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PF to go for a Convention this Year to Choose the Party President-Davies Mwila


Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has announced that the PF Central Committee has set June/July 2020 to hold the General Conference to choose the Party President who will also be the PF’s presidential candidate in the 2021 General Elections.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka, on Sunday, the PF Chief Executive Officer said that in line with the party constitution as well as Article 60 of the Republican Constitution, the party will this year go for an elective conference to choose the party, President.

“We challenge other political parties to emulate the good democratic record of the Patriotic Front by also holding conventions,” he said.

And Mr. Mwila has announced that the party has adopted former Kaputa District Commissioner Francis Mulenga Fube as its candidate for the forthcoming Chilubi Parliamentary by-election.

Mr. Mwila said the Central Committee has appointed Members of the Central Committee in charge of Health and Legal, Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and Hon. Brian Mundubile respectively as the Campaign Managers.

“Hon Chitalu Chilufya and Hon Brian Mundubile will be campaign Managers and will be assisted by Hon Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), Hon Anthony Kasandwe and Hon Mwimba Malama,” he said.

“In the spirit of unity and loyalty to the party, the Central Committee is asking all the other candidates who have not been adopted to rally behind Mr. Fube.”

On the economic matters, Mr. Mwila disclosed that the Central Committee also invited Finance Minister Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu to give the committee an update on the 2019 macroeconomic development and the economic outlook for 2020.

“In his updates, the Minister informed the Central Committee of specific policy interventions that the government has proposed in order to enhance Debt Management and the Economic Growth. These measures include; putting a stop to the contraction of new loans, re-scoping of two-thirds of loans that have been contracted but not yet disbursed, enhancing domestic resource mobilization, clearing stress, cutting down on wasteful spending and enhancing engagements with our cooperating partners,” he added.

“Copperbelt Energy Corporation, Zesco Impasse: The Central Committee directed the Ministry of Energy to amicably resolve the Impasse between the two institutions. As you might be aware, CEC is a single bulk buyer of power from Zesco. Talks to extend an agreement which allows CEC to buy power in bulk for resale to mining companies have stalled, meanwhile the contract between Zesco and CEC expires in March 2020.”

The PF Secretary-General stated that the Central Committee has given the Ministry of Energy up to the end of February 2020 to resolve the matter of bulk supply between Zesco and CEC.


  1. Am sure the honourable gentleman means the confenece to endorse the Humble One as President of PF, pretty much like UNIP style, KK vs the frog, I just wonder what animal PF are using, or are they just going to use a plant or a tree, Like Edgar Chagwa Lungu Vs Mukula Tree Log???

    • Eh Eh….what has changed? i thought you said that Arungu is the sole candidate? Are you going to raise hands again as it were in Kabwe?

    • LT, your adsense and their ads are now really annoying.
      Like really disturbing.
      Like really to much.

      They feel like eating fish in the fly infested open space.

      I understand your need to sell but tone down a little bit. A little tweaks can do.

  2. In what capacity is the PF central committee instructing the Ministry of Energy to resolve the impasse between CEC and ZESCO on the Bulk Supply Agreement. PF should know that its Central Committee is for the party and is in no way part of government. Are we back to the days of the PIG?

  3. There’ll be no PF election just like the last convention where Lungu was shoved down every party member’s throat.Intra party democracy is a mere pretentious event.

  4. When is the forever party president of UPND going for a similar party convention ? PF is NOT an angel on this matter either they held sham elections.

    • Another project
      The case in which a Lusaka based man is charged with the attempted assassination of President Edgar Lungu has taken a new twist with the PF telling police to link UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to the questionable case.
      Last week, police charged Mwangala Ngalande with attempting to assassinate President Edgar Lungu. But two named individuals who are alleged to have conspired with him have not been charged.
      Ngalande once worked as a driver for late politician Anderson Mazoka.
      When Mazoka died, Ngalande defected to the Patriotic Front (PF) to which he is still a member.
      But now concerned police officers say they are under pressure to force Ngalande to implicate HH.
      The PF is under pressure to slow down HH as the political temperatures heats up. The repeated worn out…

    • Can Mukula thief really win an election, I think he will steal the election,stealing is routine for this chap……lol

