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Seer 1 insists he helped PF win 2016 elections, admits he uses “supernatural powers”


Controversial Nigerian Self anointed Prophet Andrew Ejimadu famously known as Seer 1 has insisted that he helped the PF retain power in the 2016 general elections.

He was deported in 2017 after authorities deemed his antics as a danger to society although he insists that he was not departed but that he reached a compromise with the Zambian government to leave the country on his own terms.

In an interview with Diamond TV Monday evening hours after a video appeared of his Sunday Church service in which he revealed that 20 PF Ministers and some MPs obtained magical powers from his to win election, Seer 1 insists that his revelations are solid

Seer 1 who is now based in Polokwane, South Africa revealed shocking details of how he was able to assist the PF members to win the election.

Seer 1 claimed that a number of PF politicians, and musicians have used his powers to obtain success.

He further stated that he knows the “original” winner of the 2016 elections.

The charismatic Seer 1 further vowed to never preach again if the PF wins the 2021 elections.

He says there is now way the PF would win the 2021 elections.

Seer 1 explained that he has been made to issue the threats in reaction to the way the Zambian government is allegedly mistreating some clergymen and women.

He says the arrest of Chingola based Bishop Kazhila for speaking out against the killings in Chingola shows that the PF government does not respect the Church.

He says if the 20 affected PF officials do not come to South Africa to meet him this week and return the “things” he gave them to enable them win the elections, he will go ahead and reveal their names on Sunday during a live Church broadcast.

He insisted that those that will not obey him instruction will die.

When queried further, Seer 1 claimed that he is able to kill people using supernatural powers.

He admitted that he caused a lot of deaths in Zambia among people that failed to follow his instructions but refused to reveal the names of those he killed saying he respects their families.


  1. The biggest tragedy to have hit Zambia lately are men and women of gold. Now birds are coming home to roost. Has the Freemason become his latest client since he’s predicted his victory? True believers know that only God knows what lies ahead, so don’t be misled. The UPND are already celebrating, they’re not different from PF

  2. Christians or Satanists? Pf is a vicious cult led by a vicious snake eating drunkard. All well meaning Zambians must come together and free themselves from these brutal bustards.

  3. He must be in love with zambia …unfortunately he is undesirable person in zambia.south Africans don’t embrace foreigners like zambians.you are missing that my bru. Careful with what you are saying. interpol can bring you back to zambia for the crime you are claiming you committed…Am sure our government will do something about your hallucination…

  4. The mere fact that this man and his ilk even hv a following is enough indictment on us as country. Truth is wherever public services such health, education, security, transport, town planning and water are failing, someone has to fill in the void. Hence the strength of mega churches in Nigeria and quickly spreading to Zambia.

  5. Hahaha I have never laughed so hard in my life. This fake and stupid con artist is really a clown. If he had such powers, I am sure he would have formed his own party in his own country and won elections there..why do witch doctors always claim to have powers to make you rich and yet they are poor themselves? The only person who made pf win is me. My hard work ensures victory. Don’t get it twisted buddy. Kz

  6. He called himself a prophet, clergy,as for me such people I call them magician, witchcraft and all evil names he deserves to be on him, someone exposing like that he just want money from the politicians which will result in killing their opponents,SA should watch out with such people this guy has to be caged reveal those people he has killed and who are those ministers and musicians.

  7. Paul kigame is the only African progressive leader who does not belive in this which craft and prophet shyte, he banned these crooks

  8. I ask again, why are all prophets these days black African people only? be careful these are evil days filled with false prophets. Take religion cautiously with an open mind and hand yourselves to be misled have wisdom and Knowledge. Only the devil or his worshipers demand something back from people they supposedly helped.

  9. is Zambia really a christian nation or simply a country lost in paganism that it claims to be Christianity. How does a country that calls itself a christian nation allow such useless characters as this false Prophet whom God will trike in down in few days. Too many church names and useless visions been concocted by these who claim to be christian when in actual sense it is a business of fake healing and promises they are promising. May the Real God Burn every false Prophet and show His real power as He did in the Time of Elijah. May the real men of God arise from their slumber and mediate for this nation. Politics is condoned in the church and that makes these churches useless. Even Christ said let what you dedicate to God be God’s and let what you give to Ceaser be Ceaser’s.

