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Kambwili visits ailing Guy Scott, declares his readiness for 2021


NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili visited former Vice President Guy Scott at his farm house in Lusaka on Wednesday morning.

Dr Kambwili posted on his Facebook page that he took time to visit Dr Scott who is battling cancer.

“This morning i took some time to go and visit the former Republican vice President Dr. Guy Scott who returned from England from his routine medical reviews,” Dr Kambwili said.

Dr Kambwili said the visit to Dr Scott’s residence has reinforced his resolve to serve the Zambian people.

The NDC leader has since declared himself ready for 2021.

“I should hasten to mention that the man who once doubled as the ruling Patriotic Front party’s vice President really has a heart for Zambia and the general citizenry. My interaction with him this morning has rejuvenated my drive to help redeem our great nation from the poverty of leadership we are currently faced with,” Dr Kambwili said.


  1. “… to help redeem our great nation from the poverty of leadership we are currently faced with…”

  2. Sad for Guy Scott and wishing him well. He was a good Leader, contributed to revamping the Economy. Unfortunately, The New PF Gung have drained the Swamp.

  3. Guy Scott did well in 90 days beating what Edgar has done in over over 1,740 days in power. Leadership is about using brains to move muscles and not chipantepante.

  4. He is really a loyal citizen and good leader not ifi fi scatter rotten teeth and his gang of baboons, milking the treasury dry….. Dull as they come

  5. Good leader yet you failed to follow his advice. Instead you chose to listen to Willie Nsanda, Harry Kalaba and Inonge. See where you have landed us now? Ruined economy and unending campaigns for 8 years. People who think that holding on to power is more important than serving the nation. Whew!!

  6. We in pf government are continuing to support mr Scott during this tough time. As a founding father of pf and former vp he is entitled to benefits which he is getting. When we support someone we don’t need to televise it or broadcast it on social media. Get well soon son of the soil.

    K@mbw!li you were part of the In0nge Gang that frustrated Guy Sc0tt when he tried to warn Zambians that allowing ex -Kachasu drinker J0n@ to State House would ruin Zambia.
    Aikona K@mbw!li at the time he was sitting @ the high table enjoying contracts & eating with J0n@, & even on record supporting P.F when they were exposed getting “secret loans” Manje’ J0n@ boots you from his Corruption laden high table, lelo ati “I’m serious in ending P.F misrule”?

  8. Look at the Buffoon CK, this is the man who was against Scott even blocking him from attending the meeting so they could handpick the visionless moron Edgar. Look at how the tables have turned.

  9. Please!! At the very most, Scott is suppose to be on the same level as AB Chikwanda or RB. He betrayed his friend’s dream when he went against ECL after overseeing PF get into power as Sata’s right hand man. He almost brought chaos in our country with his actions. He made his choices and he will die with them, he’s not the first and will not be the last. It seems PF will outlive you and your friend will always be in the realm of Zambian greatness alone after you abandoned his dream.

  10. Its been long mudala mulipo lipo………….?
    Its not the responsibility of a political party to take care of such honourable men but the responsibility of the government in power.
    i know you know this, but tryna prove a point for the pf parte

  11. Zambian Citizen – You are thick as porridge even after years of blogging on LT you still have not learned anything if Lungu leaves the small boy Kampyomgo when he goes for treatment abroad and happens to pass away you think Kampyomgo will continue to be acting President..what did the constitution say then? Sata was a very ill in his last days and his inside circle knew this, they are the ones who betrayed him.

  12. @Tarino: What are you on about?? Which inner circle betrayed Sata?? Any political party experiences succession rivalries, who was suppose to take over according to you?????

  13. Zambian Citizen – Not your dull Lungu he didn’t even have any aspirations of even leading…dont play dumb with me. Old man Sata had been sick for months if they really cared for him they would have convinced him to step down and democratically elected a successor not handpick one.

  14. This is my Vice President, my Acting President. The president we never allowed to be President.
    May God grant you the health you need and deserve at this moment.

