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Clause for the Provision of the creation of a coalition government should be removed from Bill No.10-Sean Tembo


The Patriots for Economic Progress has urged Zambians to demand the removal of a provision in the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 which provides for the creation of a coalition government.

PeP President Sean Tembo has warned that this provision if enacted into law will cause a Constitutional crisis in 2021 and undermine national security and must therefore be removed without hesitation.

Mr. Tembo said his party can live with the other ridiculous provisions of Bill 10 like the introduction of Deputy Ministers, but the provision on coalition government is totally poisonous and must be removed at once.

He said this provision was only put there in order to provide for a back door route for the PF to come back to power once they lose the general elections next year, which they shall definitely lose.

Mr. Tembo urged the people of Zambia not to allow their votes to be legally stolen through Bill 10.

“We cannot allow such molestation of the most sacred law of the land just so as to suit the wanton narrow partisan interests of a select few members of the Patriotic Front party. Zambia is bigger than any individual or political party”, he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tembo said his party opposes Bill 10 because of both the Procedure that was used to derive it as well as the content which both do not serve the interest of the Zambian people.

“On the issue of procedure, we decry the basis for identifying the list of delegates to the so-called National Dialogue Forum. Who came up with that list of delegates and what criteria were used? Suffice to mention that the list of NDF delegates was not representative of the various political and governance interest groups in this country and was clearly rigged in favour of the ruling PF and its myriad of vuvuzela NGOs and political parties”, said Mr Tembo.

He said the procedure for the NDF and consequently for Bill 10 was rigged and cannot therefore be accepted as a genuine and sincere basis for amending the Republic Constitution, the most sacred law of the land.

And on the content of Bill 10, Mr Tembo said his Party’s single biggest objection is the provision which introduces the establishment of a coalition government which defeats all logic because Zambia is not a Parliamentary democracy where a coalition government can be formed.


  1. They are leaving office anyway. Then the constitution will be cleaned up properly.
    Zambia’s new leader 2021 is undergoing final touches in Heaven so don’t waste your time and energy on politics of PF or Trible UPND.

  2. He has not said how that provision is threat to national security. A lot of countries have such and infact it has the opposite effect of bringing political parties together to form government. I hate who just open mouth before engaging brain. Kz

  3. PF is staying put. Infact very put, matter of fact extremely put like it or not.

    Sean, how are you? Have you recovered your phones? When did you leave the wheelchair? Eeh! Your clobbers, how far has the case gone?

    Having said that, you chaps were not barred from making submissions and participating in the NDF.
    Using the media to yap on issues pertaining to bill 10 won’t yield results. Let’s roll.

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