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Elias Chipimo Jr’s son Chito Sentenced to 9 months imprisonment with hard labour


The Lusaka Magistrate Court has sentenced former National Restoration Party President Elias Chipimo Jr’s son Chito to nine months imprisonment with hard labour.

Chito, 23, was facing three counts of trafficking in Narcotic Drugs.

In count one; facts are that on December 27, 2019 in Lusaka, Chito trafficked in narcotics drugs namely 1.43 grams of cocaine without lawful authority.

In count two, on the same date Chito Chipimo had in his possession psychotropic substances namely 0.11 grams of amphetamine without lawful authority.

In the third count, details are that on December 28, 2019 in Lusaka, Chito used a motor vehicle namely, Toyota blade to carry, conceal and convey psychotropic substances without lawful authority.

Magistrate Albert Mwaba convicted Chito Chipimo on all the three charges and sentenced him to jail for nine months.


  1. Journalists! They are horrible! The son has been jailed. The headline starts with Chipimo and the very big picture is of Chipimo. Its like they are sending the message to us to say here is the man to blame for this adult male’s bad behaviour. Is that the way reporting is done? Hanging on to a big name so as to attract readership?

  2. This must be a difficult time for Elias Chipimo Jnr. I know that the father did his best to give his son a decent education and this is wht he gets in return. It’s a real pity that his young son has gone to jail. The magistrate has given him a chance to reform by giving him a short custodial sentence while also sending a message that this kind of wrongdoing will not be tolerated by the courts.

  3. Those quantities are too small to be charged for trafficking. He should have been charged for possession instead and sentenced to rehab.

  4. Very sad. As a dad who has invested so much in my kids, I can’t imagine how I would feel knowing they have thrown it all away. Take heart. Kz

  5. Wishing you and family God’s strength Mr Chipimo. As a father I know what these young people can take you through despite your best effort. This will hurt but it will pass. “If you are going through hell, keep going”.

  6. Children can sometimes take you to extreme points of frustration. This is a hard time for our colleague but time will heal, and there’s always hope for the recovery for the young man through encouragement to pursue a different route after all his troubles.

  7. As a good father who has lead by good example, he will be thankful for the judiciary giving his son a short sharp reforming lesson to return to a straight and narrow road.

    Drugs and dealing is very tempting for youngsters, thankfully he has been corrected while he is still you g and there is enough of his life left to enjoy.

    We pray strength for Mr Chipimo. The Bible says, ‘spare the rod…….spoil a child.’ Proverbs 13:24

    It’s all good for the excercise of bad judgement. No parent can fail to feel for Hon. Chipimo

  8. Zambian justice system is rotten to core and meant for the poor sods, here you have Chipimo Jr who was dealing sentenced to months in prison and a young lady last year who jailed by court for smoking for 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Actually true @Tarino…why this injustice, just because he is a son of a failed president of a ka party….he should have been jailed 2 years plus….

  10. @ Tarino Orange. Law flies in all directions. It is too simplistic to say what about this other case. You have to put the two cases side by side and compare all circumstances to make such an allegation. For me, Chipimo has led a decent public life and I have a son who is not perfect. He therefore has my sympathy – and continued respect.

  11. Fellow Father – There is nothing difficult to understand between Drug possession Vs Drug supply (selling, dealing or sharing). The only difference between the two cases is that Chipimo’s son had the best legal brains in the country to defend him and the other individual didn’t have anybody to add on the silly Judge was overzealous.

  12. Chipimo was my my neighbour in Soweto block new residence at main campus. He was a chongololo by any ramification and had few friends. his dad was an astute businessman and politician. he raised chipimo into a fine lawyer he is today. unfortunately he crossed got acquainted with one akainde and got himself entangled in privatization issues and we lost the brilliant young man who would have contributed greatly like his dad had he aligned himself to right company. in the process he failed to look after his son and opted to spend time with alliance partners that didn’t add value to his family.

  13. Our dot.com children are failed projects whether they are from rich or poor families, blame it on iur parenting skills. There is no corporal punishment because we as parents want to buy love from them, we have let them dictate to us on their needs. Equally there are some children who just impossible. This case is about Chito not Elias for those that are insulting him it just shows that they are also a failed project by their parents.

  14. Children are just difficult when they reach that age. I cannot judge Ba Chipimo’s parental ethos. As parents we try our best but our best is not good enough. Unless one is not a parent, he can judge Ba Chipimo harshly. Even those of us who are being critical, need to think before we cast a stone at ba Chipimo. We are shielding our children and yet they are very naughty. It is only God who raises and brings up the best in our children. That is why we need to expose them to Him. On our own we are nothing.

  15. this is what we call ignorance to the bone.. that lady was a second offender and its mendatory to get a minimum of 10 years.. learn to read

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