Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Lay the Foundation Stone for the New PF Headquarters



  1. Ba LT what is this supposed to be ? A headline and a picture. And no text below. What are we supposed to do with it?

  2. So well wishers are going to contribute to build something in the budget of a million dollars? They must be the best well wishers ever.

  3. You thieves destroyed that beautiful woodland we grew watching for this useless headquarters same way UNIP built that that building in Kamwala only to fail to finish it as they were siphoning money from taxpayers.

  4. Pabwato! Pf is a party capable of ruling life because the people will have confidence in its leadership for many generations to come. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. Kz

  5. Mistaken priorities, retirees are waiting for their money. In a country facing famine and you are wasting money on this thing. We know too well taxpayers are funding this thing or it must be kickbacks for tenders to build infrastucture that has been over inflated

  6. Meanwhile Pensioners are drowning in their tears for their unpaid retirement packages——- why ignore their pleas imwe ba dununa reverse?

  7. It wont last.. This so-called headquarters will be a white elephant after 2021 elections. Even those in PF now including herself dont like PF. They are there for personal gain kwasila. Watch the space!

  8. Not very well thought out move.Right now the only thing keeping PF together is looting which is made possible by the fact that tbey are in power. Once out of power which is very likel soon there will be nothing to unite them,i expect Lungu to abandon the party presidency and the party to disintegrate, so what becomes of this white elephant?

  9. Better to list the names of the donors transparently. Otherwise those who allege kick backs are absolutely right. There is no way any number of PF fundraising dinners lunches brains where ministers, MPs and other PF leaders and transparent “donors” etc pledge K500000 each can make make up $1m. There is no free lunch in this world, such donors will recover their “donations” from tax payers through grossly inflated tenders. In America such is not allowed because they dont want terrorists to infiltrate their governance systems, good free lessons for us, but of course we are told that foreign governments will not be allowed to interfere with the way we want to “govern” ourselves.

  10. It will just be like Chiluba University of Democracy which failed to materialize owing to rampant corruption. You don’t have to cheat people with fake foundation stone. This has been the worst government Zambia will ever experience. We are expecting you, people, to start winding up so that we assemble credible leadership. I hope and trust that the nation will not be stripped of its assets as you are leaving the stage. It is high time we became vigil as a nation. 2021, we need to kick out these thieves who have made our country a mess. We cannot make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear.

  11. if its on chikoleka forest, it means its just to near to the state house and arakan , and the house of prayer( all nations), this ain’t just right. its so one partyish state, things should not be intertwined like this in modern democratic countries.

  12. Just how people never learn often vexes me deeply indeed. UNIP did the same with the UNIP Party Headquarters and what happened after they lost power, the government grapped what was dully its own. Even with PF, we shall make sure that the so called Head quarters of thieves is repossessed. I even doubt this will be finished before they are chucked out of power, bo naminungu tuni mu kozi, mu kaise!

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