    • ….also why would the ministers and MPs go there for powers in the dark and yet claim in the day to be Christians? They have misled the nation even by supporting the erection of the National House of Prayers when they fully know that they have a covenant with the devil. They have pretended all this long.

  10. Its time for Reverend Minister of Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili to take the stand and come out to say something in the light of this development and the rings that senior pf compatriots have been spotting. He was want he gave to you lest you are dead men and women. The sad thing about out country is the mixture of Christianity and politics. The politicians should have kept to their lane.

  11. Why come out against the president now???if all this is true why does he continue to preach and yet he claims he uses supernatural powers.?he is a self anointed man for Christ sake..isn’t that enough alarm?people of God let’s be care with the prophets we follow…..
    Anyway God never fails he will reveal all of them one by one and peace progress and unity will rain upon Zambia once again

  12. “Controversial Nigerian Self anointed Prophet Andrew Ejimadu famously known as Seer 1 has insisted that he helped the PF retain power in the 2016 general elections.”-LT

    The reason Andrew Ejimadu revealing secret information unintentionally or indiscreetly, because of the rest of Bishop Joseph Khazila by PF administration.

    There’s so much data that is generated from hand held devices for this administration to use it to better their country.

    But they choose otherwise. Why?

  13. This is one of the major reason why i cannot worship in many pentecostal churches because most of them are useless and fake.Join churches such as Christian Brethren (C.M.M.L),UCZ,REFORMED,SDA if you want to know real Gospel!!
    SEER 1 or whatever you call him is simply a con and f0ol who cheats desperate people.The nigga misses Zambia and hopes to return back if HH wins,but true Zambian Christians must reject HH 100% in 2021 so that such satanists like Seer 1 should never step their foot into Zambia again!!NO PF MINISTER WILL DIE BY SUNDAY OR GO TO SA TO MEET THIS FO0L AND THE LORD GOD SHALL SHAME SEER 1!!!

  14. “He admitted that he caused a lot of death in Zambia among people that failed to follow his instructions but refused to reveal the names of those he killed saying he respects their families. ”

    Iam so annoyed with this self -styled Prophet aka Prophet of death.And come Sunday, people will go to his church.Does God give power to anyone to kill His children?Reading the Bible and knowing the truth is cardinal. Satan had to accuse God of favouring Job for Satan to be granted that rare privilege of tormenting Job.

  15. Chipo your president like Nicodemus visited Seer1 at night while you were sleeping. Just tell PF to retun whatever power they recieved from this man. PF call others desparate for power, now this reveals they are the one instead desparate for power even going to the extend of getting some questionable supernatural power from someone. No wonder the country seems to be cursed because the so called christian leaders are using witch craft. I hear Kaizer also has powerful medicine he used on Lungu no wonder the man failed to fire him but just moved him around

  16. It is called “product recall “ . The prophet has realised that his merchandise did not work very well. Send in the snakes prophet! Edgar mataware has already started eating snakes.

  17. So he his a killer murderer a witch etc….then how can he be a man of God. People open your eyes. These papas are witches period.

  18. God is God,no power can surpass the power of the Almighty God. Hashem the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,is the owner of this world let’s not behave as if we are untouchable.
    What this man is saying is blasphemy,he’s forgetting the air is breathing God Almighty can withdraw it any minute. Let’s have the fear of God.
    I rest my case.

  19. I’m expecting a national day of prayer to be announced soon.Some people must be sweating now.
    Just the other day CB Senior police officer Charity Katanga talked about shooting cats as a way of dealing with the Chingola criminal events.
    Clearly Zambia is just a big joke.

  20. Only id!ots go to churches like his and pay tithes. I am over 50 years old and I’ve never entered such chruches in my life and never will. My father left us at 94 yrs old without going to demonic churches that ask for tithes. FTJ Chiluba went all the way to Nigeria using Zambian tax money and paid millions of Kwacha to the devil called TB Joshua and still died a miserable death

  21. We all worked hard to get our Party in office. Best to appreciate those of us that helped in our own little way and I would like to think my vote and those of my family and friends counted. Why this me me issue, did you vote alone across our country?

