Sunday, June 16, 2024

Chingola Residents Riot Over Ritual Killings


Residents of Chingola have rioted, destroying shops and houses belonging to people suspected to be behind the recent spate of suspected ritual killings.

The residents ran amok, looting some shops in several areas and later turned on to houses of businessmen, where they also looted household goods.

Police in full riot gear, with the help of soldiers from the Zambia Army, moved in to quell the protest in about five compounds.

In the fracas, residents also stoned the ZNBC News Crew which was covering the riot, damaging one of the rear windows for the Land Cruiser vehicle belonging to the Corporation.

The rioters also partially blocked the main highway forcing motorists to be stuck in the central business district as they avoided being stoned in Chiwempala.

Copperbelt Police Deputy Commissioner Wamunyima Wamunyima has confirmed the protest to ZNBC News.

Mr. Wamunyima said that Police called for reinforcements from neighbouring Districts and from the Zambia Police School of Public Order Maintenance in Kitwe, popularly known as Kamfinsa.


  1. People are just venting to be honest their anger has nothing to do with ritual killings….. It’s a combination of hunger and frustration with the current impotence being exhibited by those they entrusted the instruments with …when u know U know

  2. And what was that thing Sunday Chanda talking about? Doesn’t seem able to keep its mouth shut even on matters that properly reside in security wings. You see the trouble with PF, they have destroyed all governance institutions and replaced with party cadres, it will take us years to rebuild this country back to a place suitable for normal human living with rule of law.
    As Sunday Chanda has shown us, everything including markets security must be PF kaponya. If not corrected 2021 we shall have PF Army, PF Air Force, PF Police Force, PF Markets, PF Correctiinal Services, PF Council, PF High Courts etc etc.
    Fortunately Our Lord in Heaven is putting final touches to the new leader for 2021.
    For avoidance of doubt Trible HH is not the one as Our Lord is not Bushiri.

  3. We hope that the authorities can quickly investigate these killings in order to quell this feeling of unease among our people. It is just disappointing and disgusting that one well known opposition party used these riots for political mileage by trying to depict this as a riot against the mighty pf. How evil do you have to be to use dead people for political mileage. Kz

    • Are sure you are not the one killing people KZ, you are known for such acts and brandishing fire arms on children, PFoools are all dull and useless… including scatter rotten teeth

    • Jonny, I am very disappointed with you for conversing with this character who can not pass any integrity test anywhere in the world. Such characters must be isolated please. His President has always wanted to surrender and the moron has kept telling him that all is well, when all is not well at all. The riots in Chingola was a message, You fail to read that message at your own peril. take heed. Nizanu izo

  4. Shakira Radio in Chingola was broadcasting live a phone in program that contained inflammatory content while the riots were going on. Press Freedoms comes with responsibility. Such radio stations have no space in a modern civilized society.

  5. I suppose the security forces are equal to the task if they are not listening to party cadres like motor mouth Sunday Chanda.
    On another issue, is the boss still on holiday? He really deserves it and should stay longer even 6 weeks instead of the four days that they gave him. And it’s really cheaper for us tax payers to keep him on a well deserved rest for six weeks or even ten. When he is at home, they make him fly around on expensive trips around the country when he wants to do austerity, like he did when he cut his salary. By the way are there any more candidates to be fired? Kasolo, any news who is next after you?

  6. This is not just about ritual killings (although that’s also an indication of how inert our police has become, when it comes to protecting citizens. They are now an appendage of the PF militia – to carry out their political bidding)

    There are a myraid of frustrations in these protests – to which some people will bury their heads in the sand and others will be myopic about them.

  7. I hear Monday Chanda already issued a statement. Does this missed call realise that these are security issues and beyond him. I am sure Monday is seeing HH in all this.

  8. Just lawlessness in this country, some misguided permanent secretary was attacking UNZARALU yesterday because UNZARALU said somethings against PF, UNZARALU did not even talk about government but some overzealous PS at ministry of labour starts threatening PF, Is there no orientation in this government, did nobody tell this lost chap that you are a civil servant and should not go into party matters. Nzelu kuipa monga Kaizar

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