes sanity in Zambia.
      No insults are allowed on ZNBC.
      No ill talk.
      No character assassination except when RB used it as a state media house.

    • Yes because ZN is Zambia National and SA is South African then both are Broadcasting Corporations.
      ZNBC looks up for us.
      SABC looks up for the South Africans.
      Why would a South African be watching ZNBC and vice versa.
      Two different countries with two different issues no utwakulondolola londolola utwapusana.
      It’s madness comparing the two.

  2. Yes even me I like Mr Malupenga. He’s got an open-door policy. He’s soft-spoken but also can be tough at times. Just because someone has got a journalism background does not mean his appointment should be restricted .Let people develop new skills and learn how other ministries operate. The main role of a PS is administration. Directors are there to offer expert advice on issues the PS cannot understand

  3. State media in Zambia is always a political tool for the ruling party and Malupenga won’t change that.

  4. Amos will do even more than that. He is a hardworking man of integrity just like me. Having known him for many years both personally and professionally, I can vouch for him to the zambian people. Zambia you are lucky to have such a man serving you. Kz

  5. Amos can be a good man but if he is a disciple of wrong chaps that does not make him a good man. Its not easy to separate rubbish from good or good from rubbish if the final result is rubbish. If fish starts rotting from the head the rest of it cannot refuse to rote!!!!

  6. I don’t know what parameters characterizes a good man. This is Amos/Postnewspaper who propagated all sorts of evil against Sata/PF and manipulated the public into believing President Sata lost 2006 election. When RB turned against them they went to bed with PF in exchange for government jobs. When Postnewspaper begun to date UPND, President Lungu quickly put them into Oblivion. He has lost manipulative features but submit to the office of the SG PF. Let him work to survive but holds no ideological background to believe he can shake the media into public participatory platforms.

  7. PF era is a bad time to be professional for most technocrats .After change of government most technocrats will be caught in the web of PF ubupuba,i advise technocrats to always watch their back as the work in this rotten regime,most of these characters will soon be washing their hands on innocent technocrats, kukosa…

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