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Amos Chanda and Zindaba Soko pleads not Guilty to two counts of corrupt practices


Former Presidential Press Aide Amos Chanda and Former Road Transport and Safety Agency -RTSA Chief Executive Officer, Zindaba Soko have pleaded not guilty to two counts of corrupt practices and being found in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The two are jointly charged with the proprietor of Intelligent Mobility Solutions Limited Walid El Nahas.

It is alleged that on dates unknown but between August 1, 2017 and May 31, 2019, El Nahas allegedly corruptly gave 10 thousand and 11 thousand United States Dollars to Soko and Chanda respectively, in their capacity as public officers.

This was as an inducement or reward in order to facilitate the awarding of the contract to Intelligent Mobility Solutions (IMS) Limited by the RTSA for the provision of Advanced Road Safety Solutions and Services.

It is also alleged that the two were found in possession of the said money.

Last time the matter came up, the accused only took a plea in two counts as the Director of Public Prosecution -DPP- has not issued instructions to prosecute in the other counts.

But, when the matter came up today, Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale told the court that he had received the instructions and went on to read the charges to the accused who pleaded not guilty.

Trial in this matter has been set for March 18th, 2020.


  1. Look @ that small boy (hired Gun), 4th hand ka Tya4li like a fly on*** clinging onto Corrupt boys like Am0s, while getting small change from Corrupt proceedings to eat.
    Would not be surprised to find that Am0s is the owner of that lufumo pregnancy, via the process of wife renting, for a few Kwachas to buy steak!

  2. Was the money marked or serial numbers recorded?

    In any case, these thieves have stolen a lot more money. And they also know too much about the corrupt in thief former boss, so they will get protected.

  3. There are so many big contracts RTSA have signed that could be investigated if they wanted to bring down Zindaba but we know that if the dug deeper Brian Mushimba would also be involved. This case looks like its not going anywhere because these guys cant be getting $10,000 for bribes it has to more than that. Zindaba thought he was the man look at him now!

  4. We will let our courts determine these cases. Pf is taking a hard stance on corruption without fear or favour and irrespective of party loyalty. His excellence is instilling a culture of morality and professionalism. His excellency is the right man to lead us into the future. Kz

  5. Look at that ka [email protected].@li, a shameless hired Gun, donned in a cheap suit, in tow behind Corrupt beings, hoping to get some crumbs that fall out of Am0s’ corruption lined pockets straight into into his poor open dry mouth.
    This leader of the early ej@c*lati0n party – aka “4th married boy” HAS ZERO MORALS, would not think twice of renting out his Abyssinian garden, to the highest bidding P.F official, as long as they pay cash for a piece of Steak & a few Beers.

  6. Nooo , we don’t buy this $10 or $11 k bribe story for a contract worth tens of millions , no way.

    Come up with a more plusable figure OP…….

  7. $10 and $11k bribe ?………That is why they are not saying how much the contract was worth, they know those figures would sound petty…..

    10 and 11k bribe is for office Clarks , chanda and soko were big boys….

    Is such miserable ridiculous figure meant to lessen their sentence ? Or is it to shield some one ?

  8. Just free the idiooooots with the corrupt Courts in the DRZ (Dictatorship Republic of Zambia) nothing will happen. The Judicial have no teeth to bite, resulting in all systems being contaminated. Lusaka Times please stop covering such fooooools as it is not news. We all know the result of this case, acquittal period
    It is only a poor man or someone belonging to another party other than PF who can end up in jail

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