Friday, June 14, 2024

Withdrawn Dangerous Malaria drugs in Europe are not on the Zambia Market


The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority says the medicines used in the treatment of malaria purported to have been removed from the market in the European Union do not affect Zambia as the medicines mentioned in the list are not registered in the country.

ZAMRA Public Relations Officer Ludovic Mwape has urged the general public not to panic following the unconfirmed reports circulating on social media concerning a list of medicines used in the treatment of malaria that have been withdrawn in the EU.

Mr Mwape said all the products listed in the report and referred to as dangerous are not available in Zambia as they are monotherapy and are in oral dosage form.

He said only Artemisinin based oral combinations have been recommended for use in the treatment of malaria in Zambia.

Mr Mwape said the only monotherapy antimalarial medicines registerable in Zambia are those in an injectable forms such as Artesunate and Quinine.

He further stated that ZAMRA is constantly working with the Ministry of Health, the National Malarial Elimination Centre and various cooperating partners to ensure that only those antimalarial medicines are safe, of good quality and are efficacious are available on the Zambian market.

Mr. Mwape advised the general public to report to ZAMRA any suspected substandard medicines appearing on our market.


  1. regrettably I doubt that any agency in Zambia keeps valid records and inventory of what drugs are in the country. so it wouldn’t actually surprise me if some of those are in some pharmacies/health treatment centers in zambia

  2. Don’t think this fake Kz will answer that question, that is beyond him. All PF cadres know is infrastructure and roads they don’t think people need to eat, work and be healthy. You see them without shame trying to buy off people in Chilubi island with money, ambulances and textile filled with the most useless president on there.

  3. I am fake in your own little imagination. When I speak facts which hurt your upnd heart then I am called fake. But when I speak positive about upnd then I am real ? Go to hell. Kz

  4. Why dont you behave like human beings who have 5 sences? What you always think is defending your party wheather wrong or having bad ideas. WE ARE FEDUP OF YOUR COMMENTS . WE WANT CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS , HOW YOU ARE GOING TO GROW THE ECONOMY AND OTHER CHALLENGES THE COUNTRY IS FACING. NOT IFYAKUSHOBANA KWATI MULI TWAICE . KULENI MUMANO

  5. Thank you for the INFORMATION but it was going to be ok for us citizen to know the BRANDS ( names of malaria medicines ) with drawn in the EU.We may end up taking the same medicines without knowing more especially for those who don’t read the instructions.

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