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I don’t know Seer 1-Chitotela


Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela has strongly denied any links to controversial Nigerian self proclaimed Prophet Seer 1.

Mr Chitotela along with other PF Ministers and some Members of Parliament has been mentioned by some people on social media as one of the politicians who could have obtained some magical powers from Seer 1 to win the 2016 elections.

But writing on Facebook, Mr Chitotela said he does not know Seer 1 and he has never seen him.

He said Zambians have a lot of work to do than focusing on what Seer 1 is alleging.

“We seriously have a lot of work to do to ourselves as Zambians if we are to realise the most needed development in our country. Just look at this, I am informing fellow Zambians previlaged to be on social media about this important development in regards to our wildlife, what do i see? Comments about the so called Seer One or is it Papa Seer,” he said.

“Come on guys, we have a lot to do to better this country unlike wasting time on some Seer whom I I DO NOT KNOW and have NOT even met myself,” Mr Chitotela said.

“Anyway, those he has given those same powers will be worried, otherwise we have a country to serve and we shall use every bit of it for the progression of this nation,” he said.

“Finally, I am an Adventist and the only power I believe in and do know that it exists is that which is from God and not from some human being.”

Meanwhile, the ruling PF says it does not have time for what it called unnecessary drama from Seer 1.

PF Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba has since appealed to God-Loving Zambians to ignore the frustrated and bitter Soul in the name of Seer 1 and the drama he is trying to cause after being expelled and deported from Zambia.

“Those that have watched the video clip with eyes of wisdom could tell why the expulsion of that man was necesary. People’s souls should never be lost in following the ‘Papa’ at the expense of true salvation,” Mr Kamba said.

“Misleading teachings in the name of religion can be very dangerous to society if not handled well. Zambians know who a true man of God is and the language used. Whatever Seer 1 was saying was not for God. It’s sheer drama deliberately made to try and embarrass the PF government on baseless and unfounded allegations.”

He added, “One can clearly tell that those are maneuvers of the opposition and Seer 1 is trying to win some favours from them so that he returns to Zambia some day.”

“We will not allow such selfish individuals to divert attention from real issues. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, his cabinet Ministers and all of us in the PF are preoccupied with matters of governance and finding solutions to challenges that Zambians face on a daily basis and we are getting there with the help of the Almighty God. We don’t need Seer 1’s approval because this country and Its people are protected by the blood of Jesus,” he said.

“Seer1 is just a conman who doesn’t even know what he is talking about. He has no moral right to talk about governance issues in Zambia because he is a thief who blatantly stole from Zambians and was ejected from this country because whatever he does is not for God but himself. Zambia doesn’t need magicians, Zambia is a Christian Nation that follow Jesus Christ as our ultimate saviour.”


  1. Seer 1 z a foolish man he hs power frm witchcraft he z nt a man God Plz govt do ur best don’t allow dis fake man of God do ur job

  2. Only the beneficiaries are to worry. So Mr. Kamba, speak in the same manner Mr. Chitotela has, by claiming personal innocence and not for all. The fact that you are innocent doesn’t mean everyone is innocent too.
    The guilty ones should be panicking right now.

  3. We are just views and we are not involved in any issue of seer one, all we need is favor from God through the helping of the Government our people are dying, the police where are you Government where are you? Thats the reason why seer one is annoyd to those of you he gave his power.

  4. The devil is a lier he has always been a lier, how come now some Zambians want to trust a deceiver.
    Zambians can easily be captives of Satan, Jesus said you will know them by their fruits first look at the fruits coming out of his mouth.
    This guy’s deeds were evil until he was expelled from Zambia, why should these guys be so crazy about Zambia.

  5. Just give out what belongs to career sir,we know exactly whom you save.God is not part of politics we know the consequence of holding of thoses offices what more if you in the army you need charms to obtain a rank or civil servants.

  6. Vogwila gwila ma ministers you see now in return? If you really tell the nation the truth you didn’t engage yourselves with him arrest him take action.

  7. PF calls HH as Satanist. Manje yalula nkhani bayamba kusokoloka ati it’s not me.


  8. Keizer Zezulu remember the fatal accident you had and some midget appeared and you rushed to the wrecked car to retrieve your things. Take them back to Seer 1. All roads lead to Seer1 in South Africa for all 20 PF ministers and others tiye, tiye, tiye lelo ni lelo……….

  9. Anyway, let’s wait and see. He said he will kill those who will not return his ‘gifts’. Also, let’s monitor the flights to SA by our politicians. He said he wants his gifts back before he names and shames…

  10. Yes you dont know him, but you know about Mukulu Timber traffiking not so??? That you cant deny kekekekekeke

  11. iyi yeve yanunkilala. Manone kikikikik nawawo for you ministers yo go chopu gari seer 1 na bring fear in you wellwell Oga chairman. na boy go bring shakara i beg Ooo kikikikikik. Be strong in the Lord.

  12. Now Chitotela and a host of other PF characters are calling forZambians to concentrate on ‘working and development’ rather than what is being reported here. Are they not the same sychophants who were recently daily screaming about homosexuality while we were advising them to ‘work’?

  13. Ba K!totela puleeease! ati “we have a lot of work to do”
    Don’t you really mean “we have a lot of stealing to do before 2021”???

  14. Is there sense that our journalist from LT would spend time investigating people on issues of magical powers…
    Is the nation short of matters of importance that are truly affecting the nation like connectivity, bridge building, agric development, entrepreneurship, innovative activities etc.
    Effects of unemployment and possible options are issues that affect us today and are worth reading.


  16. let us not hate seer 1 for we not know what exactly is taking place with the members of PF
    .I suggest we wait for the mentioned days and see what will happen

  17. pf pay all retirees before 15 feb seer1 is here. south africa boarder security search mps fm this nation now and before feb 15 boxes/tranks of tweno enroute to that location. count down ba pf lelo lelo. twale landa ati kuya bebele, nomba kuzinga chitotela amonekela waiting for 19 others.

  18. We are just listeners and thus we can’t tell if seer1’s statement is authentic or not. I don’t think we are to worry as viewers/listeners, worry should be for the guilty ones and indeed them alone.

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