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Raphael Nakachinda apologises for supporting Nevers Mumba’s Presidency in 2012


Raphael Nakacinda addressing some MMD members in Eastern Province
Raphael Nakacinda addressing some MMD members in Eastern Province

Former MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakachinda has apologised to the party membership for supporting Nevers Mumba’s Presidency in 2012.

Mr Nakachinda says he had the impression back in 2012 that Dr Mumba was a good leader to replace Rupiah Banda capable of taking the former ruling party to greater heights.
He said when he addressed his supporters in Chipata Eastern Province that Dr Mumba who in November last year was declared President of the MMD by the High Court is not capable of leading the party.

“I now understand that a clergyman cannot make a good politician, this Pastor has a problem because even advising him in 2015 he went ahead and stood resulting in the MMD not performing well” said Mr Nakachinda who is also a Pastor.

He said he is committed to resolving the problem he created in order to ensure that the former ruling party remains a vibrant party.

Mr Nakachinda said he will not allow the MMD to be swayed adding that some opposition parties are celebrating confusion in the former ruling party to take advantage of the structures.

The Lusaka High Court Judge Sharon Newa on 5th November 2019 declared that Dr Mumba is the President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy.

This was in the case in which the then MMD Acting National Secretary Winnie Zaloumis took Felix Mutati, Raphael Nakachinda, George Kangwa, and Mwansa Mbulakulima to Court to find who gave them Authority to Organise the MMD convention of 2016.

Judge Newa in her ruling said the MMD constitution only mandates the National Executive Committee to call for a convention.

Mr Nakachinda in December appealed the ruling but the Court of Appeal on 14th December 2019 threw out the application for a stay of judgment against the restoration of Nevers Mumba to the MMD presidency.

Mr Nakachinda had appealed Judge Sharon Newa’s restoration of Mumba to the MMD presidency after a strenuous litigation process


  1. This legalization of medicinal marijuana is already being abused I think, because when you look at the behavior, I think his escapade to have relevance to the appointing authority is causing him amnesia, of late he has been fighting shadows left, right and center and seems not to stop anytime soon, can some pastor pray for him, he does not even seem to see the difference between sense and nonsense. The courts have ruled, but he seems to be out of touch with reality and wants to come up with his own kangaroo court to overturn what has been clearly stated and ruled upon, and he is doing it so vigorously like a blind man pressed for answering the call of nature and headed for the jungle at full speed through thorns.

  2. Why cant this guy surely sit down, he is making a f0ol of himself. Look at how the reasonable Mutati has handled this issue

  3. Is there no rule of law here. This man continues to violate the court ruling because he knows as nominated MP he has the full backing of ECL to continue disobeying the judgement since the police who are supposed to enforce the judgement cannot go against anyone aligned to the PF.

  4. This is getting very childish and embarrassing. If this young brother of mine believes he has what it takes, then why not branch off and form your own party. I will say again, please seek advice and counsel from your older brothers. I am here for you in my personal capacity to counsel you. I am getting worried. Kz

  5. Wonders shall never end. Where was Nakachinda in 2012?. What political platform did he have?.Always trekking to Kafue at 19hrs from Down-Town for lack of transport. It’s like Dr Mumba creared a small monister for being kind to this ungrateful young man. God will judge him. I pit him, his end shall soon be terrible.

  6. But who are you Raphael, what is your history, we didnt know you until Nevers picked you up and gave you some prominence. So you regret, kikikikiki, as if you are somebody. I hear Chainama is encouraging citizens to be assesed for mental health. Kindly take advantage of the service.

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