Thursday, June 20, 2024

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga sent packing


Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga has been placed on a 30 day forced leave.

He was forced to vacate his office for incompetency and showing insolence to his superiors.

Mr Kamanga has been at the centre of a number of reports of mal administration and issuing transfers to key staff without following laid down procedure.

Impeccable sources at the Public Service Management Division have revealed that during the period of his leave, Mr Kamanga will be expected to attend some refresher courses in public administration.

The sources revealed that Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti and his team met Mr Kamanga last Friday and handed him the letter requesting that he proceeds on leave.

“It was at this meeting where it was resolved that Kamanga goes for 30-day refresher leave. We followed it up on Monday and we can confirm that he is here at PSMD and not at the Provincial Administration anymore,” the sources said.

The sources added that Deputy Provincial Permanent Secretary Frazier Musonda has been appointed to act.

They said the suspension of Mr Kamanga could be indicative of some changes that PSMD intends to make at the Lusaka Provincial Administration.

“If the Acting P.S proves that he is capable of uniting all the officers and works very well with Heads of Government Departments in the province, we don’t see Kamanga coming back because he would be rendered useless,” the sources said.

The source further revealed that Mr Kamanga has been scoring poorly in quarterly performance appraisals.

“The truth is that Kamanga is incompetent and a non-performer. He has brought a lot of confusion to the province and he is not a team player.”

They stated that the recent warning by President Edgar Lungu in Mongu and in Luapula that he will not hesitate to fire non-performing Permanent Secretaries could be a warning to senior government officials like Mr Kamanga.

“What the President is saying is that he will not have people like Kamanga in his team. As PSMD we will continue monitoring the situation to see how the case of Kamanga will be handled but we know that bringing him back to the Province will be a bad idea because he is full of confusion.”


  1. When you are on a contractual job, you need to demonstrate ability to deliver. If you cant, you get fired, NOT put on an internship

  2. Chipata promotion,when we say ECL is more tribal you call us names, check the list of his close allies,e.g kaizer Zulu, zimba, Mumbi Phiri,and a bunch of those from kumawa

  3. But why take him on “job on training “,if he is incompetent fire him,there are a lot of competent technocrats out there,what is so special about him…

  4. Oh,i get it,they are doing the job of the appointing authority, who was saying just yesterday that he would be firing non performing characters now,so bwana here is the job cut out for you…

  5. Performance is everything, but annihilating public appointees like lamb to slaughter before elections can lead to disgruntled behaviour.

    It’s good to be a good butcher and remove none performance, we wish him good fortune, times are hard.

  6. Kindly ignore the nonsense on Lusaka Times that I have been sent on Forced Leave. I am on my annual 20 days leave which I deferred from last December 2019.

    I could not proceed on my approved leave because my Minister Hon Bowman Lusambo had also proceeded on his leave at the time. Otherwise happy New Year to both my well and ill wishers.
    Elias Kamanga.

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