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The current current economic challenge Zambia is facing will end before the end of the year-Wina


Vice President Inonge Wina has said that the current economic challenges, Zambia is facing, will end before the end of this year.

Speaking during a meeting with Patriotic Front (PF) members in Zimba, the Vice President said that the government is cognizant of the challenges the country is facing such as shortage of food, high prices of mealie meal and other commodities, and it is working tirelessly to address the situation.

She has since cautioned opposition political parties against taking advantage of the current situation because things will improve in a few months’ time.

Meanwhile, Mrs Wina has said that the government is facing challenges to develop Kazungula district because of lack of cooperation from the area Member of Parliament and councilors.

Mrs. Wina said that the opposition Member of Parliament’s refusal to work with the government is detrimental to the development of the area, adding that a number of government programs have failed to have an impact on the community because of being frustrated by the opposition political representatives.

Speaking when she addressed PF Members at KAZUNGULA Boarding School Hall in Southern Province, Mrs. Wina cited the relief food distribution as one of the programmes that is being frustrated by councillors.

She, however, said the government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), will use other methods to ensure that the relief food is delivered to deserving recipients.

The Vice President has since urged the residents of Kazungula to elect PF members in order to accelerate development in the area.


  1. We would have achieved alot more than we have, had the upnd mps being willing to work with us. However, we have experience negativity from them. They criticise everything and anything as long as it is from the pf government. With that type of behaviour they are wasting their time because they will never lick the presidency. We thank our vp for her honesty. 2021 pamaka fye. Here in Kafue where I am, many people have approached me and shook my hands to say thank you for what we are doing. The only sensible one in upnd is charmaine. She is more objective. Kz

  2. Let 2021 come fast. We need to end this dark chapter in the history of Zambia.

    Corruption, lies, fake promises, hunger, and violence. We have had enough.

    Let 2021 come fast.

  3. “Vice President Inonge Wins has said that the current economic challenges Zambia is facing will end before the end of the year.”

    Mama Vice President, this statement is too normative and indeed requires faith to believe it at face value.You hever explained the contingent plans that will see economic challenges addressed. Let us wait and see at the end of this year if it will come into fruition.

  4. I feel sorry for this old grandma Bo Inonge being plied with peanut butter and strawberry jam by slippery characters like Lungu and Co. What did our Granny say about load-shedding ending in 2018. She is also on record for stating that Batoka Gorge power plant will be completed at the end on 2018 that was at a gathering in London in 2017. Bo Inonge let me put it this way, those chaps dont respect you…to them you are like their mother who them wont tell the whole truth fearing not to cause too much stress and anxiety. If I were you I would have camped in my constituency and channelled as much funding to WP like the Luapula chaps are doing…its your legacy on the line here.

  5. Now that’s what I like to see: optimism, because I’m born an optimist. I don’t believe in seeing negatively because things will always change. If you have passed the worst, things can only get better.

  6. This brainless gogo must retire. We need new fresh ideas from young vibrant zambian.This recycled *****s belong to recyle bin.

  7. Finally there is admission that we are facing economic challenges..!!! Wow, that’s a miracle in itself. Now we just wait how this economic turnaround will be achieved…will be a miracle of the century.

  8. She said the same thing about load shedding in 2015.
    We all know how 2019 was. The worst load shedding ever experienced in Zambia.

    I really feel pity for Grandma In0nge, as she’s surely out of her depth in this Den of Corrupt vipers & spivs known as P.F.
    – Agogo, are you sure Zambia’s mavuto will soon end like YOU AGOGO personally promised Zambians 500,000 jobs?
    – Agogo before your beloved Plunderers Federation came to power they promised lower taxes for all, & more money in Citizens pockets. What has really happened is more cash in 2turdy Mwale’s, T@sila’s, K@izars, J0n@’s, & other P.F cro0ks pockets, whilst Zambians pay MORE TAXES, & definitely have LESS MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS, BUT MORE LOADSHEDDING!
    – Agogo, Mulungushi Textiles should in 2020 be churning out tons of textiles, whilst affording Citizens employment, as was promised by King J0n@ Mukula 1, but just like today’s promise,…

  10. cont:
    Agogo just enjoy, this P.F Banditry while it lasts, coz I’m sure due to your age, you will possibly be spared pr!son just like S@ddams “Comical Ali” propaganda minister.

  11. How are you going to change Climate Change? Because climate change has been abused, blamed for many failures.

    Even 70+, Mukula, roads, forest, etc you say,” it’s because of climate change. “

  12. Climate Change will end by the end of the year, says Inonge Wina. I wonder whether she consulted the Hamble one before she issued this statement, if not she will go the Chanda Kasolo way. Her Hamble President knows that Climate Change is here to stay but Inonge thinks that its temporary.

  13. Have you noticed that Inonge and her Hamble president are only addressing party members indoors and not rallies when they visited Zimba and Kazungula? Is this a reflection of PF popularity? I bet Inonge is blaming opposition MPs for the failure of PF officials to organise rallies. Maybe Inonge has confused “rallies” as “development”, she is old enough to be that confused and incoherent…..I really pity PF for 2021, clearly they have lost it but we will not allow them to hand over to Tribke UPND at the 2021 ballot. Our preferred party and leader will be unveiled next year.

  14. Which mean Zambians have until December 30th 2020 and then 31st December 2020 every problem will vanish considering 2021 is election year, Good Vision.

    And am sure Zambians as foolish as they are believe this woman and will vote overwhelmingly for her God Fearing leader then wait another 5 years for current problems to be resolved

  15. If Inonge and her colleagues like Hamble dont understand the problem and its depth, then there will be no solution in their time on earth.

  16. This is the same speech given at the beginning of 2019 to say all these challenges we are facing as a country including economic challenges will end this year. Now beginning of 2020 the same speech again? What happened to your promises of last year is it always carried forward to the following year like nkongole?

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