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Never again will people with Money Ever Try to buy off MMD-Nevers Mumba


Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Party President Dr. Nevers Mumba said the MMD belongs to its members and not former members.

Speaking when he received the petition from the Lusaka Provincial leadership to conduct a citizen’s arrest on Patriotic Front (PF) Nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda, Dr Mumba said that never again will people who have money ever try to buy the MMD.

“As your Party President, I am overwhelmed with your resolve to defend our party from former members. MMD is your party and it’s your Political right to defend and fight for it. It is for this reason your leadership was in Court for over 3 years to defend what is rightfully yours. Never again will person’s who have money ever try to buy off the MMD”, Dr. Mumba said.

The MMD in Lusaka Province yesterday vowed to carry out a citizen arrest on Patriotic Front (PF) Nominated Member of Parliament Mr. Raphael Nakachinda.

The members through their Provincial Leadership petitioned their Party’s National Leadership to allow them to sort out Patriotic Front (PF) Nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda.

Speaking through the Provincial Chairperson Mr. Francis Chate, they wondered why the Police have not arrested him yet.

“We the MMD in Lusaka Province are shocked that the Zambia Police Service have continued giving Raphael Nakachinda permits to hold illegal MMD meetings. What is hurting us the most is that the Police enforces Court Orders, but the Judge Sharon Newa November 5 MMD Judgement has not been enforced by our Police. The Register of Societies has already followed Judge Newa’s directives. What Nakachinda has been doing of claiming to be our National Secretary, when the courts have ruled that he is neither National Secretary nor is he a member of the Party is impersonation and contempt of Court. Instead of giving him permits, the police should instead arrest him”, Mr. Chate said.

Mr. Chate further said that the Party in Lusaka will conduct a citizen’s arrest on Nakachinda.

“We the New Hope MMD in Lusaka Province are today petitioning the National leadership to allow us to sort out Raphael Nakachinda. Who is Nakachinda to try to hijack the Party? We are demanding that you take immediate action on Nakachinda or we the Party in Lusaka Province will take the law in our own hands by fetching him out from wherever he is hiding in kafue. Since the Police have failed to arrest him. We will do them a favor by doing a citizens arrest on him. Let him just try to hold another illegal MMD meeting again”, Mr. Chate said.

In receiving the Petitions MMD National Secretary Hon. Elizabeth Chitika said that the party will soon commence legal proceedings against him.

“As the Chief Executive Officer of the Party, I would love to thank you for presenting this petition to Us. As your leadership, we have directed the Party’s Lawyers to commence legal proceedings against Nakachinda. The MMD is bigger than any individual especially non-individuals like Nakachinda”, Hon. Chitika said.

MMD Vice President Mr. Reuben Sambo said that the Train Of New Hope has started off and No one can stop it.

“As your Vice President, I would love to send a statement to well-known enemies of our Party who are busy supporting former members like Nakachinda to cause confusion in our Party that the Train of New Hope has started moving and anyone who tries to get in its way, will be crashed”, Mr. Sambo said.

MMD Leadership Receiving Petitions
MMD Leadership Receiving Petitions
MMD Leadership Receiving Petitions
MMD Leadership Receiving Petitions


  1. But MMD is not alone on this issue coz the PF buys off voters with taxpayers money too.They always threaten to with hold development during by elections if people don’t vote for PF candidates.

  2. “The struggle alone pleases us, not the victory” – Blaise Pascal
    A case of power jostles in the MMD since inception.

  3. And you are better off closing your party and joining the winning team pf. As long as I am alive no other party will ever win an election in Zambia. I am good at what I do as a political analyst and probably the best. So cut your losses and join us. the pf will still win in 2021. In fact I am so confident that I pledge to give upnd 3000 of our votes and also to run naked from arcades to mandahill. If upnd are confident of a win can hh pledge to do the same? Kz

    • Yes and that is the reason most clinic filing clerks do not vote for one well known opposition party. This is because they are looked down upon as being nobodies. Meanwhile they can look at the pf and believe by looking at me that it is possible to become a high level advisor to the president from being a clerk. The same common people you look down upon are the ones who determine this country’s leadership. So good luck with loss number 6. Kz

  4. Laughable ..says the Pastor who fleeces his poor members for tithes. this man was found guilty for misappropriating funds at the embassy why is he even putting himself up for MMD leader.

  5. I think in all fairness, this nation under Nevers Mumba is better off than what we are witnessing today. Zambia needs a truly God fearing president, with integrity. Zambia is a Christian nation but continues to by those who a clueless. Its a shame on our part as voters, that we have continued to pray that the Lord should give us a God fearing president and yet we continue to cast our votes on heathens expecting them to act Christian. No way, it does not work. If our prayers or fasting do not correspond with our actions-(doing the right thing), we will continue on the path of destruction. If we truly are a Christian nation, priority should be given especially on the office of the President to a genuine Christian who can direct the affairs of the land with Christian principles and values,…

  6. A true christian does not involve himself/herself in politics. Never is not a true man of God but money monger and has failed in politics.

  7. SNAKE MUNCHER SHOWs THE CALIBRE of UPND you are. HH DOES NOT FEED You but waffling and insulting like unthinkable and not civilsed cader. Shame!!!!!

  8. Good to know that the president is receiving governance strategy from a Chelston filling clerk. No offence to all the clerks who are doing a tremendous job under difficult circumstances, but can one be surprised about the direction of the country when advice is coming from a clerk who has not demonstrated any credible experience in governance. Its a shocker.!!!!

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