HH refutes ever commenting on Seer 1

Controversial Nigerian Self anointed Prophet Andrew Ejimadu famously known as Seer 1
Controversial Nigerian Self anointed Prophet Andrew Ejimadu famously known as Seer 1

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has refuted the Column article by Wilfred Sameta entitled HH’s recent intimate tweet to Seer 1, and the sorcerer returning the compliment.

Mr.Hichilema castigated Lusakatimes for being duped into falsehoods. He said ” for the record, at no time have I commented on Seer 1. Please disregard this falsehood. We have more serious issues to attend to.Eyes on the ball.

Mr Wilfred Sameta accused Mr. Hichilema of sending am intimate tweet to Seer 1 and the sorcerer returning the compliment with a public endorsement of Bo HH’s 2021 election bid. Mr.Sameta said this speaks volumes of a growing symbiotic bromance between the two.

Mr. Sameta alleged that Mr.Hichilema tweeted

“We are counting down with you my brother, Andrew Ejimadu, get your power back, we see what they remain with”

However,Mr.Hichilema denies such a thing ever occurred.


  1. Ka hh grow up . The evidence is there for all to see. Go and hug your boyfriend seer1 in south Africa. We will never let him in. Sazakayinyangapo Zambia. Kz

  2. Bati zoona, who advises hh??? He should have stayed away from this matter completely. Now damage control?? You don’t support any devil who attacks your opponent, now there’s reputational damage which will be hard to control.

  3. When are we going to learn that these west African priests are crooks. Who thinks Nigerians would entertain a Zambian e.g Milingo telling them such nonsense ?
    What a joke

  4. You guys— politicians , we know you are evil and corrupt. And you HH you must start commenting on issues which border on satanism and homosexuality. Why dont you? Are you one of them.

  5. HH is ahead of them all. Just when the seer1 nonsense has started to die, he reawakens by saying he didnt comment while commenting. Genius

  6. I’m equally being disappointed by LT lately. You used to be quite objective and I always rushed to your site for confirmation but these days some stories are unverified and one-sided. Please revert to your old values and work ethics.

  7. Zambian Citizen are you mentally ill? HH just said he has never commented on your PF prophet and you allege the exact opposite? Has your atom sized brain overheated or what?? Any intelligent Zambian knew that alleged HH tweet was a fake one created by your dull party.

  8. PF desperate propaganda to try to drag as many people into their seer 1 saga as possible…..

    If PF are are not using cader violence, intimidation , GRZ resources …..they are using witchcraft and prophets in their campain for elections….

  9. Let simeta show us the tweet no what he has written because we all know what a message from Twitter look like not that bold rubbish, please explain to us what SEER1 is saying bushe chishinka pantu govt officials are in some kind of over drive Thursday is actually day after tomorrow.

  10. Freemanson,sorcery,witchfinder,spiritists,Fetish prists all fall under a general name Satanism.So these gays they go to a place were they meet they even meet each other,the difference is just levels and depending on the group were one is associated with.As at now it is us Zambians to judge and above all God is in control SEER-1 is just a gay using evil supernatural powers from the pit of hell but we have super power which is above the power of SEER-1 the power of God,this power is dynamite and no one plays with this power,to SEER-1 you are damn dead,to bo HH careful soon you will be exposed.

  11. This Hakienda needs savvy advisors, he has never learned from the PF media tactic of Chanda and Mwanza they use with the homosexuality issue. All that bleached skin Nigerian Con artist did was endorse you and he himself stated that he has never met you or likes you…the best you would have done is shut up and let PF deal with their mess.

  12. Too many dull people in Zambia. The story clearly says he has not commented on Andrew and people are busy condeming HH for what he has refuted. Dull Mwana Dull kufeluka Grade 7 7times.

  13. Zambians please lets learn to do a bit of research .The said tweet came from a fake HH account and this former journalist who is tilling the land reacted to fake news .No wonder we never knew this guy as a journalist .Really he of all people should know which page to follow of all notable politicians and eminent persons .Do you see BBC quoting any Donald trump tweet ?they only quote tweets from the original account of Trump .Journalism in Zambia is the pits to be honest .

  14. Bo HH don’t be a coward the issue this boy is not something you can fail to comment on,come out open and say something or are you a beneficially.

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