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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Kambwili instructs his Vice to Report Health Minister to ACC for Corruption in the on going campaigns

Feature Politics Kambwili instructs his Vice to Report Health Minister to ACC for Corruption...

National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili has directed his Vice President Joseph Akafumba to report Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya to the Anti-Corruption Commission for investigations to be instituted in bribery claims in the ongoing campaigns in Chilubi.

Dr Kambwili said Dr Chilufya in his capacity as PF campaign Manager for the Chilubi Parliamentary by election has been donating Ambulances and Bicycles which is tantamount to corruption.

Addressing Journalists, Dr Kambwili said the ACC should take interest in the matter as it also amounts to blackmail of the electorate ahead of the February 13th Chilubi by election.

He also urged the ACC to extend its investigations to the National Coordinator of the Disaster, Management and Mitigation Unit Chanda Kabwe who has been distributing mealie meal.

Dr Kambwili said it is disheartening that the PF could buy ambulances to bribe voters whenever there is a by election at the expense of providing food to the poor people.

Meanwhile the Electoral Commission of Zambia has promised to engage the ZAMPOST station manager Mr. Bwangwa regarding the hire of the Chilubi ferry for 20 days by the government.

NDC Spokesperson Saboi Imboela said the act by government is a serious electoral malpractice and abuse of power meant to sabotage the campaigns of the opposition in Chilubi.

Ms Imboela said the ECZ has promised to engage the ZAMPOST to allow all stakeholders to use the ferry and has expressed hope that ZAMPOST will comply and do as ECZ has advised.

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  1. Cry babies. Seeing their fortunes are not the same as on social media as they are on the ground, it’s to play the victim and expect sympathy votes. Quite pathetic!!

  2. Indeed cry babies. Even before the voting has taken place, they are already crying in defeat . If they spent more time campaigning and telling people their policies, maybe they could win for once in their lives. 2021 another one will send us to court when we beat him again for 6th time. Kz

  3. These wrong practices are open to any one that its vote buying it a wonder that anyone in his sane mind can support this. Africans seem to be cursed why would anyone call for the return if Yahya Janme after what he did to Gambia? Opening an incomplete Hospital at Chilubi Island is something good?And anyway where will the ambulances go serine there are no roads worthy of being called roads?
    Let elections be on level ground,then when people lose you can call them cry babies .

  4. Signs of losing.
    It seems bola naikosa.
    CKinsultor instead of whinning and crying like babies please work hard so we are able to see what you’re made of.
    How lazy!

  5. PF you should be ashmed of yourselves, bribing poor voters you have reduced to beggers. I wish Kambwili and others can contest this seat in court if PF wins. How can PF government also take over a ferry boat while denying the opposition and the people of chilubi from using it. This is paramount to abuse of power and taxpayers’ funds. We have heard how PF decieved the people of Chilubi in the past I hope they don’t fall for these cheap tricks of PF. This party is very evil, and doesn’t care, right now the people of Chingola need answers. Retirees are also waiting for their money and these koswes have the adasity to throw money around like this while some citizens are starving

  6. Zambia sure! Why? Why? Why?……..after more than 55 years of independence there’s only one ferry on the whole of Lake Bangweulu?

  7. The challenge is this, remember when you are doing wrongs things for a long time, in the long run, they appear normal. This is what is happening to this party which is distributing mealie meal, ambulances and other things during the bye election. As usual the ECZ is a spectator just like all of us

  8. Are ECZ blind to the fact as to what is happening there in chilubi regarding all these electoral vices. They only decide to pick one and that too because it doesnt involve a government official but just a manager from zampost. At the end of it all they will declare this election free and FAIR.

  9. opposition should find other strategy. like wev seen with sata who managed to win mmd even with huge electorate bravery. its only that in Zambia we ve empty headed politician who can not convince people

  10. Comment:

    we are very
    unfortunate to be in this mess . Levy left a very neat foundation for us. These are the concquences of being lead by liars. from 90 days promise to economic abomination hunger & hopelessness.

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