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The Lungu PF Crime Syndicate, and 20% Salary Cut; Is Archbishop Mpundu Wrong?

Columns The Lungu PF Crime Syndicate, and 20% Salary Cut; Is Archbishop Mpundu...

President Edgar Lungu Meets Archbishop of Lusaka Telephone Mpundu at State house in Lusaka on Monday 9th November 2015- Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza./State house.
President Edgar Lungu Meets Archbishop of Lusaka Telephone Mpundu at State house in Lusaka on Monday 9th November 2015- Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza./State house.

By Rev. Kapya Kaoma 

Roman Catholic Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu’s courageous indictment of the Patriot Front as a cartel of thieves, and the push back it received from the PF cadres across the nation fulfils the saying, “truth hurts.” Evidence is everywhere–from the Mukula scandal to Ghost Workers to Fire Engines to Forest 27 to mining in the Lower Zimbezi to acquittals of criminals–the PF is surely a syndicate of organized crimes. As long as PF cadres sit in our rotten courts and head investigative offices, PF criminals will roam our streets with pride. And many poverty stricken pastors and bishops will shout, “in the name of Jesus, more money in our pockets.” But courageous bishops will callout the PF for what it is–a syndicate of organized crimes.

Archbishop Mpundu’s characterization of the PF as a party of thieves follows my October 20, 2019 piece, “The PF Government only prays to steal, destroy and kill.” The Archbishop shared my conclusions–the Lungu cartel is plundering the nation covered in Christian prayers and rituals. Like rats, the PF is not only stealing every Kwacha it lays its hands on, but passing policies that benefits it greedy agenda. The legalization of marijuana is an example. I am still to hear Rev. Sumaili’s moral reasoning on this subject. It benefits her economically, so it is good after all.

Archbishop Mpundu is speaking truth to power. From Livingstone to Mbala to Mansa to Chipata to Solwezi, the masses languishes in perpetual poverty at the time when Lungu’s cartel fly across the world; sleeping in 5 star hotels–accumulating millions in “legalized stealing” a.k.a. allowances.

By reducing his salary by 20%, Lungu wants us to believe he cares for an ordinary Zambian. Does he? As long as he is in Plot One, we pay for everything including toilet paper and toothpicks. With or without his salary, his living expenses is a big zero! So whether he cuts his salary by 100%, it makes no difference. We the taxpayers will support his lavish lifestyle and unproductive trips, while babies die due to power cuts, water pollution, and lack of drugs.

Salaries aside, the PF cartel robs the nation of millions in unwarranted allowances. During his corruption trial, the late President F.T.J. Chiluba noted that his millions of dollars were accumulated through many allowances–no wonder Lungu and his cronies are always flying. If we are seriously considering cuts, why not suspend unlimited travel allowances PF cadres receive when global trotting? It is the cartel’s cleanest way of plundering the nation–and many pastors will shout, “Amen” whenever they share in the plunder!

The PF cadres shameful antics directed on the Archbishop betray logic. You cannot have Rev. Sumaili in Cabinet, and then argue that the Church has no role in politics. Yes, the separation of Church and State is critical, but the Ministry of Religious Affairs was created to dupe the poverty stricken and self-serving pastors into supporting the PF crime syndicate. Pastors who shout Pabwato are heavily rewarded with infamous “brown envelopes” filled with blood money. Remember pastor Nevers Mumba’s claim when he was Vice President to Mwanawasa–his allegiance was first to Mwanawasa and second to God. It pays to shout “Amen” to the Corrupt One–you may end up an ambassador. Just ask pastor Mumba and Mr. Frank Bwalya.

Unlike compromised pastors, Roman Catholic Bishops have consistently refused dancing dununa reverse for “brown envelopes”–something that allows them to speak with moral clarity. But with a cost–outspoken religious leaders are declared enemies of the state as was the case with the late Archbishop Elias Mutale, Bishop Dennis de Jong, Fr. Umberto Davoli, and now Arch. Mpundu. So despite attempts to demean the Archbishop’s prophetic voice, it has a strong history. From colonial rule to multi-party politics, religious leaders have participated in politics. This is true across the world–in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the US. and Africa. In fact, courageous religous leaders are assassinated for speaking on behalf of the voiceless.

