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Zambia’s Redemption is Near: Seer 1 and Ritual Killings

Columns Zambia's Redemption is Near: Seer 1 and Ritual Killings

By Dr. Nevers Mumba, President, MMD 


I would like to anchor my message on the Scripture. “All things work together for good to those who love God and are the called according to his purpose.” (Rom 8:28)

Zambia by declaration, loves God and has been CALLED according to God’s purpose.” The politics of Zambia has degenerated into a destructive movement of violence, corruption and an area totally taken over by powers of the underworld.

The words, “All things..” refer to events that happen everyday. Both good and bad. Seer 1’s words constitute part of “things” which finally will work out for the good of our country. My assignment is to put the nation at rest and assure the nation that these current events are a prelude to Zambia’s emancipation from the grip of evil powers which have in the past paralyzed our efforts to prosper as a nation. God is changing the ground rules for the 2021 elections. Witchcraft will no longer be used as a means to take power. God is exposing it now because he has heard the prayers of God’s people. God is healing the land. “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray…….. I shall heal their land.” (2 Chron 7:14)

On 18th October 2019, I was honored to have been asked to lead the nation in a prayer to rededicate our country back to God. I led the nation in acknowledging our sins and repented for departing from the vows we made when we declared Zambia as a Christian nation in 1991. I further asked the Lord to expose the evil forces which have held Zambia captive over the years. Today, I believe the Lord has started to answer our prayers.

Seer1 is therefore not the issue. God can use any one and anything including Baalam’s donkey to fulfill his will. To target our anger at Seer 1 is a lack of understanding. God is answering our prayers to clean up our land. The ritual killings must stop. The shedding of innocent blood for political purposes must end. God is at work and I am here to restate that Zambia shall be saved. The issue as to whether Seer 1 is a false prophet or not is for God to handle. In the book of Acts, Gamaliel said, … let us not pre occupy ourselves with figuring out whether these men are of God or not….” (Acts 5:39) What is born of God shall stand and what is not of God shall fall. What is important is the issue at hand, the redemption of our land.


The Lord has finally set the ground for the Salvation and redemption of our land. The events that have filled public debate the past two weeks are a positive development in the life of our country. The redemption process has began. The purpose of this debate is to cleanse Zambia. A new Zambia is being birthed.


Over the past number of years, innocent blood has been shed as a means to gain political power. The land has been defiled by the spilling of innocent blood. As a result, the avenging spirits (furies) have been raised in the land seeking revenge. The blood cries from the ground for justice. Human sacrifices have been with us through out history. People seeking for power or victory in war have offered sacrifices to various gods. Spilt human blood is never silenced until it is appeased.

In Genesis, we read that the blood of Abel continues to cry out for justice. Spilt blood is a game changer. God the father himself in order to reconcile the world to himself had to sacrifice his own begotten son. His blood confirms the transaction for my salvation. The Bible says, “… without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sin.”(Heb 9:22)


Power is obtained and sustained by the Spirit world. To non believing politicians they seek this power from sorcerers, seers, soothsayers and medians. These in turn demand for blood in order to seal the transactions for power. An exchange of blood for power.


Seers are a real phenomenal. Some seers are of God and others are not. A Seer is a person who tells people of their future. The Bible talks of many seers. Prophets are also called seers. Samuel was called a Seer. The witch at Endo is also called a Seer because he predicts the death of King Saul. Although he was a witch, his word was fulfilled because God has not yet dispossessed the devil of his power. He has allowed evil to exist along side of good. Darkness and light both exist. So is Seer 1 a legitimate prophet? Unfortunately, this is not the question we must concern ourselves with but rather what is God doing in Zambia? He has started to cleanse the land. Whether Seer 1 is illegitimate or legitimate is not for us, but the purpose of his rising at this particular moment. To expose the workings of the underworld in the politics of this Christian Nation. (God wants to align our confession with the actual reality. Zambia must become truly a Christian nation whose governance is not driven by demonic forces)

To confirm the power of the BLOOD and that of a witch or a SEER from the under world, I wish to cite two scriptural references:

In the book of 2 Kings, when the King of Molech, a heathen King went to war against IsraeI, he began to lose, but after he sacrificed his first born son on the wall, the battle turned against Israel. The blood of his first born son reversed the fortunes of war. This is the power of the blood even if it’s not administered by a believer.

