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Bushinga Primary School in Itezhi-tezhi to have Grade 8 Classes, thanks to Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party

Rural News Bushinga Primary School in Itezhi-tezhi to have Grade 8 Classes, thanks to...

Bushinga Primary School in Itezhi-tezhi will this year have the first-ever grade eight classes after the opposition Socialist Party donated building materials for the construction of a 1 x 2 classroom block at the public school.

Several residents of Itezhi-tezhi district of Central Province have commended the leftist Socialist Party for the support rendered in uplifting primary school infrastructure in the area.

George Mukile, a former head teacher at Bushinga Primary School, said what the Socialist Party has done was commendable as it will motivate pupils who are now going to be learning in a conducive environment.

Mukile disclosed that infrastructure development and lack of secondary schools have always been a challenge in the district.

He, however, said the donation of pockets of cement, flush doors and other building materials by the Socialist Party will go a long way in improving the infrastructure at the school.

“I’m very thankful to the Socialist Party for the donation, and again let me thank them for trying so hard to narrow the gap between the poor and rich. Because the way we are living in this country currently, is not good even if we are saying it’s One Zambia One Nation there is nothing like that. It’s like others are living in America but we are all here in Zambia,” Mukile said.

He observed that currently, development was not shared equally in the country, something which has to come to an end as demonstrated by the Socialist Party bringing everyone on board.

And Mukile has noted with disappointment that elected members of parliament, council chairpersons and councilors in the area have allegedly failed to develop their areas despite voters trusting them.

He challenged them to always remember that education was key to success.

“Let me just be very open, as for our member of parliament, since we voted him into office he has never done anything. Not even heard of a single meeting, just to be very open. Maybe councilors because sometimes they go to the council chambers, and their voices are not head as they were voted to be the voice of the people,” said Mukile.

The Socialist Party donated some building materials to Bushinga Primary School for the construction of a one by two classroom block in order for the school to start grade eight classes this year.


  1. We hope they will stick to the national curriculum. Otherwise if they start teaching communist military training and homosexuality we shall close them quicker than the speed of light. Kz

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