Friday, June 14, 2024

Army worms attack 7 400 hectares of maize fields in Kafue


FILE: Army worms

About 7400 hectares of maize fields have been affected by fall army worms in Kafue district, in Lusaka Province.

This was revealed during an inspection of maize fields in the District by the Kafue District Commissioner Joseph Kamana.

Mr Kamana however says the Ministry of Agriculture has already dispatched pesticides to control the army worms in the district.

He has since appealed to farmers to follow instructions, with regards to how spraying of the fields should be conducted.

The DC added requested the farmers to work closely with the Agriculture Extension Officer in the district, in order to ensure that they use the correct measurement of chemical, on the crops.

And Kafue District Agriculture Coordinator Bvunzayi Rutsito has revealed that government has provided about 500 liters of pesticides to control the army worms.

Mr Rutsito noted that his office has already started distributing the chemical to affected farmers in the district.


  1. This is the danger of mono cropping!
    If you want to be successful in healthy farming, forget what you were taught in Agric School! Agriculture is not about Chemicals! No wonder cancers are decimating us slowly but surely! We need to mimic nature to produce wholesome food! Modern Agriculture emphasizes quantity instead of quality! Natural food is wholesome food! Our food has become too artificial, no wonder more health problems are here! Let’s embrace many healthy alternatives to Maize!

  2. And someone is on holiday…in Oz the Prime Minister is in trouble for going on holiday whilst they were bushfires.

  3. Lusakatimes, you are misleading your readers. The pest that Zambia is currently experiencing is that of fall army worms not army worms. There is a huge difference between the two. Stop behaving like the Zambian watchdog

  4. We are already on it. As the commissioner has stated, the pesticide are already on the way. We are an action based party. We do not waste time speaking theories of economic policy like our book obsessed friends in the opposition. Ours is about pragmatic solution based governance. Good evening

    • We know are an action based party, the best action is stealing, starting with your president,the whole lot of u rotten to core, a failed economy another one of ur moronic actions, PFoools a party of id!it’s…

    • you seem so angry and upset. seek help. if you need to talk to me personally then email me directly via the email on my profile here. take care. Kz

  5. More problems pf will have to pray hard in 2021 because problems are not relenting, they’re escalating exposing how incapable pf is. Only bye election will grab their attention

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