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Mrs Chanda spends her 50th birthday giving out hampers to new mothers


Usually, birthdays come with a lot of excitement and some call for huge celebrations such as cutting of cakes, good food, popping of champagne and dancing to good music.

But this was never the case for Mrs Jane Kaonga Chanda who decided to spend her 50th birthday giving out hampers to babies born on her birthday – 15th of January. Mrs Chanda is the wife of Zambia Revenue Authority Commisioner General, Kingsley Chanda.

Her day began very normal with her children helping her wrap gift hampers which she would later in the day donate to newborns in selected hospitals in Lusaka.

Her first stop was Chilenje Level One Hospital in Lusaka where she donated eight (8) hampers to babies born on her birthday.

She later went to Bauleni Clinic where she donated one gift hamper to a newborn and donated another to an expectant mother .

Her last stop was kalingalinga clinic. Unfortunately, the clinic did not record any births on that day.

When asked why she decided to spend her birthday in such a unique style, Mrs Chanda, said she always prefers to spend her birthday in such a way.

“I am not a party person; I always want to feel for the other person. If I was Bill Gates, I would share with the whole world but I am able to share to the capacity God has blessed me with and I hope the mothers and the babies can receive these gifts with one heart, because it’s not even within my powers, it’s not up to me but God made it possible,” she says with a smile.

This kind gesture by Mrs Chanda excited the mothers whose babies benefited from the hampers and hospital staff who applauded her for her kind heart of sharing and encouraged her to continue being kind to others through sharing.

By Chanda John Chimba
[Zambian Sky]

Spouse to ZRA Chief, Kingsley Chanda, Jane surprises mothers and newly born with hampers”
Spouse to ZRA Chief, Kingsley Chanda, Jane surprises mothers and newly born with hampers”


  1. Careful mummy, while your work is good, it is not good to outshine Ministers Wives, who do nothing but spend time holidaying in Dubai.

  2. Birthday celebrations are the dumbest thing ever. Hello, I am 50 and getting old and for the reason am happy as a clam and throwing a big party.
    Me when I hit 50, new boobs, new bootie, younger husband!

  3. All very well – but, can someone help the people in Nalolo Western Province? Families eating wild fruit to survive, is truly sad and shameful.

  4. Please tell us whats happening. The lady receiving the hamper with her baby sleeping has a bed with blankets but the other one on the left is sleeping on a mattress. Niyekuti bwanji?

  5. Lusaka Times what are you doing to your site? These changes that occur everyday with the posts(now you cant reply to a post) are they experiments or something is wrong?

  6. I think Livingstone Council and the government should move the Museum from downtown to a better roomy place in the town. It should be redesigned just like Lusaka Museum because it must be modern and be capable of handling more visitors especially after next year.

  7. There are many ways to look for adoption as a PF MP in 2021 and this is one of them! Congrats on having the guts

  8. Who is she? What she is famous for being the wife to ZRA Chief? Whats this country coming to? Idolizing people with questionable income

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