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Take farming seriously, Ronald Chitotela tells People of Luapula

Rural News Take farming seriously, Ronald Chitotela tells People of Luapula

Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela has urged the people of his constituency and the people of Luapula to take farming seriously.

Speaking when he visited his 20 hectares farm in Pambashe Constituency in Kawambwa District, the lawmaker said he is impressed with the Ministry of Agriculture response towards the eradication of Army-worms.

Mr. Chitotela said his constituency has experienced minimal army worms ravaging maize fields but the department of Agriculture in the district has been quick to release the chemicals to farmers.

His land comprised of crops such as Maize, cassava and groundnuts.

He observed that not long ago, President Edgar Lungu visited Kawambwa district and emphasised on the need for people to venture into Agriculture.

Mr. Chitotela notes that Kawambwa district is endowed with good rains making it an Agriculture driven area.

He explained that with the agriculture potential that the region has, maximum effort needs to be put in by the people to make Luapula the nations food basket.

The Minister added that he has taken up the step of farming so as to encourage people in his constituency to take Agriculture seriously.

Mr. Chitotela has since encouraged residents in his constituency to seriously take Agriculture as an economic activity.


  1. Very timely advice. Those with eyes and ears will need to this. The pompous bigots like the above mwenya will close their ears and eyes and continue living in ignorance while we in pf continue to develop Zambia. Kz

    • The guy who has been misleading his boss landing the country into this mess is still talking, how callous. Anyway this is a clear mannerism issue.

  2. Loadshedding. biserk exchange rate. No reserves. High inflation. No jobs. More taxes. Inflation sky rocketing, Agro dealers not paid, retirees not paid, ministers disobeying court rulings, a democracy where opposition parties are not allowed to mobilise, Isnt there no voluntary retirement in politics when you fail the way PF has failed. This is a classic example of a serious fail. The next government coming, people must start saying themselves that we are improving not people in government claiming they are working when kulibe vichitika.

  3. What’s wrong with wht Chitotela has said? Luapula people aren’t children. They know wht to do. In fact there has been an increase in settlement in Luapula by people from other parts of Zambia where it doesn’t rain well. So things will change in Luapula.

  4. Are you sure these ritual killings in the country are not connected with the black rings they say even KZ he got one these ministers can not be trusted anymore no wonder God told Dr Nevers Mumba to enter politics he foresaw this mess.

  5. Chishimba kambwili was just like you Kaizer Zulu, very vocal and supporting everything that PF busturds do or say. He backed up every PF policy and Edger’s presidecy.

    After Edger showed Kambwili the door out of PF only then did kambwili realised that Lungu is a corrupt guy.

    This is a trend that you Zulu will follow, you will only accept that you are all corrupt in Pf after you are given a boot on your batt.

  6. I am my own man. How do you compare me to kambwili who lacks integrity and respect. Come rain or sunshine I will forever be pf. Better I lose everything than the power to rule.

    • Then how are you your own man when you survive on “the power to rule”? So without this power you are a nobody…Little Man…that’s why you are pompous and beating up people who cant beat back..kikikiki

  7. Asking people to take farming seriously while your trade thrives on thievery…that’s a mockery!

  8. The Luapula people will sit back, wait for harvest time and steal from the hard working settlers from Eastern province

  9. KZ u can cheat some pipo sometimes but u cant cheat all the pipo all the time u can boast but time will teach u a lesson u r nothing compared to President Kaunda but he lost what of this cluess leadership just wait for 2021 at the height of PFs popularity u surpassed the 50% threshold by just 13000 votes u think u will survive this time

    I BEG…

  11. According to CSO statistic, there are only 2 tractors in Luapula Province, one belongs to some government wing, and the other to one fammer. Kipeto.

  12. Please emphasise on conservation farming, or chitemene type of agriculture. That way the northern part of Zambia will be saved from deforestation (near desertification) that has been caused by massive text book type of commercial farming in other parts of the country, particularly in the southern part of the country .

    It will be suicidal to render vast tracts of land bare n NW and nothern parts of Zambia, where our rivers originate. So let us be mindful of this danger as we encourage our people to take to agriculture.

  13. Keizer Zezulu continue commenting and read follow up commentaries. You are a goner mate, keep on and your waterloo is around the corner. Zambians have the entire data on you. The comeup trending personality you are on, is not even safe for you as Zambians have a vivid physical being of KZ.

  14. One advocates for mechanised farming the other still wants to fantasise on traditional methods and chitemene . which way mother

  15. This KZ monkey must be living in utopia with Lungu. For sure bro, you still believe Zambians are living a better life than you thieves. Have some sense and a heart for the poor people. Not a supporter of any of you thieves but I know for sure God will save his children in Zambia come 2021!!!

  16. Take tourism seriously! No education, no tourism skills, no knowledge, no training but minister of tourism. Chipante Pante campaign. From tourism now talking farming. Why not talk about job creation especially among youth? Why not talk bout empowering women? Why not show us what you have done since being appointed tourism minister? The talk was about Munawanga, even with that you have failed besides ushering warnings. You dissolved the tourism board, yet have not brought in new implementation’s. Besides being involved in wildlife crimes, what benefits have you brought towards this sector? Besides engaging the Chinese (who will steal our natural resources), what gains have you brought? We know what you and the Chinese are up to. Just do not sell our wildlife. With you it’s all about…

  17. I look forward to seeing someone in politics retired forever next year! I hope Zambia will not see the last kicks of a dying horse.

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