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President Lungu off to a 4 days annual retreat break in Eastern Province



President Edgar Lungu has gone on a four-day annual retreat to Eastern Province. The retreat is with effect from today, Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe has also revealed that President Lungu spent last weekend and part of yesterday in Kawambwa, Luapula Province where he commissioned the Sunbird Bioenergy Zambia Cassava Outgrower Scheme.

During the function, President Lungu told the gathering that had thronged the Cassava Plantation to participate in the Outgrower Scheme, to ensure that they generate income for themselves.

The President later flew from Mansa to Eastern Province yesterday were he is expected to take part in the annual retreat.

This is contained in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka.


  1. Mr. President while there can you also address the issue of the Muchinji $2.3bn Chipata-Serenje via Petauke rail Line. The people of the eastern province and those from the copperbelt as well as Western provinces that travel there for business or visiting relatives are tired to having to go through Lusaka when a 150km road can be built between Petauke and Serenje. If the rail line is way too expensive lets try a road between these 2 towns and the trade between Eastern and the Northern provinces will dramatically increase. That Mr. President is real empowerment and the toll gates money is enough to actualise this.

  2. Where exactly is the presidential retreat in Eastern Province because the usual place( Mfuwe) is currently experiencing floods.Your visit may help quicken the process of helping the flood victims who are in dire need of relief food and certainly prospects of bumper harvest in that area have been washed away by floods.

  3. A machine continuously working will over heat and burn out.For those who want a modern reason for rest.Let the operator and machine rest.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  4. Zambia has been on AUTOPILOT since this useless Ch@k0lw4 Mukula President came to office.
    Now it’s going to “rest” for melting the economy, enabling Corruption /Plunder, loadshedding & violence?

  5. This one will down in the history of this country as the worst to occupy state house; extravagant expenditure, most travelled president on the continent, inflation rose to double digit, exchange rate went up more than 100% (kwacha to dollar), mealie price went up more than 200%, taxes were introduced on everything, contracted the most debt, presided over a cabinet that stole through inflated construction contracts with Chinese that bled the nation of forex including procurement of clapped out fire engines that cost a million each, etc, etc, He tried to hide under the cloak of Christianity and blamed the decline on climate change!! All under his watch! He has been absent as a leader.

  6. Scatter rotten teeth resting from looting the treasury, the ka worst president on earth doesn’t even deserve a break the w@nker is just an incompetent useless dull moron with only a drinking agenda, the moron is a disgrace

  7. A long over due and much needed break for his excellency who has been grafting very hard day and night for the zambian people. Rest well father. We will continue working hard for you behind the scenes. We need you rejuvenated when you return so that we embark on more development. Kz

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