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Now Chitotela also volunteers to have his pay cut


Ronald Chitotela
Ronald Chitotela


Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela has become the latest senior government official to voluntarily surrender to have his salary cut by 20%z

Mr Chitotela has emulated Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata who was the first high ranking government official to publicly declare that she wants her salary cut following the example set by President Edgar Lungu.

The move is said to be in line with austerity measures being implemented by the PF government.

In a Facebook post, Mr Chitotela said he will be writing to the Secretary to the Cabinet to implement the salary cut.

“Public life is service above self and mostly it is imperative that those who have ought to share with those who do not have,” Mr Chitotela said.

“More also there comes a time that we at times need to make critical decisions to offer service to human kind. Such decisions must be taken swiftly for the good of mankind,” he said.

“I want to join my colleagues who have already made this decision and those that are yet to make in regards to the directive by the head of state to cut our salaries.”

He added, “I will be writing to the Secretary to Cabinet tomorrow instructing him to effect the cut on my salary with immediate effect.”


    • But why Chanda Kasolo got fired for saying he is NOT going to volunteer? This is campaign strategy has back fired on PF.
      This VOLUNTEERING has now become a crime. Why only those with corruption cases pending on them are the only ones volunteering to cut their salaries? Those who will not “volunteer” will be fired. I feel sorry for Katambo who just chased his wife, that 20% of salary should have gone to his wife, now he be giving to his boss Edgar 20% of his salary, he should be exempted.
      Chitotela and Jean Kapata should be face ACC, this is public corruption, bribing the President.
      Can we also see the list of those ministers “EXEMPTED” from the 20%, we know 6 out of the 40 ministers are not corrupt and look destitute, they deserve exception.

    • Jean Kapata and Chitotela should be fired…
      I just read the Chanda Kasolo case again. according to Chipampe’s letter no one should twist the command. Nothing like “volunteering”.
      15 % – 20% was not from nothing, it doesn’t matter if a Minister Chitotoli or Jean Kapata, all got their salaries to be circumcised with immediate effect!!

    • This man Chitotela has alternative income of selling off wildlife as well as many many other corrupt activities including the habit of getting kickbacks and skimming off contracts.

      This is the guy that exports wild dogs, and endangered animals to China. He has built many many houses since he became minister and is protected by the drunk useless excuse of a man called Lungu.

      He should be in jail as we speak. In the same cell as Mr. Kapata, kampyongo, lubinda, tasila and Lungu.

      Reject these thieves.

    • Zambia is a country of jokers….ok lets see a copy of your pay slip at the end of the month otherwise these guys are just lying to people about reducing their salaries…even Lungu should show us a copy of his pay slip …..

    • For Chitotela all he needs to do is return the money he gained illegally during the time parliament was in recession. Return the money gain from ibala concept please. It would also be a good idea to work without a pay as you are not worthy of the earning Tax Payers money.

    • Foote is right when he says all these ministers with their boss Lungu should submit their income statements so ACC can investigate them if they have a case to answer. Foote has the information at hand but he is being diplomatic

  1. I thought this was a non negotiable salary reduction, and someone was fired for saying this issue is not mandatory one has to volunteer… Imwe help me understand, what happening in our country?… They have realized that they have eaten too much and they have messed up the economy.

    • I thought the president already directed secretary to cabinet to effect the cut on cabinet ministers, who are the fooling volunteering? Just pay back the money you illegally obtained in 2016.

  2. “A rising tide lifts all boats” as they say .Lungu’s GRZ boat is sinking Zambia’s economy so they want to deceive us with tricks instead of confronting the real causes.

  3. Hehehehe……if this was a Presidential directive why do these Ministers want to write to the Secretary to Cabinet to effect salary cuts? Drama drama drama. How I wish this was the way these Ministers could be saying about paying back the money they earned illegally in 2016

  4. Why was Kasolo fired then? What an embarrassment, a lawyer misleading gullibles only to be corrected by one of his bootlickers who ends up losing his position. Now thieves have realized that their leader would turn into a laughing stock, they are voluntarily and not equivocally as we were made to believe coming out to save his face. The amazing thing is that, Mukula dealers and those that overpriced road construction are the ones offering support, does that ring a bell?

  5. The constitution court orders ministers to pay back all the money earned when they illegally stayed in office and they refuse. Lungu orders them to have their salaries cut by 20% and they oblige. Is Lungu greater and powerful than the constitutional court? We have finally created a dictator. I weep for my beloved country.

  6. Chitotela and kapata are just thieves like lungu and his cronies, they all don’t need a salary because they are stealing millions of Kwacha every month.
    Dear Zambians wake up or die, kick out this PF government

  7. This is the type of leadership everyone should emulate. The pf is a part of morally upright citizens who have the peoples plight at heart. Why haven’t we heard from a single upnd member of parliament sacrificing their salary? It clearly shows why they entered politics. It is a way to satisfy themselves rather than serve zambians. Is this the type of party you want to rule you? Zambians do not let these greedy people in. Kz

    • These are the rich boys and girls on the block…there is no morality in these. why blow a trumpet instead of quietly doing it.

    • No one believes your crap about pf being upright and let alone having any morals. This coming from you, given your riotous behavior lately.
      The last thing pf needs is your voice.

