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Kambwili will soon Rejoin the Ruling Party, insists GBM


Kasama central member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda and Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili dancing during a rally to drum up support for Solwezi PF parliamentary candidate Newton Malwa on September 10 ,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Given Lubinda and Chishimba Kambwili during their unity days in PF

PF Deputy Mobilisation Committee Chairperson Geoffrey Mwamba has insisted that National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili will soon rejoin the ruling party.

Mr Mwamba the Former UPND Vice President advised PF Members not to worry about Mr Kambwili’s that he is not rejoining the PF prescribing it as mere politics.

He said Mr Kambwili will soon come to the realisation that he is only being used by the UPND for their selfish motives.

Mr Mwamba said like him and other members who left and have now rejoined the PF, Mr Kambwili will soon follow suit because he like many other Zambians believe in the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

He has since challenged PF members to concentrate on explaining to the Zambian people that the challenges facing the nation such as loadsheding are because of natural causes and not President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mwamba said it is unfair for the UPND and others to blame all the challenges on President Lungu.

Mr Kambwili yesterday expressed concern with the propaganda going round that he is going back to the Patriotic Front.

In a statement issued by his spokesman Saboi Imboela, Mr Kambwili said he is committed to the party and remains president of NDC, with no intentions of rejoining the PF.

‘The whole story came as a shock to me as I have never even met Mr. Chikwanda since I left government. The only time I spoke to him was three months ago when he was hospitalised and I called to wish him a quick recovery,’ president Kambwili said.

“The PF needs fundamental and radical change for it to be attractive or accepted again by the people. It’s not a matter of Chishimba Kambwili going back to PF that can make people like it. The people want food, jobs and other basic needs and the PF have failed to provide all those things. So my moving to PF cannot be a solution to the hunger and anger people have towards PF”, he added.

Mr Kambwili said currently there was the Chilubi by elections that the party was concentrating on and all the rumours were meant to distract the people and members from mobilising and campaigning adequately.

“Besides, if I am going back to PF, why would we be serious mobilising the party like this? The police denied us a permit to hold our Chingola launch just about a week ago citing the festive period and that they do not have enough power. We have since reapplied for a permit for the Chingola launch. We wouldn’t be doing all this if we intended to go back to PF”, he said.

He urged the NDC membership countrywide not to be swayed by such propaganda but to concentrate on mobilising the party and appealed to the party membership and general public that he may not answer to all propaganda, as the idea of those creating the falsehoods is to destabilise the party, so they should ignore them and treat them with the contempt they deserve.


  1. Ati I will dismantle UPND kkkk ubupuba bwekabweka. This sack of kandolo has hoodwinked the PF to believe that he is a heavy weight in politics in order to have his business revived. Just say that you have no strategy or news to sale to the masses wallowing in poverty created by the dununa maggots.

  2. PF think this is a strategy – giving GBM the ‘task’ of destabilising other Parties. This is what it is all about, for those who can see through it. Desperate kicks of a dying horse.

  3. My vote is going to bwana HH by 04:00 I will be at polling station.GBM you can not influence me or anyone this time.

  4. There is no smoke without fire,ba Kambwili just admit that you are going back to PF,there is nothing wrong in going back


  6. Of course we believe GBM.

    Kambwili knows in his heart, it’s the only party for 2021. He’s just licking his wounds, and looking for a cover to explain his change of heart.

    And er……. there is a small matter of ‘the price,’ from PF,’S coffers.

  7. Of course, we do receive calls from many that have left pleading to rejoin the party. In the day they will criticise his humble excellency but come night time some even cry on the phone begging to be accepted back to the pf. However, just like gbm they will need to follow the due process of joining us. No one person is bigger than the party rules and regulations. Our doors shall remain open to those that want to work with the progressive pf. Kz

  8. Something must be wrong in the way god wired Bembas on the table of creation, I mean, I have never seen a people so eager to politically prostitute themselves! This culture of swallowing one’s own faeces just to keep the belly full stinks, it’s sickening!

    • Your tribalism against our chimbuyas is sickening. And you wonder why you have lost elections 5 times with 2021 being 6th soon. Kz

    • If there is one thing that has made HH loose elections its the inner tribalistic hatred a lot of you bear. it frightens people. You should examine yourself and be more mature in expressing your anger at PF failings. It is sad an just as you stereotype Bembas they are stereotyping Tongas as tribal savages and HH is trying to remove this mark from his forehead there bag you are with a hammer putting it back in. Can just laugh as am enjoying life anyway.


  9. May I ask which original founding member is still in the PF right now? The current PF is simply a branch of the MMD that’s why it has been easy for people such as Dora and Lusambo who were MMD to reintegrate into the PF. That is why Nakacinda can go along promoting MMD while still on PF payroll and nothing is done to him. The real PF is gone with SATA RIP and his flock were hounded out of the party to allow the rebirth of MMD in PF clothing.

  10. Kaizer,
    You know nothing about ethics & for one I would rather you just shut the f**k off! We have been independent for 56 years now with nothing to show for! Tribally bigoted decisions that exclude Tongas, Lozis & Kaondes from power is the order of the day & yet u have the bollocks to accuse me of your owned filth! HH has never been in power to be accused of tribalism in governance, Lungu and Sata have been and an engendered tribal charade is there for all to see.

  11. In any society where people with zero ability & wholly bereft of any sustained intellectual reasoning ability like Kaizer, Dora, Sata, GBM and Lungu ascend to power, the results are horrific, and here we are today in Zambia! No country in the world deserves foolish stupid *****s like you wielding power in the corridors of state. You are what economic retardation and civil strife are made of. Now, f**k off!

  12. With the way things are going today, the US will plug the US$500 million annual balance of payments support facility this year. We are failing to service our colossal debt already as it were. For all those who have eyes to see & are endowed with an economic sense, we are clearly headed for a national economic meltdown. To wish Lungu, the cause of this catastrophe, another term in office is wanton stupidity that’s tantamount to blasphemy!

  13. Lungu’s bid for a third term is tantamount to tempting fate! For those who have the gift of a length of memory, they will remember what happened in Ghana when one Flight Lt. Jerry Rawlings ascended to power the second time by coup détat, he killed a number of former Presidents including Afrifa and judges. I’m afraid this is what we are headed for as a country, we have had enough of these stinking thieves plundering our coffers with impunity.

  14. This is not a ridiculous thought, give Kambwili running mate to ECL in 2021 and Kambwili will rejoin without fail.

  15. GBM is 100% right on Kambwili. But with CK or without CK,our Mighty PF shall for sure retain power in 2021.Thus,CK must not waste this golden opportunity the way HH missed it when Mr Sata invited Kainde to team up with his PF to remove MMD in 2011.Today,Kainde could have been in State house after Mr Sata’s death.Big opportunities come once in life.Once you meet,then you are doomed!!!Look,I simply dont see HH’s UPND beating PF in 2021 in Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Eastern,CB & LSK urban where he has never won since 2006!!!Yes for now Kainde can dream,but reality shall catch up with him in August 2021 when Justice Esau Chulu will declare president Edgar Lungu as a winner!!!Kambwili,if you have ears,hear us now and rejoin PF before you regret in 2021.HH will simply destroy CK’s political…

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