  22. @ Independent “Just the other day CB Senior police officer Charity Katanga talked about shooting cats as a way of dealing with the Chingola criminal events.
    Clearly Zambia is just a big joke.”
    The woman is very ignorant and primitive. Only in primitive African countries people think that cats are connected to witchcraft, in civilized countries “time spent with cats is never wasted”. Cats are treated better in civilized society than human beings treat one another in Africa. Zambia is 200 years behind when it comes to being civilized

  23. At first i rubbished his claims until I saw the pictures doing the rounds on whats up showing a number of politicians wearing black rings. Wearing those black rings are;
    1. Dora Siliya
    2. Miles Sampa
    3. Magaret Mwanakatwe
    4. Chitotela
    5. Sunday Chilufya Sata
    6. Harry Kalaba

  24. Not surprising boo!
    Every jim and jack wants to associate with the winning team.
    Who wouldn’t?
    2021 – PF 4 upndead 0.

  25. Lusaka times, why did you remove the “likes”, please put them back so that we know when we make a sensible comment.

  26. My advice to Upnd please stay away from this story of seer1 and PF leave them alone to sort out there things this is a very sensitive matter.

  27. Most Zambians do not understand the fact that Christianity as a religion (Problem number 1)
    Members of the religion are called Christians. Christians generally believe Jesus to be son of God, the second person of the Trinity. It is a monotheistic religion, meaning it has only one God.. It is the largest religion in the world and is based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
    Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Its adherents, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the Christ, whose coming as the messiah was prophesied in the Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament in Christianity, and chronicled in the New Testament.

  28. Christian Nation, lelo nama ilo, let us think twice. Ati Life after death ubupuba. When you die that is that, there is no second chance. Stop this Christian this blablabla bla, uku la yunfwisha bwino, bonse at one time tu ka fwa (die) tapa kabe u ukekalila, mwe la ibepa

  29. Mr Lukanga I don’t I agree with you I think you need Jesus in your life so that your eyes can open and see the truth.

  30. This guy is asking for what he gave out….but he was paid for the same power, why asking for the same things? It was a deal unless if it was for free then you can ask for them. Kindly, don’t threaten them with death. You can even visit them privately or send one of your tumbumaz to come and collect your power without them even knowing that you have taken what belongs to you.

  31. I have warned several times here about the folly of mixing the STATE and RELIGION. You end up enmeshed in such drama. We do know that politicians have visited all sorts and welcomed all sorts into their homes and offices. On the outside they have behaved houlier than thou and unnecessarily declared the country a ‘Christian nation’ – even ‘proclaiming’ this in a clause of a secular document [Constitution] Not without contoversy and as a way of hoodwinking the people, they have cleared land to build a house of ‘National Prayer’. Instead of practically and intelligently (if they have any faculties) solving real issues, they have asked to pray for the same. Can you see the mess? Their own ‘religious noose’ is tightening around their fragile political necks.

  32. If they are frightened of SEER 1, why don’t they send their ‘jobless’ minister of religious affairs to go and negotiate on their behalf? Hold ‘constructive talks’ perhaps, and at the end issue a joint ‘communique’? Ha ha ha

  33. Jeremiah 17:5-7 ………Let our God be true and every man a liar ! I only hope his utterances are evident enough for his fervent followers and many others alike.

  34. Look at what Seer 1 wants first. y arrest kashila who wanted prayers? let ministers go to south and take back the rings or else come 15 feb. pf u ar an embarasement to the core. mwalafwa ba fake christians 20 rings. you cant rule icalo with juju on fingers and around your waist. KZ seer 1 wants you. Lusakatimes bring back the gauge of like/dislike.

  35. Lukanga the way you talking it’s like you one of them just take his power back.Stop talking nonsense.If you don’t believe in Christianity go to your god seer 1

  36. May God help Zambia and Zambians before we attract sanctions over ungodly talks From God ,Zambians let’s learn mostly the youth this is our country as future leaders.


  38. Good morning, our mother zambia is on a scale providing the uncertainty things so far happenings from so called leaders. Leaders are suppose to lead by a respectful manner,humble,love,hope and many others to name a few. The crop of leadership in zambia is in question mark, if we talk about kk, f.t j. Chiluba, levy and king cobra sata, all these encounting situtions would not have arised, if there was seriousness in the running of government and say no to corruption etc.

  39. If you know that you’re one of those who got something from seer1 just return back,we have no money to buy food stuffs for the funeral. Bn

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