In the book of 1 Samuel, when King Saul was afraid of losing power, he sought for a word from a witch at Endor. A witch was able to bring back Samuel from the dead, who prophesied that Saul was going to lose power and shall die. This happened as prophesied. The difficult question is, how can a real prophet Samuel be brought back to life by a witch? In my view, the issue was not about the witch but the termination of Saul’s leadership and the coming in of David as King. A regime change.


My appeal to church leaders and the church is to keep our focus on what God is intending to do and not on the circumstances that are prevailing. This singular event should be a message of rebuke to the Church. Our role should always be to speak on behalf of God and the poor. When you do this, you shall be persecuted by the powers that be and honored by the under-trodden. Could it be that Seer 1 has touched a national nerve that the Church should have been bold enough to touch?


The real question we all must answer honestly is: Why has the nation so overwhelmingly responded to Seer1 ?

The answer to this question is the counsel I offer to my nation.

I believe Zambians have questions which both the PF and to a larger extent the Church are not answering.

The self proclaimed Seer revealed that some leaders in PF government are his clients. He is however now upset that the power he gave to them is being used against the people and he wants his fetishes back. This is what brought the explosion of excitement in the nation.

Zambians are angry at the prospect of being governed by powers of darkness and are waiting to confirm if there is any truth in this.

To PF: Restrain yourselves from attacking the so called Seer. You are the government. If truly there are some PF ministers implicated, let them deal with it at a personal level. Unless the Seer was contracted by the PF party as a whole. The Seer is inconsequential at this stage. It is his allegations that must be dealt with. Unfortunately, any covenant entered into with a spiritualist has consequences. The people involved must clear themselves.

To ZAMBIANS: God has allowed this in order to clean and change our politics forever. When God starts to answer prayers of God’s people we don’t choose for him who he uses to bring the answer. He uses donkeys, witches, prophets and ordinary people. The Lord wants to expose those who use blood and human sacrifice to attain political power. Those politicians who are not affected by this have nothing to worry about. Their prayer should be, Lord let your will be done.


My position does not in any way authenticate the young man called Seer 1. Having served God for 44 years has taught me that the Lord can use anyone and anything to do his WILL. His will is for Zambian politics to be cleaned and clear of demonic influence. This confirms my life long dream of Zambia Shall be Saved. I hope Zambians see this. It is not politics but the redemption of a nation.



  2. Seer 1 is a upnd sponsored angry agent. As long as I am alive he will never enter Zambia again. Even his own country Nigeria does not want him. Remember voting upnd means voting to allow that evil crook back in Zambia. Kz

  3. The writers above ( Chanda and KZ) seem to imply they have so much authority over our land and its peoples, And people of your kind are the real omen that has befallen Zambia. We can easily ignore sear one, but we still have to deal with the consequences of your disastrous pf leadership.
    Sear one and UPND are the least of our worries right now. Our prayer is for God to Get rid of your kind now.
    You have become strongholds in your own rights and seem to think the will of God concerning Zambia is secondary to your will.

  4. Only primitive society’s believe in this kind of superstitious nonsense. The Nigerian con artist knows this that’s why he’s preying upon small minded Zambians.
    Wake up people. Seer 1 is just a smart crook just like most Nigerian scammers. The people that follow him are simply fo o l s .
    His powers are as useless as fake miracles. It’s just a business of selling fear to vulnerable individuals

  5. Corrupt african leaders tactics when they are planning to rig the elections , again and again, they bring confusion in their countries, like staging of ritual killings in Zambia and rumours of vampires in Malawi etc… Their Citizens start suspecting and killing innocent fellow country men , then the police and soldiers start pretending to bring order by intimidating their fellow citizens with more violence ,and causing fear and confusion amongst their people

  6. Zambians, take a leaf out of this young man, Sekwila’s argument style.

    His argument is supported by authorities from which he opines.

    You only have to challenge him on the anchors of his argument and not ad hominem.

    You probably have someone you reason with, or work with, regardless of his station, Republican President or not.

  7. Ba Nevers Mumba’s service to mankind is hinged on the Church pulpit – not on a political platform. His dictatorial attitude forced many good MMD leaders (Chituwo, Lungwangwa, Musokotwane etc) to migrate to and seek refugee to yet another dictator’s territory known as UPND. The so-called Seer-1 is a self-confessed non-Christian, in that he is an Islamic agent earning money in SADC region to support an Islamic Boko Haram in West Africa. This is a wake-up call to South Africa never to allow fake prophets thrive and milk its resources in the name of preserving human rights to appease the racist whites.