  5. If Lungu will stand, then this will be a window dressing event, otherwise IT WILL SERVE THE PF TO FIND ANOTHER CANDIDATE AT THIS CONVENTION. IF NOT DISASTER AWAITS THEM AND THIS NATION bcoz Ba Lungu CANNOT win an election and in forcing matters, the PF may rig elections leading to civil strife!! Even then ANY ONE TO REPLACE LUNGU WILL BE PERCEIVED TO BE THERE TO COVER UP FOR HIS MISDEED THUS HE/SHE IS LIKELY TO WALLOPED AND BURIED WITH LUNGU. We need to send the PF back to opposition after 10 years of poor Governance and Economic Management! Let them find a better person who Zambians can trust after being in opposition for sometime, NOT A SANGWAPO President with no stamina to deal with rigors of opposition politics just to find one self in power, that is what has led to this damage we…

  6. Breaking news upnd leader hh announces that the upnd convention is to take place on February 30th on Facebook. All stakeholders invited.

  7. When you continously listen to the PF SG, I mean when you follow him, you can actually end up getting lost because he swings from the far left to the far right, this is the man who a few days ago was saying PF will not go for a convention because the “humble” one has already been anointed, today he is coming out as if he never said anything to that effect, just recently he said he would resign if NDC won the roan seat, today he behaves as if he never said anything to that effect, I think this man has changed drastically from the time he attained six points.

  8. My prediction: ” All provinces to rally behind the sole candidate, HE ECL kanabesa, etc, etc”…all if any challenger(s) intimidated.

  9. PF has been having ward, local and provincial elections. If ECL is eligible to stand in 2021, why not endorse him?? In terms of democracy, PF are exercising it. Other parties should follow suit.

    • You will make h² pee in his pants with that suggestion boss.
      Let clinging h² continue clinging.
      AKA don’t give valuable advice to your opponents.

  10. Remember how the Third Term debate under FTJ backfired! Appears ECL eyes are now open but History will always record how dodgy the ‘elections’ were in Kabwe where the genuine PF convention Election organised by the Acting President Dr Guy Scott (not honorary doctorate) was circumvented by illegal gang/cadres that enthroned ECL. No wonder the PF cadres seem to have more power in the country. Zambians see through all this pretense of PF convention and the answer lies at the ballot. The best thing that should have happened for PF is to allow Guy Scott to complete the Term while preparing a credible and authentic leader to take up the reins. The shear incompetence we have seen in PF under ECL leadership is testament of an untested candidate like ECL. It will take decades to recover from…

  11. Cont… It will take decades to recover from this mess. What is more, the political prostitutes from MMD have not helped either. Unprincipled people willing to do anything to be in power. HH is the only candidate who has been tested for authenticity and deserves to be the next president of Zambia. UPND support is increasing by the second. Let me put a disclaimer that I have never belonged to any political party my entire life but believe that this is the battle for Zambia that every Zambian must fight. Zambia has enjoyed peace for a long time but has peace brought any food on anyone’s table?

    • Upnd support has always seemed to be increasing but they are always confined to their bantustan strongholds, even Mazoka it was the same. The PF convention in Kabwe was almost spoiled by Guy Scott who wanted to install Miles Sampa but the general membership had already accepted ECL as the one Sata picked. DON’T DISTORT FACTS AND HISTORY.

    • No wonder Inonge Wina confronted Guy Scott (chimuzingu cho pusa) and the service chiefs put him in his place as he was hell bent on causing chaos. Hh tested for authenticity??? In 2006?? No convention since and you call that authentic?? You are a real donkey who wants to hide and call yourself non-partisan. You are a upnd cadre!!!

    • Don’t worry, we will perfectly retire h² to namwala or beengwa or Panama.

      He will be a better crook running his businesses than pocking his amateur bl00dy nose smart people’s affairs like politics.
      We will permanently sit the panama nigga boy down in 2021 consistently.

  12. @Zambian Citizen, Racism is totally unacceptable in Zambia and you aught to be ashamed of yourself and Grandma Inonge. Guy Scott is a Zambian Born in Zambia except his parents were born overseas. FTJ and MMD were trying to block KK from Standing for president under the same circumstances as Guy scott and hence the change to the constitution. MIchael Sata saw the benefit of making Guy Scott the Vice President and he understood Sata’s vision for Zambia. The only reason it appears had multiple portfolios is that he lacked ambition and not because of competence. HH has been tested by unfairly putting him in prison for trumped up charges, threatened by law enforcement officials and despite this evil behavior by PF has kept going using his personal resources to support the party. He has…

  13. HH has been tested by unfairly putting him in prison for trumped up charges, threatened by law enforcement officials and despite this evil behavior by PF has kept going using his personal resources to support the party. He has galvanised support and gained +30% of the Zambian vote in 2016 elections and going by the trend, he will be the next president of Zambia. It does not matter who they replace ECL with. PF under leadership of ECL is like the blind leading the blind. Very clueless.
    @ KZ, Tasila has got a lot of questions to answer about the jump in her resources after Daddy stumbled into presidency. Prepare for the law to take its course.

