Thief almost lynched to death by medical students

Students at Ridgeway campus

MEDICAL students at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Ridgeway campus last night almost killed a suspected thief who they caught attempting to steal from the campus.

The irate students also stoned police officers who had rushed there to calm the situation.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the incident happened yesterday between 22:00hrs and mid night.

Katongo said in the process of rescuing the victim, officers fired two shots in air to scare away the students and they managed to rescue the suspect who is currently detained in police custody.


  1. Fire arms needs regulating in Zambia, that is the more reason Kaizer Zezulu has an armoury in his house. The other day Zambia police failed to arrest him warning of bloodshed if they came near his house. Students were arresting a thief on behalf of police, a thank you was to open fire on them, were these really police or part of the thieves rescuing their fellow docile thief

  2. Medical students trying to kill someone!!!!! Is the University Chancellor in the office? All these students must be failed. They should move to Lilayi Police academy or Chindwin Barracks Training school. Medical students are pro-life. How will they take the hippocratic oath with such intentions already at the forefront of their minds?

  3. I caught a thief took him to police and the following day he was out. so students are justified in doing what they did. despite evidence being presented the police could not do anything so next time i meet i thief being beaten i will encourage such since no help come from police.

  4. Do not be emotional and deluded. Even if he is a thief, it is the police’s duty to arrest him and take him for questioning, more crooks are found that way. Also life is precious, medical students should be the first to attest to this.

  5. How is it possible that someone who is almost killed would end up detained in police custody? Something not adding up here.

  6. MunDekhane please learn to be sensible. No court of the land has found me guilty or convicted me for illegal fire arms. Even on my birthday you still want to spread malicious information? Be humane. Kz

  7. ati courts of the land as if that’s saying anything when any sane person knows that the courts have been infiltrated , the judicial system when it comes to those in the ruling party is a joke
    so again Zulu I reiterate, just because the courts haven’t found you guilty don’t mean you ain’t. both you and I as well as anyone on this forum knows that if anyone else did half of the things that you’ve done, they’ve been locked up for a very long time
    I hope you’re able to sleep at night mr Zulu, but then again most of you guys are unconscionable, look at your so called humble leader

  8. Medical students killing ….? What more when they are working in hospitals, will they kill annoying patients?

    They should be expelled for attempting to take life. Hippocratic Oath wasted on them.

  9. I remember when at Boarding school a thief had the balls to attempt to steal belongings in doms in the middle of the night, When a pupil coming back from overnight studies sounded the alarm with those dreaded words to a thief “Kawalala””Kawalala””Kawalala” the whole school of a thousand pupils woke up gave chase for three kilometers. The thief was lucky we never caught him, pupils have it hard at boarding with the beans the worse thing you can do is rob them.

  10. Lusaka times u didn’t gather this info at the crime scene this is a copy and past from mwebantu news media
    Am a student a RWC and this is force information go to UNZA RWC on Facebook and get the true story stop deceiving the nation

  11. Another case of a falsehood, the officers fired the 2 shots aiming at the students. Fortunately no one was injured and the officers weren’t stoned at all.
    It’s just a story to cover themselves up after using live ammunition.

  12. Addis Ababa was built by Menelik 2.It is the capital of Ethiopia.Menelik is reputed to have stolen the arc of the covenant from Solomon’s temple and carried it to Ethiopia.Medical students are mad.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  13. Menelik was the son of Solomon and the queen of Sheba.Solomon and Sheba are mentioned in the Bible.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  14. What about queen Elizabeth who confessed that she has stones in her crown taken with out permission from black African republics.Are medical students going to beat her until the police come.Did you ever hear about an Afrosaxon(medical students).Peter Carlos Hinds.

  15. The officers could not go to Britain or Addis Ababa which was built by Menelik and fire two shots.Peter Carlos Hinds.

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