  8. So so deceptive this paycut .Its better to have leaders who bake a bigger pie for many than ones who cut small crumbs for a few.

  9. Mr Chitotela , I will be writing the Secreatary to the Cabinet to keep your salary intact and instead give back all your proceeds to the people of Zambia.

  10. Kikikiki….those whom God wants to remove he first makes them mad. One, two, three so far…..
    Same for those who mock Him every Sunday in church, sorry no amount of donations by the rich people to the Lord’s House across the country “leaving no one behind” will save them.
    Where do the donations come from kanshi mwebantu? I generously give 20% of my salary to the church every fourth Sunday, but I am embarrassed that it only amounts to K2,000. Where do human beings like me get their millions to donate every day kanshi?
    God help me to do the same, if that is Your wish to serve You better.

  11. We need someone to clarify what is happening here.The president issued a directive for all salaries to be deducted,he was corrected by the PS who was fired for correcting him,now these ministers are following the PS ‘s position?
    What a mess ,clearly explains why the country is off the rails,more the reason PF should go….

  12. Lusambo, are you joing the qeue? Not too long ago we used to help these boys with some fuel for their Spacios. Can’t remember when they enrolled or graduated in college but now they carry big donations wherever they go. I mean the boys now compete on the same level with USAID!!

  13. Ronald , people are not going to sacrifice for your incompetence. You cannot borrow yourself to success. You need a strategy given that Zambia is endowed with a lot of resources and it is unacceptable in 2020 that Zambia is listed as one of the poorest countries in the word. You should be ashamed of yourself. Reducing your pay to appease the weak president is not going to do anything to pay back the debt that you have placed on future generations. Its embarrassing to hear this crap. This PF mob should simply surrender the power to the people of Zambia to save themselves, otherwise the law will be implemented, come 2021.

  14. Salaries to these people are nothing so let them not think we are foolish. They don’t depend on salaries so the let the mockery end immediately.

  15. How I wish these so called leaders in government had the principles and integrity the administration of KK had. This country would have been very far in terms of development. I am also taken aback by this emerging trend in government where government officials are seemingly only getting “educated” in government. It is like they only become intelligent when they are in government. Are these masters degrees and PHD’s fake? Please u were elected to work and not to study if at all your qualifications are genuine.

    • You buy a 100m USD jet that is an unnecessary drain on treasury and cut your salary by 18000zmw or 1285 USD equivalent. Well that’s some mind boggling economics!

  16. Have you noticed that the corrupt Ministers Jean and chitotela are the only ones who have agreed to cut their salaries. We are waiting for Kampyongo, Stardy Mwale and Given Lubinda the other corrupt Minister to volunteer because they do not need their salaries.

  17. All thieves with hanging corruption tags around their necks will follow what Jean Kapata and Ronald Chitotole have resolved to voluntarily surrender their 20% salary to Lungu’s regime.
    This is meant to hoodwink Zambians millions of Kwacha stolen by these thieves. Next, Kampyongo, Zayelo Lubinda, Kantu Luo, Stardy Mwale, Mumbi Phiri, Gogo Inonge, grave digger Bowman Lusambo, the list goes on. Thieves to make good of their ill gotten wealth.

  18. Behaving just like the pharisees – pretensions of sanctity. Standing at market corners and praying loudly for all to see. Yet, the worst sinners and hypocrites. Even making a statement like, “ is imperative that those who have ought to share with those who do not have” When did he adopt this ‘principle’? After the ECL directive?

    Meanwhile your GREAT LEADER is still hiding behind these ‘directives’ that he makes through his press secretary. Why doesn’t he ‘man up’ and address the nation as to what this all means – especially how his ‘plan’ will alleviate or cushion the effects of price rises?

  19. @Kaizar Zulu. Yes the UPND is what we need as a country. Leadership with a bigger vision for a country. Only small thinkers like and your president can start cosmetically reduce your salaries and not address the elephant in the room- massive corruption, massive government expenditure on a hopeless cabinet, expanding foreign service at a time when the economy is shrinking, unnecessary local and international travel by the visionless president and his cabinet, uncoordinated and poorly planned capital projects, lack of investment in industry.

  20. @Kaizar Zulu. Yes the UPND is what we need as a country. Leadership with a bigger vision for a country. Only small thinkers like and your president can start cosmetically reduce your salaries and not address the elephant in the room- massive corruption, massive government expenditure on a hopeless cabinet, expanding foreign service at a time when the economy is shrinking, unnecessary local and international travel by the visionless president and his cabinet, uncoordinated and poorly planned capital projects, lack of investment in industry.

  21. PF in a disjointed mode. This is extremely embarrassing PF. Having looted our economy, Now you think Zambians can survive from your pocket. Extremely insulting!.. How have we found ourselves in the same category as Somali land, South Sudan, Zimbabwe…. completely making Zambia into puupu-hoole economy. This is unacceptable and extremely painful. Individuals donating their salaries to us…. how insulting!

  22. Can Chitotela do like HH did on corruption or sell of the Luanshya Mine? Let him put his Makeni houses on the bet for corruption and criminal activities and see if he will still own those houses. These criminals!

  23. These guys can confuse people. So its volunteering after all but someone was fired for saying so. These guys’ madness has reached alarming levels to tell the truth.
    We all know this Chitotele thing. We all remember how we were cheated that he was being investigated and yet it was just staging.

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