  14. You forgot smoked out’a his bunker bed. You don’t run road rage with the presidential motorcade mufella iwe unless you wanna put your little ego to test.
    Boma iyanganapo mokwanila.
    Do minus unstoppable GBVM numbers. The fat fellow PF’s GBVM brought you closer to rubbing shoulders on figures with the elite’s choice for president.
    The deads, no chance.

  15. Pay retirees first befor chi conversion thing. HH is the next president. twamisula mwa chilamo, retirees want their money you are talking of going to conversion, go we will see who votes for you pf this. retiree teti.

  16. PF party need to go and pick a presidential candidate at their convention just announced by Davies Mwila even if he has previously denied that there i was no need for one. This realisation that Edigar Lungu does not qualify to stand again has come at an opportune time. This will make PF look more genuine with a new candidate since Lungu has been a disaster as his rule has been at ransom by thieves, drug barons, Mukula cartel, forest destroyers and many dubious criminals and thugs within his PF party. Much more to this need of a convention is that constitutionally Lungu’s term expires this year 2020. So, a new candidate is welcome as long as does not appear on the above list or will go into extinct like previous parties.

  17. Hahahaha. PF you have now realized that Edgar cannot be sold politically anymore and that it might backfire on him and the court on that misinterpretation by the court of giving lungu a third term should PF lose. The convention is a publicity stunt because not long ago PF announced that Edgar is the sole candidate. Now is PF attempting to do a Joseph kabila kind of power handover where the PF candidate chosen if not Edgar will win and shield these thieves from prosecution?. maybe that is why they are trying to bring in Kambwili back in. The founders of PF are not in PF, Edgar brought his MMD bululus to sink the party.

  18. The biggest problem I have with PF I.DIOTS now is that they have failed to distinguish between party functionaries and government. They are always mixing party politics and gynamism with government functions. Who gave Sunday Chanda power to speak about the economy of the country? Why was the Finance Minister briefing the Central Committee on the status of the economy? Wasn’t he supposed to discuss that at Cabinet Level?
    It is sad how this country has become under PF. I was surprised to hear that they are also building the PF HQ at Forest 27!!

  19. “..PF Central Committee has set June/July 2020 to hold the General Conference to ‘choose’ the Party President His Excellency Edgar Chadwa Lungu who will also be the PF’s presidential candidate in the 2021 General Elections.”
    Uuuhm…now that us a new brand of democracy.
    But at least PF can pretend to practice democracy, not so with the Trible UPND and its Trible HH.
    Fact is that none of the leaders on the political scene today make any sense or give any hope for Zambia. Sishuwa Sishuwa is in fact much better than all of them combined. They are all sides of the same coin. A new leader will certainly be offered by our Lord at the right time. Meantime they can all elect their president candidates to fce a huge loss to the chosen one.

  20. Same, 2015……2020.

    No nasty surprises please. Party of Unity and Democracy.

  21. Hon GBM eh ? Bwafya sana mu Pi Efu.
    And how can the CEC/Zesco issue be an impasse when it was the minister of energy himself who announced that the contract was not going to be renewed? And is it within his authority to issue directives to a ministry or minister ? Confused chap this one , …or maybe not. Just a parallel presidency that also does the work of cabinet.

  22. Does not make sense to some of us after hearing about the wamuyayaya “pi efu” president. What has happened to the sole candidate. This is clear leadership laundering.

  23. Levy once said it is dangerous to have no understanding of the law. it is even much more dangerous to to do a certificate in law and you what to behave like you like Pro Mvunga. Sometimes talking too much is dangerous. Zambian in the SUN, Guy was disqualified by the constitution. Even when he was acting President, the man was limited to only a ceremonial figure. Are sure if Guy was going to be allowed by the constitution, was going to relinquish the position. That is ‘Eagle One. my friend.

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