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Some Opposition Parties want to auction Zambia to homosexuals-Mushanga


Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga
Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga

In desperation for political power, some opposition parties want to auction the Country to foreigners by supporting evil practices such as homosexuality, Central province minister, Sydney Mushanga has said.

Mr. Mushanga said certain political parties are on record as saying when they form  government, they would legalize homosexuality.

Speaking when he graced The Couple’s Training And Marriage Celebrations organized by Power FM radio in Kabwe, Mr. Mushanga warned Zambians to be wary of such people bent on destroying the tradition and culture of the country.

The minister has urged Zambians to support President Edgar Lungu for taking a strong stance against homosexuality and emulate him by denouncing the act.

Mr. Mushanga said countries around Africa have been commending President Lungu for the stance that the country has taken on homosexuality,  the latest being Kenya saying what Zambia  had done was the right thing.

He said much as the country had its own challenges, where the leadership had scored, people should acknowledge  and show support.

Mr. Mushanga said homosexuality should be denounced because it does not help to grow the nation nor does it fall in line with beliefs of a Christian nation.

He said the fight should not be left to the President, Members of Parliament and the clergy only but to all patriotic Zambians.

“If it’s dying of hunger then we should die of hunger, if there is relief food that they want to bring to our country because of these foreign cultures, we need to tell them that go to hell with your support, because this is unZambian,” said Mr. Mushanga.


  1. And how will this talk about homosexuality going to bring food to solve the current economic problems in Zambia? grow up PF and get your priorities right

    • Ambassador Foote also spoke of massive corruption, why can’t you speak to that? The vast majority do not have access to stolen wealth like you pf officials…you can’t say to hell with aid while you are eating at least three square meals a day and the masses languish!

    • Mushanga (cigarette ) is a typical PF cadre, unknowledgeable on most topics and corrupt to the bone in everything

    • Start packing your stuff from government houses, this year will go very fast for the the PF.
      Can’t believe its already 2 days gone 2020.

    • even dogs know their sex but these animals called upnd are puppets of the gay & homosexual groups.tell yo sponsors aid or no aid we will not accept nthing unnatural tell them we r ready to defend this country with whatever it takes. corruption ya kuti imbwa imwe report whoever is corrupt not just ranting. HH nimutunda wopanda manzi

    • I am PF but the bottom line is takangiwa completely. Total failure, I think looking at the magnitude of the failure where all economic and governance indicators are down, the correct terminology is lamentable failure. The government is the one saying we are working instead of testimonies from people. Where on earth, shaa

    • Anyway,this is ‘Mushanganormics’statement.Abalya nabo ebalecefya fwebo twacula ukulalila ubowa namango.Yalikosa pa Zed.

    • Mediocrity is their middle name, our fellow Africans a launching satellites into space, here we are still exploring our sexuality like 3 year olds, in biological science humans start noticing these differences at age 3.

      When is the K5 per litre fuel promised during campaigns in 2016.

      How many goats have we exported to Saudi Arabia.

      How many metre of fabric has mulungushi textiles produced and sold since the 2016 campaign promise of revamping operations.

    • This issue is tired one and won’t win you any favours. Your leadership mishandled this issue from the beginning and all you can do is redress the damage done. You cannot put policy on what kind of sex grown people are going to have in their bedrooms. Some of you in power might even have accidentally or willingly put the drill in the shaft and both the mine and the liner loved it. Be careful what you wish for because tour own mine can turnaround and sue you for having entered a closed mine.

    • This issue is a tired one and won’t win you any favours. Your leadership mishandled this issue from the beginning and all you can do is redress the damage done. You cannot put policy on what kind of sex grown people are going to have in their bedrooms. Some of you in power might even have accidentally or willingly put the drill in the WRONG shaft and both the miner and the mine loved it. Be careful what you wish for because YOUR own mine can turnaround and sue you for having entered a closed mine.

    • No wonder we dont develop…but adultery,corruption,prostitution,theft is Zambian but same sex is unZambian….am learning new words now…Gayism and unZambian…which dictionary do you get your words from you PF bandits

    • Christians are hypocrites…you saw the so called Pope slapping a woman’s hand whilst kissing little boys and girls…and yet he preaches tolerance….false prophets indeed…

    • Now the same people that taught you Christianity are 90% gay themselves….i know a lot of openly gay priests in New York….and they read the same Bible that Zambians read….and pray to the same God and they live very comfortable lives…so God answers gay guys prayers and not Zambians…no electricity..misery and poverty everywhere

    • @ 1.13 Anonymous

      ‘Matthew 5:45 “that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”‘

      With the above written, do not bring God into your non-sense my friend. He is an amazing savior. Also Africans knew God before Europeans, unlike you we all do not have an inferiority complex. In fact the message was taken to Europe and not the other way around. As for doing well, Evil Babylon was richer than Israel, and they were pure evil. Remember Daniel was educated there. Study before spewing vitriol against God’s people, some are just lost. Their creator is not.