  8. Pf wasting more time talking about seer1 than dealing with the problem of hunger and ritual kings in the country I believe seer1 has aready got his pay check from government so he can keep quite the guy is already quiet you will not hear him talk against government again nice way to make quick money.

  9. Pf wasting more time talking about seer1 than dealing with the problem of hunger and ritual killings in the country I believe seer1 has aready got his pay check from government so he can keep quite the guy is already quiet you will not hear him talk against government again nice way to make quick money.

  10. Nevers Makes a very sensible arguments under the circumstances and he has a point. He does not need to be politically correct though when it comes to the fake prophet in Seer 1 and others in Zambia. All those FALSE PROPHETS who think God needs to prove Himself by by hoodwinking people into fake miracles. God is God and he has proven Himself by creation itself that he is able. I can not believe that Zambians attend such churches but on second thought,,, Insala can cause people to attach them to somebody giving them hope when the government of the day should be providing that confidence- PF has failed ZAMBIA and the hour has come to KICK THIS PF MOB out of office. They dont deserve it. While Witchcraft can enable you supress others and win elections, Witchcraft will not help you to create…

  11. Witchcraft will not help you to create long term strategy. When the presidents advisers are filling clerks like KZ, You will not be surprised why the country is going down the drain. Its never heard of anywhere in the world where Govenment can not afford to pay Salaries for 6 months or more!

  12. Zambia shall be saved indeed.Dr/Pastor Mumba yes this battle is of the LORD unless to those who are seeing it as politics. (EXODUS 13;1-20)God will fight this battle for us and name calling will never take us anywhere let us humble our selves to God and God will lead us to a promise Land.Twacula noku sebana pafula mwe LESA tutuleni.

  13. When President Kaunda lost elections in 1991 President Chiluba told us Kaunda had evil spirits and demons in State House. He called the Church Pastors and Evangelists to pray at State House to remove Kaunda’s evil spirits from State House. Most of these Zambian fake Pastors were within the group. Did they exorcise any evil spirits at State House? The Answer is NOOO!!. All they wanted is money from Chiluba. Today the old man Kaunda continues lead a christian life. Chiluba made Zambia a Christian Nation and Plundered its resources. Where are the Pastors and evangelists? Still around looking for money from the current society . Beware of these thieves.

  14. Mumba Says God can use anything and anyone to fulfill his will and and clean up the land. Indeed God used Mwanawasa good gesture to expose who indeed Mumba is. By appointing him VEEP and High commsioner to Canada the Evangelist, Pastor’s true colors were finaly exposed. What we thought was an upright man of God , servant of the people was actually something else. Lesa tabepwa!!

  15. I now belive that Mr or Dr Nevers Mumba is realy a pretender not a Man of God , surely how can he side this evil man called seer 1 ,to me mr mumba should just stop going to church and join his fellow evil man period

  16. HEBREWS 1 vs 1

    Parallel Verses King James Version

    God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,

    Darby Bible Translation

    God having spoken in many parts and in many ways formerly to the fathers in the prophets,

    World English Bible

    Hebrews 1 V
    God, having in the past spoken to the fathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways,

    Young’s Literal Translation
    In many parts, and many ways, God of old having spoken to the fathers in the prophets,

    Hebrews 1:1 Parallel
    Geneva Study Bible
    God, who at {1} sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,

    The purpose of this epistle, is to show that Jesus Christ the Son of God both God and man…

  17. What a dispointment from Mr mumba,failing to defend the word of God.Why are you afraid of SEER-1?Bo Nevers seer-1 is a false prophet and let us put politics aside it is poor Zambians who are been killed here,if this seer-1 says he as great powers than Jesus what is that honestly you want to entertain him.Remember God as not given you a spirit of fear but of sound mind.God will continue cleasing this nation even beyond 2021 because cleasing is a process which will never end until Jesus appers.So bo Nvers just be open and come out open no one is happy about this ka seer-1 God is more powerful than seer-1 because every knee,tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord period. It is not only PF members who visited seer-1 but even others gays from different fields.

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