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UPND Vows to block the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019

Headlines UPND Vows to block the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019

The UPND has vowed to block the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 from being debated in parliament in the next session.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu said the UPND is working with other MPs from the NDC and Independent and will ensure that the Bill is not debated when presented for second reading.

Mr. Mwiimbu said some Members of Parliament from the ruling Patriotic Front have promised to work with the UPND in blocking Bill 10 because they do not agree with the content of the document.

He said the UPND will only support the constitution amendment process if Bill 10 is withdrawn from parliament and taken back to the people for consensus to be reached on the content of the Bill.

Mr. Mwiimbu reiterated that the Bill should be withdrawn from Parliament failure to which it will not be supported by Zambians.

He was speaking at a media briefing after Justice Minister given Lubinda said he will not withdraw the Constitution Amendment Bill 10 of 2019 in the next session of parliament.

Mr. Lubinda said according to standing order number 103 of Parliament. The National Assembly shall proceed to consider Bill 10.

He clarified that what will be presented for the second reading is the Constitution Amendment Bill and not the Raphael Nakachinda’s Committee report as insinuated by some sections of society.

Addressing Journalists, Mr. Lubinda said the recommendations of the Committee will be considered as members of Parliament debate the Bill.

He has since called for meaningful engagement among Zambians on Bill 10 in order to make progress in the Constitution reform process.

Mr. Lubinda regretted that there have been so many lies about Bill 10 propagated mostly by people who stayed away from the National dialogue forum.

He said there is no need to create platforms that encourage informal debates on the issues which will be debated in parliament.

Mr. Lubinda said as Parliament resumes its sittings this February where the Bill will be debated, Zambians must engage their Members of Parliament if they have any concerns for them to be effectively represented.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda has expressed disappointment in the manner the Public Forum was conducted on Friday last week saying the freedom of expression had been violated for the pro-bill 10 speakers.

He wondered why the campaigners of freedom of expression could organize such a meeting and violate other people’s freedoms.

He emphasized the need to build a culture of tolerance.

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    BILL 10 is not worth anybody’s time.
    The PF desperately want you to debate and participate in the bill 10 vote so that they bribe your members.
    Just simply walk out of the parliament chambers. You will be on the right side of history.

  2. Lubinda said “there is no need to create platforms that encourage informal debates on the issues which will be debated in parliament” unbelievable, what is PF afraid of? if anything thats what they should have been doing – debating the matter with the electorate so that they are fully engaged. Anyway next year PF kuya bebele

  3. Ba Lusaka times whats happening to the thumbs up thumbs down function? This is not right, allow your readers express them selves. Are you working with PF because they have finally lost popularity?

  4. @ojs: why have informal platforms when the NDF provided a platform backed by the law of the land?? Tell me as well, have you read bill 10????

  5. Some are born losers who are born to criticize everything. While some of us are born to win elections. Bill 10 or not, pf are still going to win 2021 elections by landslide. We hope the loss will open your closed minds and stiff necks so that you change your leader and approach. An opposition party that is only good at pointing out problems but offers no solutions or alternative policies. Useless baby hyenas. Kz

  6. Very good. That bill does not even deserve parliament time because there are better issues to discuss in parliament than that bill. Zambia doesn’t have a constitutional problem but an economic one currently. Bill 10 is what will actually create a constitutional crisis. PF hurriedly signed the constitution why would they come back to want to change unless the changes will provide cover for thieving leaders. A few good clauses in the bill to cover the ones to benefit PF does not make the bill worth our time or resources.

  7. A big disappointment this man – he looked so promising but now he’s walking in his boss’s footsteps. Tell us please: what don’t you like in bill 10 – and why won’t you debate it in parliament? I thought that is what parliamentarians do – debate and vote.

    • Comment:I have great respect for this great MP for Monze. good material for Minister,but being in a wrong grouping.am afraid.

  8. What do you mean block bill 10?
    Are you afraid of debating it?

    Let’s see you debate it so that we see your way of reasoning and your main points.
    Now I see that your destructive mentality manifests signs of not having the numbers in parliament.