  2. Iwe Mushanga just find something credible to talk about. that story has lost value as HH you mean has publicly stated he’s against homosexuality. what’s important is you tell you community your development agenda and achievements as a minister. not waffling about.

    Don’t waste our precious time reading your bootlicking statements. its time for your party to work. for more Levy Mwanawasa general hospital like projects.

    Shut your mouth mushanga


  3. UPND (forming the next government) did NOT say that they will legalize homosexuality neither did Foote say that USA will withhold aid because Zambia does not support homosexuality. Why are you misleading the nation? why are you not commenting on the corruption that the both the opposition and Foote are referring to? Any way NEXT YEAR PF kuya bebele.

  4. Can you please address real issues like loadsheding, corruption, hunger, milie meal prices all these that most ordinary people are experiencing instead of going on about what people do in their private spaces!! Homosexuals dont switch off my electricity, they don’t steal public funds, they dont determine the price of my millie meal, I wouldn’t be bothered by their crime as much as the real bread & butter issues.

    • PF does not have any clue on sorting out the economic mess they have created. All you will hear is this homosexuality story, they have no clue. Don’t you remember that is what the late MMD used to say on Sata. Clueless. isn’t it the same Mushaga who was slapped by a fellow PF cader a few months ago. The guy has to say something to remain relevant

  5. Homosexuality will not be entertained in this country whether HH like it or not I want to remind him that this country belongs to God and not to HH.Alas to those who are ignorant of this network of gays,we know it and we know their plans better to die than been a homesexual for only dogs can do this and not human beings infact not even dogs can practice this barbaric,inhuman behavior.HH to hell with your evil plans.

    • EVIL??
      So is stealing Public resources, stripping the Nation of it’s natural resources Mukula, & sharing, degazetting the forest in Lusaka east.
      EVIL?? so is State sponsored violence with Ch!mpyongo, & K@!zer directing this right from State House & the Ch@gwanomics of Ub0mba mw!Bala.
      Therefore P.F Cadre K.G.B (M0scow, your time for eating, & lying to Zedians is coming to an end in a matter of months, so EAT, GET FAT, VOMIT & LIE as much as you like as your fellow P.F supporters ARE NOW ALSO FEELING THE PINCH OF DRUNKEN CH@GWANOMICS & it will get HOTTER in the next few months.

  6. We are a Christian Country and we are supposed to support the President on this ugly issue of homosexuality. Some opposition party is on record that it is a member of the organisation whiich supports homosexuality. Therefore more sensitization on this issue is crucial so that such parties which are in support with such acts are not allowed to be given chance to lead this Christian Country of ours. So VIVA. Musanga on this issue.

    • Yes you claim to be a christian nation led by thieves for thieves. A christian is supposed to be truthful and not hypocritical. Homesexuality is not Godly but according to zambian christians, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, stealing from the poor, brutality and all other vices being perpetuated by people in power are endorsed by God. Otherwise why concentrate on homosexuality and not corruption which ambassodor Foote alluded to? Is it because corruption and other vices are ok by Lungu? Iam so disgusted by how zambians think….so shallow

  7. I have no issues with homosexual people that is between them and God. I have an issue with the current failing government of the PF though due to corruption, theft, lies, high prices, misplaced priorities, loadshedding etc. This homosexuality issue just steals Govt time to do something in uplifting people’s lives in Zambia. If you are secure with your stance why pay much attention to the issue. No where did we read that UPND want to legalize homosexuality

  8. Lets get one thing right instead of fo0ling one another, if God does not want homosexuality, let us also remind one another that he also does not support corruption. There is no logic in condemning the other keeping the other. Please refer to the FIC report to understand corruption by politically exposed PF caders and government officials. Infact theft which is corruption kills our country

    • There is evidence on homosexuality – prosecution and conviction. Present evidence on corruption with figures for prosecution (not just the tollgate, firetrucks, international airports, etc etc were overpriced but you can’t provide figures). True, there is too much corruption in the country, but just barking about it will not get us anywhere.

    • Iwe ka adviser, do you know what the FIC report is you dunderhead?? There are two of them with mountains of evidence, ulikalishilu??

  9. This accusation of the opposition as supporters of homosexuality is beginning to sound like an old record (for those old enough to appreciate vinyl) and plain stupid. You want to use it as a cheap propaganda to soil the opposition, but it will not wash in a country where a country the so called Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs will not call out her colleagues for rampant corruption and mismanagement of the economy. What a bunch of hypocrites that behave worse than the Pharisees! Hiding behind the Christian nation cloak is the worst fraud to placate the failures of an inept leadership.

