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Grades 8 and 10 not required to verify Statements with the Examinations Council of Zambia before Enrolment


The Examinations Council of Zambia has clarified that candidates progressing to Grades 8 and 10 are not required to verify Statements of Results with the ECZ before enrolment.

ECZ Public Relations Specialist Ronald Tembo says it is not true that verification of the statements of results is mandatory for all grades including those progressing to grades 8 and 10.

Mr Tembo said that the mandatory verification of Electronic Statements of Results once printed by respective candidates only applies to those individuals seeking for placement at a College or University and those seeking for employment.

He said would-be employers are also advised to verify results for any job applicant in their organisation.

“However, the schools that wish to verify the authenticity of the results from such candidates can do so from the ECZ e-Statement platform at no cost using the Candidate’s Examination Number”, he added.

Mr Tembo announced that the Electronic Statements of Results for the 2019 Grades 7 and 9 Internal Examinations will be available to the public on or before 14th January 2020.

“In our pursuit for excellence, the ECZ will endeavor to be consultative as it continues to implement various ICT innovations to enhance operational efficiency and also to meet the expectations of the general public”, said Mr Tembo.


  1. Comment:so we should not go to ecz wen we download results
    we should go directly to the school and get acceptance letters

  2. Yesterday a UPND neighbor called me and said that the government want grade 9 and 10 to verify exams electronically before starting school.We checked on ECZ page there was nothing like that but my poor neighbor believed because they read it on koswe and watchdog.
    People believe in lies .falsehood is what many people want to hear.

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