The PF cartel fears independent relligious thinkers. As we approach 2021, hundreds of thousands of pastors will worship the Corrupt One. They will loudly shout, “people are well fed,” when in fact, they are starving to death. They will shout “amen, the government provides quality healthcare for all Zambians,” while the poor die from curable illnesses and politicians are airlifted to South Africa and Europe. We live in the animal farm indeed.

To win in 2021 elections, the Corrupt One will frequently dine with pastors and reward them with stolen money. We recently saw this in Choma when President Lungu and GBM donated K450,000 to United Church of Zambia Bishop Sinkala’s church building project–of course after the bishop characterized the cartel as the shield against moral decay. “Behind every corrupt politician, there is a respectable bishop or Imum,” so Fela Kuti bemoaned in Coffin for the Head of State. But so are prophetic voices–an element evidenced in the Archbishop’s position.

In Raised Hopes, Shattered Dreams (2015), l argue for educating the Christian masses on governance. “Theologians,” l write, “must not shy away from identifying sin as the root of social and economic problems. Neither should the Church ignore the cry of the poor; rather, it must amplify this cry with divine stipulations for justice. The Church’s theology of justice only develops when God’s people listen to the cry of the pitiable of the Earth and seek to transform unjust structures that dehumanize our fellow human beings.”

I continue, “the state will try to entice or bribe the Church…but, the prophetic Church ought to be the sacred voice and eyes of the oppressed. —To disregard this vocation is to cease to be part of the mission of the triune God.” In other words,

“God has no hands but our hands,” and how we act is significant to realizing God’s reign on Earth. By pro-actively defending the underprivileged and working to transform the evil conditions of the disempowered, the Church is participating in the Creator’s holistic mission. As the body of the Word made flesh, the Church seeks God’s will in all politics of life. By acknowledging its faith in the crucified God, the Church brings God’s politics into human politics. So until the Church promotes God’s politics of justice and love, politicians will exploit democracy to accumulate wealth at our expense.”

There is no doubt that the PF cartel is exploiting democracy to enrich itself. I salute Archbishop Mpundu’s courage to speak the truth to power! Say a prayer for the Archbishop.


    • As usual, the hogwash.
      Just the opening sentence was enough to judge the rest of the article.
      Read error occured at line no. 4.
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      Can’t read the rest.
      Writer is highly corrupt.
      Taking preventive measures to ensure system files are not corrupted.
      Continuous reading aborted.
      Reader warned against opening such dangerous articles.

    • @ 1.3 That is totally uncalled for. Wow justifying with a dead man? Let the man rest and leave his family our of this what does any of that have to do with this poor written and factless article? Articulate and consider what you post the man was human too and still jas family have some honor and respect.

  1. 100% Correct
    Thank God, the clergy in Zambia are now see through these criminal politicians hiding behind Christianity.
    I applaud the Archbishop and other members of the clergy for exposing these criminals and their clandestine activities.
    “Christians for Lungu” are just bunch of party cadres enjoying the wealth stolen from Zambians

  2. If pastors want to join politics why not grow a pair and stop hiding behind religious institutions to politic on behalf of opposition? We are very much privy to evidence of the members of clergy who are being used and paid by a well known opposition party. Why don’t these fake men of God gain some confidence and renounce their pastoral status and officially join the opposing party. Remember you can’t serve two masters. You have to choose between serving the lord jesus christ or the gay party leader. Meanwhile 2021 pabwato. Kz

    • Delete picture of that piece of shhhit, I don’t like writing names of dead people like that former State House employee.

    • Every one and any organisation who disagrees with pf and calls a spade a spade is sponsored by HH and UPND ,………ambassador Foote, IMF , all credit rating agencies , the CW , amnesty international , all NGOs , all church clergy , all civil rights are all paid by HH and UPND …..

    • Nostradamus it is sad to read such comments from our citizens living abroad. Let us not lose our values and respect when we venture into the far west. I have every right to post my picture here as I have nothing to hide to the zambian people. I would also like to correct you in that I am not a former employee of state house. I remain employed by his excellency and will remain so until he decides otherwise. Please I hope that in the future you will engage me with a bit of respect. Do not hesitate to contact me in order for us to work together for the common good of our nation. We need you guys in the diaspora more than ever. Kz

    • Go away, that inept Lungu fired you, and now you are reduced to a Lusaka times blogger . Your 15 minutes of fame are up.

