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Kapiri council clears historic garbage


Kapiri Mposhi Town Council has cleared over 600 tonnes of historic garbage from four major markets in the district.

The garbage which has been piling up for over three years now has been cleared to provide a healthy and convenient trading environment in the targeted trading sites.

The council has collected garbage from Tambalale, Ndeke, Riverside and Kawama markets.

Council Public Relations Officer, Chris Mulaliki confirmed the development to ZANIS today, stating that the garbage has been cleared to avert the outbreak of diseases such as cholera.

Mr Mulaliki said the council could not collect the garbage on a timely basis due to lack of transport.

“As you know we don’t have specific transport to collect this garbage but this time around we hired a front end loader and other equipment to help in the clearance of this garbage,” Mr Mulaliki said.

Mr Mulaliki said the council has since initiated a program of routinely collecting litter from markets and other public places in the district to prevent accumulation garbage in the long run.

He has warned traders to desist from indiscriminate disposal of waste in the district.

Meanwhile, marketeers have commended the council for finally removing the historic garbage from trading sites.

Tambalale market Vice Chairlady, Rose Mambwe said the garbage had compromised the trading environment due to the bad odor emissions from the accumulated litter.

“We hope the council will continue collecting garbage from markets to avoid accumulation which expose us to diseases such as cholera especially in the rain season”, Ms Mambwe said.


    • atm, unfortunately the evidence does indeed support your statement, & just because we are Africans, we cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand like Ostriches, & live in perpetual denial.
      No money to buy garbage collection vehicles BUT maningi kasaka ka ndalama to endlessly campaign, drink, forn!c@te & buy a useless flying Champagne Bar for a useless drunk from Chawama who was used to sleeping in people’s Garages & drinking Kachasu, before he was erroneously given the keys to State House.

    • Lack of cleanliness and disregard of hygiene was a ploy imposed by the settlers to make the Natives appear primitive. Zambians, who had impeccable cleanliness at the village level (and policed by the respective chiefs), soon fell for the tactics of the new conquerors!

  1. It took 3 years to clear the gabbage! It is being reported as if it is the greatest achievement since sliced bread.

  2. the kapiri city council top officer(s) should be suspended for allowing garbage to pile up for freaking three years. three years!!
    … you’ve individuals falling in the sewer/dranage system that’s “left open by design”..and you want to have nuclear plants in Zambia, all because someone has been bribed is busy advocating for it

  3. Good development also in 2021 we will clear out the opposition who are garbage. No walahi. All that matters is that come 2021 vote share will be: EC Lungu- 80% HH- 5%, others : 5%.

  4. And it will start piling up again…and when you are in the diaspora and try to tell them the importance of clean surroundings they insult…they think you trying to show off and look down on the them…i agree with number 1 comment 100%….Just something about the black race…just visiting predominantly black neighborhoods here in the USA…you come across feaces,urine,pilled garbage you name it…prostitution,robberies etc

  5. My only thought and worry is where the 600 tonnes of garbage is headed to. Another garbage dump!? We need more sustainable and effective solutions of dealing with our waste!

  6. Yes they HAD A P.F INCOMPETENT CORRUPT LAZY CADRE, who they called a Mayor, but is he really a Mayor??
    Same story, just look at photos news reels documentaries of these same towns including towns in Zimbabwe when they had Colonial Governments. THEN THEY HAD PROPER MAYORS, & THESE TOWNS WERE BEAUTIFUL WITH CLEAN FUNCTIONING AMENITIES, & NO CHOLERA OR PILED HUMAN WASTE AT EVERY CORNER.

  7. What is wrong about us black people is our poor background. We fail to rise from it….take things for granted and play like children. Awe tulibafiko even travelling by bus you suffer from dirty neighbour…..

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