  10. This government has no ideas any more, anyway they did not have any even from the start. The same way the MMD used to say Sata wants to legalise homosexuality we have gone back to the same debate. Mushanga and your failed friends, you have been in power for 9 years now Mulungushi textiles is still closed and people don’t have jobs. Don’t you think that is a priority? This dallness is appalling and nauseating, to say the least

  11. Let us not beat about the Bush. You and I both know this is HH and upnd he is alluding too. As office of president we have a lot of data on some of the questionable homosexuality activities of some of the top upnd officials. A lot will be revealed to the zambian people. A dirt party willing to bring dirtiness to our country. Twakana ifyo

    • What we are refusing is very bad leadership exhibited by PF despite the abundance of resources Zambia has. What we are refusing is you paying a deaf ear to real issues that are really affecting people. People want to know what lungu is doing about the mukula issue. Sichalwe was caught distributing obscene photos yet nothing was done, chitotela was caught stealing animals and one gallant lady reported this yet your government intimidated the lady. What are you doing about the dangerous alick nkhata bridge? What happened to the land lungu got as president in Swaziland? What is government doing to alleviate the poverty PF has helped escalate in the country. What is government doing about escalating prices? Why does Edgar keep misinterpreting the law to suit him and why has he not ordered the…

    • Why has he not ordered the ministers who he ordered to stay illegally in office to pay back the people’s money? Edgar wants to seek court interpretation or guidance on how to pay back and what to pay back yet he never sought their guidance when he illegally ordered ministers to stay in office.

  12. a lot will be revealed? yet it is your government that keep exposing itself pants down. you fire gallant people who stand up to you like kasolo.

  13. “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. African proverb, meaning that the weak get hurt in conflicts between the powerful.

    ”African countries that are supporting PF and some Zambian on sentenced Japhet Chataba and Steven Samba to 15 years in prison for what Zambian law calls “crimes against the order of nature” they subscribe to divide and conquer textbook. Homosexuality as reached a tipping point.

    Have bigger fish to fry.

    “It would be coldhearted to stand there, not caring, when you see a little kid fall and hurt herself. Most people are sympathetic and warm, but those who don’t have much feeling for others are coldhearted.”

  14. How did we end up with this caliber of ministers? Ba PF, next, try to adopt people who are educated. look at the mess you have put us in

  15. It’s the economy stupid.Revive the economy damn.We are tired of the homosexual crap.We know there is no one auctioning the country.You have no ideas

  16. PF is fixated on things that really do not really matter at the moment. Can Mushanga tell the same radio station how PF is planning to alleviate poverty in the country because we know very well that with or without gays, we do not have medicines in the hospitals, no food and a lot of load shedding countrywide. Can the energy being directed at gays be channelled to issues that are affecting our people instead of this gay rhetoric please, it will not take us anywhere. We have made it very clear collectively that we are not for such (gay), let us move on to pressing issues affecting our people.

  17. A Lungu, please play the video from Kenya to your ministers. They should apply what you are suggesting in the other article. Then you may start gaining some respect. At the moment you are in negatives on the respect score and partly it’s because of tins like the one talking here. Ministers are supposed to be working for people to move the nation agenda and not just talking about things not even linked to their portfolio. Let the tin from religious whatever it is called address this matter and not every fool in your cabinet full of foolery competing on showing who is the loudest. Send your ministers for training so that they know their job descriptions as servants of the people.

  18. Dull ministers talk is very easy but work nothing, mr humble, SG,gbm pf cadres,ministers,ps,pf memebers all talk about hh why cant they find solution of power first etc Tayali Chilufya

  19. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in Angola, Botswana, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, the Seychelles and South Africa.

    You can compare the economic growth and stability of these countries with Zambia. Make your own conclusions.

  20. Mushanga we don’t care what you do behind closed doors as two consenting adults. What we care about is the ability to provide leadership that will bring about development of Zambia and giving dignity to an ordinary Zambian.

  21. Let him show you one country that is owned by homosexuals. Which country was ever auctioned to a certain group of people? Where did this ignorant and hopeless villager hear that homosexuals want to buy a country? Fear mongers for the ignorant masses.

  22. I’m ashamed of coming from a country where no one speaks sense! What a load of bollox! Why are deadbeats like this in government? Is this the best the country has to run the affairs?

  23. Yaba please Lord come fast Sodom is here . Maybe when you come Lord you can fix our economy . My brothers and sisters are so dependent that they have failed and yet you have given us everything. They are ready to disobey your commands for them to have a better economy .

    Please let’s put away the syndrome of Boma iyanganepo . And we should always put in mind that we are all human beings who need love and support for us to carry on . HH could not be a harm at all to this Nation. He could be the great leader Zambia has waited for but him being human ,he’s not an exception to making mistakes . Today will show him love because we want him to try but tomorrow when he’s where we put him , so long as we don’t support him , he’s not going to be different from the other Presidents Zambia…

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