    • Kikikiki from political advisor to political blogger…yaba @Tenze Bantu, wamu siliza KZ hahaha

    • From political advisor to political blogger Kikikiki @Tenze Bantu wamu siliza Cikala KZ hahahah

    • If you believing that I was fired makes you feel better about your life and helps you sleep at night, then for your sake and in your dreams i was fired. Why are you obsessed with positions? Position without power is redundant. I am fully still engaged with eagle 1. My services are fully required and come 2021 you will see the results of my sleepless nights and hard work. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, pal.

  3. Lungu must wake up and realize the dangers of daring Trump by harassing his ambassadors because unlike earlier US administrations, the convention-shredding unpredictability of Trump means the US can eviscerated Chagwa by aerial drone like they did Suleimani yesterday, kunya tate!

  4. Mess with the catholics at your own peril. The PF is nothing but a gang of thieves devoid of any moral fiber. They ply on people’s ignorance with their ill fated Christianity hogwash while looting the coffers and inriching themselves with impunity. They have become so rich and arrogant, puffed up, corrupt to the core and they think they can buy their way with 2021 elections? This time it won’t be business as usual mwanyabamBala.

    • Mpundu is just a members of Catholic. What he yaps strictly remains his viewz not the Catholic’s.

  5. Pastors that went into the campaigns for Edgar in 2016 came out more financially comfortable than they went in. Even chamba smokers like Dandy Crazy were able to mock Zambians after getting their share of the loot. From where has the PF gotten all the money they’re throwing around? If they’re not stealing let them show us the source of all this money. One day they’ll all be called to account and that day might not be in the distant future. Let those with ears get the message, however, it’s difficult to advise somebody not willing to listen

  6. The balance of evidence and probability is against the PF regime. Its not very difficult to conclude that we are being governed by a tandem of thieves (bandits).

  7. Tresphor mpundu differed with late Sata on family issues since then he hates PF with his DNA.In 2014 prior presidential elections Edgar Lungu was invited to Vatican Holy City ,Tresphor with a few Catholic clergymen didn’t receive the news with gladness.When ECL came back from Vatican Holy City just a few weeks he was invited to grace anniversary of 120 years existence of Catholicism in Zambia.Tresphor as Archbishop was not happy with some of bitter clergymen.Next ….? He brought division to the benchmarks of Catholic canon.To solve the problem Vatican had no option but to drop Mpundu.A few of his surrogates have perpetrated in depths of others,condemning,hatred, bitterness and malicious propaganda against PF.Sometimes, we better found out why of people say what they say.

    • Nenshinafye ati “Moscow ” yaba what good can come out of you,dont distract us,PF corruption is well tabulated, from firetrucks,ambulances,exaggerated road work costs,mukula, too numerous to mention. Can you defend that not talking about extaneous things,those are the issues we want Lungu and his cohorts to reply to those are the issues that await them after August 2021

  8. The fundamental question is …….

    How did lungus personal wealth swell to $2.3 million after 18 months in office ??????

    • ECL is paid from taxpayers’ money and HH is a private citizen, therefore, you can not use that as an argument.
      You seem to be here to increase the PF propaganda machinery here. While you claim you want to have a civilized and objective discussion, nothing objective has come out of you since making your presence here.
      The only thing you have managed is to join the well known PF cadres – Thorn, Zambian Citizen….etc

    • Negative h² through serious underhand methods got stiff rich. Stashing stolen grudas in Panama. He amassed fortunes through kickbacks that saw our miners get a raw deal.
      H² anaitaya musankwa uja!

  9. @Kaizar Zulu. I admire your courage. I only wish you can realize the suffering and yet to come suffering which your visionless leadership has subjected the people of Zambia. Change has become inevitable. And don’t compare HH wealth to Edgar. HH became wealth at a young age as a private business man while our Edgar only became rich when he went into government.

