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Doctors uneasy about pay cuts directed by President Lungu


Ndola Teaching Hospital doctors operating on a patient
Ndola Teaching Hospital doctors operating on a patient

Following the governments decision to cut salaries for highly paid government officials,parastatal executives and non unionized public workers, there has been growing anxiety in the medical profession considering doctors are non unionized workers.

Some doctors have threatened to down tools if their salaries are cut.

On the 27th December, President Edgar Lungu announced a reduction of his salary and that of his cabinet between a range of 15 and 20 percent; a move that came barely 24 hours after the Energy Regulation Board announced a hike in both electrify tariffs and fuel prices.

The President has also directed the Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Simon Miti to cascade the directive to all Non Unionised Public Officers of which category doctors belong.

The slashing of salaries of highly paid officers in both the government and the parastatal sector is aimed at cushioning the impact on citizens arising from the increase of fuel prices and electricity tariffs announced yesterday by the ERB.

Doctors argue that they do not fall in the highly paid categories but middle or lower brackets.

The PF government has found itself cash strapped as Zambia’s external debt has continued to climb with the government continuing to spend on building programs despite warnings from the International Monetary Fund and ratings companies that the burden is becoming excessive.

Zambia’s debt exceeded 75 percent of gross domestic product last year, from around 62 percent in 2017, an analyst at Moody said in a statement.


  1. Anyone in the government willing to stand up and explain the modalities of how this ‘illegal directive’ is meant to work?

  2. Ch@k0lwa, G@y Ch!mpy0ngo, K!t0tela, Mama J3an Baptist Mukula, Sl@psquad Yello Mukula Lubinda, Grave digging Thug B0wm@n, & other loudmouth empty tin dishonest P.F goons have Corruption proceeds to cushion their “suspect pay cuts” & only Non Corrupt hardworking Citizens will suffer from this lousy drunken pay cut “stunt” directive.

  3. Doctors are overworked and underpaid and do not even make as many trips as the “normal” boma employee. Such a shame that they can even be considered for pay cut.

  4. What a shame! They should be talking about increasing the salaries instead of reducing. Problem is that they could not even explain to us how this cutting of salaries will help cushion the escalating fuel prices and power tariffs

  5. When you think about honor.What about the dishonor of the white man.The stolen land prejudice the immoral acts the broken promises the exploitation the disenfranchisement etc.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  6. Why can’t you have educated labourers.Do we need more of the collapsed buildings.The collapsed bridges.The washed away roads.The broken dams.Accidents at critical corners.That not only cost lives.But cost governments and private enterprise large sums of money.It is political.With a collapsed building.Or washed away jetty.You could lose an election.Peter Carlos Hinds.

    • Hi Hinds Peter are you Kayz Zulu trying to hide yourself. We miss Mr. Zulu on this platform today. Didn’t heard from him today.

  7. I would like to know.Was it blacks who built the pyramids.Or green people from mars.Who came in flying saucers built the pyramids.You could exhibit your violence.Because some cockney white man will give you money for it.It is time for a major religion to come out of Africa.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  8. There were pharaohs who built pyramids that had a violent death.You can not change African politics.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  9. We hope our brothers will chip in and contribute. A little sacrifice goes a long way. As a party that puts poor people in society first we consider ubuntu of this nature to be paramount in achieving equity and equality in the economy. If the president can do it, why can’t you ? I have also voluntarily decided to reduce my salary by 15 percent. Kz

  10. I have directed my employer to cut my salary by 20% in order to emulate president Lungu and Jean Kapata as well. kkkkkkkk.

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