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An Independent Engineer appointed to asses the Structure at Society Business Park

General News An Independent Engineer appointed to asses the Structure at...

An Independent Engineer engaged by the National Pension Scheme Authority to assess the failure of the concrete columns that support the Society Business Park has recommended the strengthening of the affected columns.

Following the reported failure of the columns in October 2019, the National Pension Scheme Authority engaged an independent Engineer who has since completed his works.

NAPSA Director General Yollard Kachinda has disclosed in a statement that arising from the recommendation, the design Engineers have commenced sourcing for an appropriate concrete strengthening solution.

Mr Kachinda said works on the affected columns will commenced soon and will take six months to complete.

He said the remedial works will be supervised by an Independent Engineer and will be overseen by relevant stakeholders including National Council for Construction and the Lusaka City Council.

Mr Kachinda said the rest of the building that was not affected by the office block column failure will remain open for normal business.

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    • No don’t arrest the engineer before you arrest the fire tender characters, the ambulance characters, those donating things to constituents without proper sources and all those who are in contempt of court regarding payment of salaries illegally obtained. Very bad mannered. Leave the engineer alone, alibe vuto uyo

    • How is this NAPSA Director General even in the job? this is people’s money that is cut from PAYE that they are investing. I for one can not believe that its just the columns affected in this building there is more than meets the eye; its quality control, procurement, cost cutting to cream funds. How can an Independent Engineer be engaged by the same NAPSA Directors, he is not independent when this debacle happened on their watch.

  1. Instead of paying undevided attention to the structural engineering works , he used his influence and connections to be a project manager as well for the project all for the love of money.
    Napsa money is public money as such the eningineer has to pay and be prosecuted for lip service if proven otherwise

    • I quote the following paragraphs from the Author;
      “An Independent Engineer engaged by National Pension Scheme Authority to assess the failure of the concrete columns that support the Society Business Park has recommended strengthening of the affected columns.”
      “NAPSA Director General Yollard Kachinga has disclosed that arising from the recommendation, the Design Engineers have commenced
      The above cited paragraphs, my friend Nigga Nature, simply tells that no thoroughly investigations were carried out, unless the Author of the above report had reported wrongly. From the writing the Independent Engineer recommended strengthening of the concrete columns, its obvious that the recommendation is an appropriate solution or rather a remedy of strengthening of the concrete columns and It…

  2. The danger is that the column got crushed, which we means that ,there was a displacement in the vertical direction of the column, this becomes a case of a sinking support in a frame.Now, me and other Engineers do understand that such a phenomenon induces moments in the beams and slabs that are monolithically connected to this crushed column.
    The new carrying capacity of the elements connecting to this column should be thoroughly checked, and possibly may require retrofitting as well

  3. I know zambians like to condemn the engineers what about the people who actually do the building it’s very easy for them to do a sloppy job. It seems to be the case here, the ones building disregarded the plan and maybe tried to cut corners so they can collect the change. Nobody is supervising these projects there is just a rush to show them off and cutting ribbons

  4. Safety of our people comes first. We applaud this development. Kz who is currently having a good time with old friends in kafue who are surprised I am blogging here. In fact one of my friends says he secretly blogs here. Give me a signal whoever it is

  5. Independent engineer? When did they start being partisan or why not just come out and tell us out of mistrust and lack of confidence in Zedian engineers you opted for a Chinese expert? This colonialist mental enslavement shall never end

  6. They want an independent engineer because it’s imperative to assign one who understands the fact that this building was built post-independence I guess…LOL.

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