    • I beg to differ. His excellency practised as a lawyer for many years. Further to that he worked in government at senior level for years. Do you know the going rates for lawyers? It should not come as shock that his excellency has moderate assets which any hardworking zambian can amass. Also, the definition of rich is subjective. Some people may think i am rich and yet other better off people probably think I am a pauper. Let us not concern ourselves with material wealth. You are better off having religious wealth in christ. Kz

    • Ati Edgar Lungu was a lawyer for many years…kikiki.We know that baba just as we know that he failed to pay K38 mn,$3,000 today ,he only paid it after getting into government,dont think we are all stupid…

  10. God is clear…….He hates liars and thieves….and His Kingdom will not permit either.

    The writer is telling lies by labeling PF thieves (since he has not provided actioned evidence for ACC and the courts to try), he is lying. Period.

    Church should not ignore the plight of the poor but joining the political field to influence opinion based on hysterical logic is not the solution and is not serving God. You can’t fool him with your reason for not being busy preparing tomorrow’s Sabbath sermon. Get out of Politics. The church is represented by Rev. Sumayila!!!


  12. Keizer Ned Ze zulu sounds more educated here and enlightened. Is this disgraced ex state house brutal dimwit that harassed innocent Zambians. Keizer true to his demagoguery character thought State House occupancy is for ever, if ever talks to ex boss, alert him times do change.

  13. KZ, thanks for elevating Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a lawyer who worked at senior levels. We certainly know he was not rich when he declared his assets when he first assumed office. It explains why he at one time swindled a widow. He can’t come from a struggle with a run down house in Chawama to a Dollar millionaire. Not Mfwiti but Thief Thief

    • If you call riping off your own country and under valuing parastatals making your own money, then you are very deluded. You think a professional lawyer and successful politician can fail to amass a few million kwacha? Use your brain.

  14. Amidst so much cowardice there is still some courage popping up here and here, and that gives hope this gang will eventually be confronted with full expression of Zambian courage.Its just a matter of time.The reality, we all know, things are terrible and with the current approach of just insulting HH as a developmental strategy things are not looking bright.This government is a negative force to our national aspirations. Nensoni shalipwa pantu bupuba nomba ni high grade.

  15. Am so glad to learn that not every christian in Zambia is as brain washed to think that Lungu and his thieving morons care about their well being !! Any one comparing HH’s financial pot with Lungu’s must be stupid indeed. HH made his own money and he continues to do so without stealing, where as the other is a thief whose law qualification is rather questionable!!
    ” you will know them by their fruits.”

    • If you call ripping off your own country and under valuing parastatals making your own money, then you are very deluded. You think a professional lawyer and successful politician can fail to amass a few million kwacha? Use your brain.

  16. Kapya, Telesphore was fired by the Vatican because he lost his bearings. He cannot speak for the catholics as they have disowned him. His opinion is that of his own and not the official Catholic stance. Your article thus lacks basis. Telesphore is a known upnd cadre and his opinion will be treated as that. Sorry, speak for yourself, not for every Zambian.

  17. KZ, when are we having the commission of Inquiry on privatization so the we put people where they belong and bring sanity in politics once and for all.

  18. When did KZ relocate to the UK. Have some inteligence and discover there’s something called VPN. You are disgusting us with your pretence.

  19. Leave Bishop Mpundu out of this mess,dont use his name.I believe the Bishop can not support gay,homesexuality,corruption and the like,but why is he so silent on Gay?Catholic mmmmm where are the Mafias found? is not in Italy were the capital city for catholic and Mafias are found.

  20. Mr Kaizer Zulu your platform was ZNBC, Zambia daily mail and Times of Zambia but why today that you have opted to ignore those media houses and want to become a chief blogger at LT? Go back where you belong cause we don’t need you here

  21. Koswe mu mpoto song should be played by every radio and Television station to remind Zambians what is happening in Zambia right [email protected] Kaiza Zulu, you have the temerity to brag about your incompetence! Shame.

  22. @3 Kaizer Zulu, In case nobody has recently told you what average Zambians think of you, I will: “you are nothing but a low life scam of society. You action while in office were vile beyond comprehension, they stunk to the very heavens above neuseating the lord. I wont be surprised someone puts you out of your misery sooner. Kanamunungu kamutu tuwe”.

