Thursday, February 29, 2024

No Zambia infected with the Corona Virus in China so far


The Zambian mission in China has assured that there has been no report of a Zambian in that country affected by the corona virus so far.

Since December 2019, China has been hit by a flu causing virus that has been identified as a corona virus.

Zambia’s Ambassador to China, Winnie Chibesakunda has said in a statement issued to Phoenix News said that in the wake of the epidemic, the Zambian embassy in Beijing has been actively in touch with Zambian nationals in Wuhan and other cities across China.

Ambassador Chibesakunda further says the mission has since issued guidelines and an advisory to all Zambians in china detailing necessary precautionary measures to prevent infection among them crowded areas, minimizing travel to affected areas and use of masks when in crowded areas.

She has assured that the mission will continue to engage the Zambian community in china especially students who are spending their winter vacation in china for periodic updates on their welfare.

Ambassador Chibesakunda has since advised Zambians who may need to travel to China during this period to adhere to the safety precautions and others that may be advised from time to time


  1. Excellent. Under pf we have a proactive and effective government ensuring your safety. I am in kafue right now. River boat. If you see me come say hi and get a free drink. Kz

  2. Areoplanes full of Chinese land in Zambia everyday, it wont take long for the carrier’s to arrive in Zambia with the virus, then all hell will break loose our poverty stricken country full of stagnant water everywhere.
    People will start dieng like balunshi bakolelwe doom

  3. The virus is probably already in the country spreading quietly while the Zambian masses remain uninformed because of fear of chaos and panic. If the hospitals can not supply common BP medication to old people how do they deal with this new deadly virus. They will soon start begging from countries where homosexuality is not illegal.

  4. But there are three confirmed cases of coronavirus in Lusaka, Chagwa Lungu and Kaizer Zulunyo and Mumbi Phiri. These two patients must be pleasant r in quarantine, pronto!

  5. They find anything to say. ati no Zambian is infected. Did you conduct medical tests to certify them free of Chinese garbage virus? ati I’m in touch with all Zambians,.. it’s all lies! I came to Shanghai the largest commercial city on Earth, and you weren’t in touch with me. Stop lying naumfwa tapali icibumba!

  6. Coronavirus is transmitted and spread during the incubation period, airport checks for fever are useless. Arrivals from China need proper investigation for their point of origin, are they travelling from Wuhan City or Hubai Province. This virus could kill 1000’s if it gets into Zambia.

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