    You do not use the numbers you claim to have to destruct or block bills instead you use your numbers to vote against any perceived unpopular bills. Upndead is dead afraid indeed.

    That level of intolerance is shameful and unprogressive.
    This is preposterous Mwiimbu. Ndiwe mfwiti!

  9. Good UPND, the future children are going to thank you a lot for standing up to PF. We cannot allow the ones who have destroyed the country to rape our constitution, they can steal Mukula and everything else but not our constitution. We surely don’t want to create a Hitler especially someone who is a foreigner. Zambians are now awoke, don’t think you will fool them this time around

  10. Good UPND, the future children are going to thank you a lot for standing up to PF. We cannot allow the ones who have destroyed the country to mutilate our constitution, they can steal Mukula and everything else but not our constitution. We surely don’t want to create a Hitler especially someone who is a foreigner. Zambians are now awoke, don’t think you will fool them this time around

  11. We are tired of supporting individuals who only care about their thieving interests while the masses are suffering of hunger and economic crisis.
    We don’t need a thief squad written bill but a Zambia written. Abush bill 10

  12. I have gone through the report on Bill 10 and found nothing wrong with it. Ba Jack Mwiimbu read through once more and tell the people the truth. I’m disappointed with some of you who are still criticising the content. Read for yourselves all the 54 pages and make your own judgment. Don’t just follow what you are being told.

  13. There will no constitution that will be written by Zambians and accepted by all Zambians. Why don’t we amend what UPND and Company do not like? The best constitution will, perhaps be the one we can buy from a constitutional school in Europe or America. Many of our problems are a result of poor constution drafting. We do not need Edgar or HH or Kambwili. What we need are systems and the constitution is one of them.

  14. These character led by chief Mfwiti Akainde are just big time losers who do not deserve to even be Zambians. They are too hateful, liars and jealous chaps. Zambians make a mistake of voting these zombies in power and you will see hot chilli in your eyes. epo mpelele

  15. We leave in a constitutional democracy of the majority. If PF are in the majority then they are ones representing the people. UPND can therefore not masquerade as representatives of the people. HH lost the election and that is why he is not the president. Soif rhe majority of the people’s representatitives in parliament pass the Bill 10 let it be so!

  16. LT, please clean up the website. It now looks like a dumping site for all sorts of strange adverts. No, I don’t want to learn any tricks about earning €10,000 a week and I’m not interested in secretly meeting any young women in my neighbourhood.

    Back to the lecture at hand, I agree with Mr. Lubinda. Only parliament has the statutory role to ratify or disapprove the bill so let it be laid before parliament for discussion and not in any other forum. Thanks.

  17. Don’t fool us Mwimbu tell us what is in Bill 10 you misled us even on the referendum and you want to do it again this time around.Bo Mwimbu remember you are representing the people first and not your leader, you should differentiate.Grow up big man and don’t be a puppet.

  18. There was more money in our pockets during the MMD’s reign. PF came and took it away. So we want nothing more than a leader who is going to put that money back into our pockets next year. Our friends are busy developing their economies here busy fighting over the constitution. Shame!

  19. What is happening in Angola will soon be happening in Zambia where one young lady became the richest woman in the world.
    Thanks be to international journalists for the leaked information about her offshore banks , very soon it will catch-up with our politicians who have heard this nation in captivity with their fraud stealing and looting Zambian resources with impunity.
    We have heard that one Portuguese banker involved in the siphoning billions of funds from Angola was found dead because of the fraudulent activity he was involved in.

  20. As it is this bill cannot pass since the PF fo not have the required two thirds majority to pass this if the independents and all opposition are going to vote against.

  21. I see that Lusaka Times does not regularly report on the Hamble one. Understood, boring boring boring! Who wants to read about him anyway?

  22. UPND, debate issues persuasively in the National Assembly, you might just have the chance of serving your constituents.Your modus operandi, ie, walking out or flight rather than fighting your corner is clealy a slap in the face of your base.

  23. Mwiimbu you do not block but debate that’s what a parliamentary does. Seriously you have not told the public what is wrong with Bill 10. Please be relevant to the people that put you in power for 19 years now and with nothing to show for in your constituency just like most members of your party.

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