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Dangote Cement Fires It’s Quality Manager After Failing Zambia Compulsory Standard Tests


Part of the Recalled Dangote Cement
Part of the Recalled Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement has fired it’s Quality Manager after the company’s product failed the Zambia Compulsory Standard Agency tests.

Dangote is one of the major manufacturers of Cement in the country with a countrywide influence on the price of the commodity as it has outlets in all corners of the country despite the plant being based in Ndola on the Copperbelt.

A source from Zambia Compulsory Standard Agency has revealed that in mid December 2019, ZCSA conducted some compressive strength tests for 2 and 7 days respectively but that the results for the two tests were what he called “zero”.

He explained that the results have led to the relieving of Raavi Venkataswamy who was the Deputy Quality Manager off his duties.

“Zambia Compulsory Standard Agency as the institution charged with the responsibility of ensuring the public does not get substandard goods regularly carries out tests to ensure that goods on the market are of the recommended standard and in mid December we did our test on Dangote Cement,” the source said.

“We did two tests and the results on 2 and 7 days of the quality of cement Dangote is producing is not up to standard. The results on the tests we did were zero. Usually the results at 2 days are 16/18mpa and at 7 days 28/32mpa that is for 42.5 type of cement. The manager was fired immediately. We were told to keep this as a secret so that Dangote can normalise the situation but I thought I could help somebody out there who is constructing.”

The source has further revealed that Dangote cement company has started recalling some products suspected to be compromised.

The source stated that two trucks each of 600/bags were returned on Thursday last week because of quality issues.

The source said there is wide spread panic within the company as management fears that the company might lose the good reputation it has built with its clients over the years which will lead to loss of business for the company.

Efforts to get a comment from Dangote failed by press time.


  1. Which cement do serious builders use in zed?

    Any serious builders having problems with Dangote cement?

    This question is not for PF cadres as we have all seen low quality roads and bridges in zed that they have built.


    • What does dangote have to do with the mighty PF? Dangote cement is a private company owned by the richest negro in Africa not chaps who keep cattle for white boys and claim to own the same

    • What does dangote have to do with the mighty PF? Dangote cement is a private company owned by the richest black man in Africa not chaps who keep cattle for white boys and claim to own the same

  2. That is what happens in the cooperate world. That chap is only fit to work in pf government were madicrite can be tolerated

    • He is only being used as a sacrificial lamb, they were happy when he was filling them bags with clay and river sand cheating the customers then making bumper profits.
      Dont be gullible, the corporate world is a nasty place look at Boeing who were more than happy to blame those African pilots flying their Max Jet when it crushed last year yet it was their dodgy software and obsolete air frames.

  3. All the construction being built by dangote cement could have weak buildings.Any thing cheap is always expensive.As they started selling cheaper
    then chilanga trying to win customers when they could not meet zambian standard.

  4. This was coming, the next might be industrial action. How can a company built by a Nigerian and domiciled in Zambia have an all Indian management team? It’s only corruption that keeps Dangote trucks on our roads. Dangote workers are the least paid in the sector. Do we labor inspectors in Zambia?

  5. Is this the reason lafarge has increased the price…anyway the management style for Dangote was showing symptoms of failure. you cant have all Indians to run this company while just using the franchise for dangote. everything is outsourced

  6. This must be the biggest joke of 2020! Dangote Cement has been manufacturing Cement in Zambia for years and after Zambians have used that Cement for years, boom, we are only hearing now that the Cement is fake? Come on! If there is someone Zambians must sue is the chaps who do the tests! Why have they been sleeping all this time and why are they telling us now? The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency has a lot of explaining to do! The team at this Agency must be disbanded and investigated for criminal negligence! People have built houses with what we are told is fake Cement and when those houses collapse and kill people, who should be held accountable?

  7. If Dangote hasn’t been here in Zambia this time cement would have reached k250 per 50 kg, I don’t think this low standard has been there all along maybe these people should shade more light as per year how many times do they do such testing?

    • Kennedy…that’s the problem with Zambians “ failing to accept facts” . You want your house to break down then you will accept that Dangote cement failed quality tests? In other countries they will be penalized heavily for that . But l am sure authorities will be protecting the mighty Dangote. Shame

    • @ I Love Zambia, you are missing the point! Every Cement batch must be checked by the so called Quality Standard Agency before the Cement bags get to the market! These agencies were set up to protect Consumers but they are all suffering from the Zambian Disease called COMPLACENCY!

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  9. Dangote Ltd is a world brand and cannot risk its name to be soiled by unprofessional conduct. Quality management is vital in any form of production or manufacturing. PF roads that melt or form a snake-like ridge in the middle of the road is all due to failure to conform to compulsory standard quality teats. Zambians are still waiting to hear a minister responsible for roads to be fired for risking Zambian lives on roads without passing any standards.

  10. Too bad for the company they started well, but thats what you get with indians, sub standard, take them to mansa chili factory

  11. Poor quality to increase sales and impress the boss.The good news is that management has promised to look into that problem. I am sorry for all those buildings with no quality .

  12. This story does not have enough information. Tell us how many skyscrapers in Zambia have been built with Dangote cement. EIZ and architects must be contacted by the reporter. They should tell us if these buildings are safe. Reporters should not be satisfied with half-baked stories. Journalists work for the public not for politicians or businesses. Probe probe probe don’t be happy with one source

  13. Quality problems with this product have been going on for a long time. I stopped using Dangote cement 3 years ago. Their packaging is also under weight at 45kg instead of 50, same with Zambezi Portland. Imagine how many super structures build with this low poor quality cement have been compromised including roads and bridges. This is unacceptable and many lives have been put at risk. They ought be more repercussions beyond the quality manager.

  14. Can somebody from the do nothing PF Government advise people/organisations who have built their properties using Dangote Cement please advise next steps for people? More information is needed instead of simply firing a quality manager who was simply doing his job. I smell a rat here!..

  15. Really all the people working at the useless standards agency must be fired for they have not been working. Where were they all these years Dangote has been selling us fake cement? Fire the lazy chaps.

  16. We need some concerned citizen to sue Dangote. Even on claims that thieves easily exhumed the body of their beloved because the cement they used in the grave was Dangote’s.

    This claim would attract world attention

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