  23. Kaizer, Stop talking about matters that are way above you pay grade, what the hell do you know about asset valuations or lawyering! Your so called lawyer was disbarred for misappropriation if Client’s money. His administration has exposed Zambian to a vicious kleptocracy that’s been most injurious to the fabric of our economic and political nationhood. Ka Malyamungu iwe, kunya sooner than later.

    • How did a disbarred lawyer file his nomination papers to win a parliamentary seat in 2011 when MMD was still in power???

  24. Anyway, now that we have a picture of Kaizer here, I will hire me a drone to track this piece of shi.t down and incinerate it like Trump did Qassem Suleimani the other day. After all his criminal behavior while in office, he had better shut the god damn f.uck up, otherwise someone must help shut this low life up for all times.

    • You are a crazy man. Will your drone make it all the way from Europe to Zambia? Please engage me maturely. Issues of governance demand mature discussion and sober minds. You are not contributing anything to our country by issuing threats that you are not man enough to issue to my face. It is easy to hide behind a screen and become a keyboard warrior. I have nothing to hide and willing to meet you in person since you want to kill me. Contact me via my.email address which appears on my profile here

  25. @22 and 23: attacking KZs personality is downright pathetic. If KZ became hh’s presidential advisor tomorrow, you would be praising him. This antagonistic and sectarian politics you are promoting has dangerous consequences. PF, like MMD, UNIP, upnd, FDD and any political grouping is part of us. Even if they left power, they should be embraced as our political players in our political dispensation just as we embrace MMD, UNIP and upnd. This destructive politics you are promoting, like in.t.erh.a.m.we did to Rwanda is extremely toxic and dangerous!!

    • It’s up to you if you think protecting corrupt,emotionless and arrogant KZ is right. Through out his blogging on LT, KZ has been personally attacking HH and you have not condemned him!! You are a bigot and that includes the rest of your moronic friends in this government. You’re only looking out for your selves and not for the majority of Zambians. You have neglected those that put you into government positions where you acquired your now material goods. Thieving is just as bad as any other sin.

    • KZ is right to tackle hh on the political front as he is his rival, nowhere has KZ insulted hh. His narrative is civil as should be on the political scene. What further puzzles me and many Zambians is you have seen PF “loot” this country, yet all of you put together have failed to put together a single shred of evidence that will show this nation how these PF people are stealing; just like the rigging story!! Chitotela was arrested but acquitted by the Courts. So to speculate daily of “corruption and thieving” is a luxury most Zambians cannot afford as they go about their business.

  26. I cannot add more to what my learned friend zambian citizen has stated. I m just disappointed that our friends above feel thr need to wish for my death. I am now receiving death threats just for merely exercising my freedom of speech on this platform. It goes to prove what I have been saying that in actual fact majority of upnd supporters are violent and need to find the lord jesus christ. How can you harbour so much hate towards a fellow human? It is very worrying and disgusting. However you will not keep me quiet. I vow to continue blogging here. Kz

    • Not everyone that disagrees with your PF belongs to UPND, by the way!! Zambians have the right to point out the wrongs that you’all are up to and to bring in better governance. You have caused a lot of divisions in our country and you need to go !!

  27. Just about a month ago my nephew was in that bush you bashed into and he saw you point a gun and beat up their bus driver! What you manifested was madness, Galu ya chiwewe wena! I’m so mad with your callous behavior, you also almost killed Kavindele’s two sons. For traumatizing my nephew, you will pay a heavy price, kunya bebele now that thebplaying field is leveled.

  28. My nephew saw you pointing a gun at their driver last month, he is traumatized. You will pay a heavy price for that callous stupidity, kunya bebele!

    • Have you or your so called nephew reported those allegations to the police? It is embarrassing that you are in the diaspora but cannot even buy your nephew a smart phone to take a video of him being assaulted. Where is the evidence? Please let us be mature in our approach. I understand that losing elections 5 times can be depressing and bring out anger. However you have the choice of joining the winning team and preventing heart attacks. Contact me directly. Kz

  29. We cannot keep on forgiving like this under the guise of a stupid Christian nation foolishness. Kaizer Zulu-nyo must pay the ultimate price, ka mambala kaile Saana.

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