    Congratulations on your authorship if; ‘Adventures in Zambian Politics A Story in Black and White’
    Guy Scott

  15. @noah bn There are no reporters or editors in Zambia. Anyone can pick up a pen and write any trash and it will be published

  16. Zambian citizen,
    This country is not a monopoly. Sara never appointed any one bcos the country had it’s Vice president. Think like one who is a human wth 5senses. It’s a country which wen a President dies the vice continues rulling. Never sit like a stone to jst b moved. Take it or leave it youuuuuu

  17. Look at this 9×1=7 | continue::9×9=81
    9×2=18| 9×10=90
    9×3=27| 9×11=99
    9×4=36| 9×12=108
    9×5=45| if check the all 9s are correct but
    9×6=54| the Ana to #1 is wrong and you
    9×7=63| ‘ve even laughed at me. Even so
    9×8=72| you see Scott like 9×1=7. He never uttered any word upon removing him out. Think twice I’ve spoken bcos I go to Labour after 9mnths of pregnancy. Chakalipa Pali Scott. He is 9×1=9 not wrongly 9×1=7.

  18. July 27, 2019.
    Scott has admitted that he supported a wrong presidential candidate in 2016. Dr Scott said, he never knew what he was doing the time he tried to push HH forward.

    “I came to know the type of my friend HH the short time I spent with him. The chap is too selfish and self centered to rule the country. I still regret the time I wasted to support him”.

  19. @Zambian Citizen & Thorn in the Flesh. There are too many kids commenting on these sites it’s pathetic!!! How many of these chaps even remember the swine flu scandal?

  20. United we stand, decided we fall. Zambian’s are so bloody devided, a wonderful country but being destroyed by continuing inner bickering and arguing with so much energy being directed into negativity.
    Put your foolish and selfish differences aside , unite together and propele Zambia forward into the future as a prosbious nation it can be.
    Just remember each and everyone of us on this planet are all terminal , we are here for only fleeting moments in time and there is one aspect that is quite certain, when we die we can not take anything with us, we go out of this world as we came into it, WITH NOTHING.

  21. Ba Kambwili nabo, bcoz Scot is sick and weak, now you see the need to feel rejuvenated to become President or what did he tell you?

  22. @Tarino: My question is: who was suppose to take over according to you??? It seems you people have monopolised wisdom in Zambia and know everything. Just like you have alienated RB from Levy, you want to defy even those who were close to Sata and the events that transpired.

  23. Look guys you’re busy talking about the past which will not sought out anything here, just pray and wish the old man GS to recover and come back to your senses because as we’re talking right now LULU and his conductor IW they have damaged the bus (Zambia) that we employed them to drive us now we’re stuck at road in the middle of the bush, maybe you can’t see that that’s why you busy talking about past.
    There’s a lot of damages on this bus (Zambia) let’s fire this incompetence driver and conductor, they don’t even have money to repair the bus (Zambia) because they have miss used the money for the bus (Zambia) we need the electrician to work on the bus (Zambia) because without electricity you drive everyone crazy, 2021 will be testing the drivers for the bus (Zambia) this current…

  24. wajimona – Sampa is a small excited boy I have no respect for him.
    Zambian Citizen – You still not seeing my train of thought, am talking about democracy here not handing a dull drunkard who you can manpulate like Edgar, look at how weak he is that he can not even touch the corrupt in his cabinet.

  25. This is all the result of “Inferiority Complex” – more so that “Uncle Bob” derided the fact that our democratic constitution allowed for the Vice President to succeed the late president – he made PF believe it would be an embarassment to have a whiteman as a leader of an African country – thanks to Inonge & her dull friends Zed is now where we find ourselves! In a mess!!

  26. @Tarino: You are failing to answer a simple and straightforward question, according to you, WHO WAS SUPPOSE TO TAKE OVER?? What I see is just pure hatred for ECL. You call him a drunkard, alekolwa naba noko?? Democracy?? Even the Labour Party in UK hasn’t settled for Corbyn’s vice but have gone for elections to choose their new leader. Sata chose ECL, Scott as acting president insisted on a convention and PF did go for one. Scott did his utmost best to block ECL and disrupt the convention but the PF chose ECL. Scott continued on his disruptive intentions until the service chiefs warned him. If ECL was the wrong choice, hh would have won in 2015 but Zambians approved of ECL then and in 2016. IT IS UPND AND ITS SUPPORTERS WHO HATE ECL.

  27. Do not condemn Kambwili too much. He is just like the rest of a lot of us who did not see what Guy Scott and Sylvia Masebo saw in ECL. Guy Scott and Sylvia Masebo actually meant well for our country when they warned us not to vote for ECL in 2015 and today they have been proved right.

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