Government wants to see more Zambians taking up Management Positions in the Mines-Kampyongo

Minister of Home Affairs Hon Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Hon Stephen Kampyongo

Minister of Home Affairs Hon Stephen Kampyongo has said that the government wants to see more Zambians taking up Management positions in the mines. Mr. Kampyongo said that government introduced the Zambianization program with the aim of increasing the number of locals in management positions.

Mr. Kampyongo said this when he visited First Quantum Kansanshi Mining Plc in Solwezi yesterday to inquire about the number of expatriates it has employed and locals incorporated in Management positions as stipulated by the Zambianization policy.

Mr. Kampyongo said government through the Department of Immigration which is under his Ministry is looking at ways of creating a win-win situation for both government and mining investors by ensuring that there is skills transfer between expatriates issued with work permits and the locals.

He said Zambians must benefit proportionately from such a huge investment rather than allowing investors and their staff to enter the country, extract the mineral resources without passing on the benefits to the community.

He said it is the desire of the Patriotic Front (PF) government to see Zambians in decent employment stating that there is need to ensure that knowledge transfer to locals is achieved in order to build capacity.

The Minister indicated that the government wants to see that real investments, job opportunities and benefits trickle down to locals.

“In as much as we want to see you scale up production, its important that we see a trickle-down of benefits to our people because there is need for our people to participate in this important venture,” he said.

He observed the need for the mine and government to work together to ensure that locals are capacited not only in terms of human resources but other mining-related activities in order for the country to excel.

He called for sincere and open dialogue among all stakeholders in order to lessen misunderstandings that could have existed in the past

After the tour of the mine, the Home Affairs Minister gave his impressions on the operations and said it is impressive that the government’s Zambianization policy to see more graduates churned out from local universities to run major operations is being actualized.

Mr. Kampyongo was accompanied by Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Dr Leah Mutale, Ministry of Labour Permanent Secretary Chanda Kazhiya and Director General of the Department of Immigration Danny Lungu.


  1. Dhruvi Joshi: Yours is an uninformed position. Zambia has had mining expertise for more than three decades. This expertise was churned out by the Carmbone School of Mines, University of Newcastle and the University of Zambia. Some of this expertise is now dotted around the world in both industry and academia.

  2. Of I forgot one point. The Carmbone School of Mines is in Cornwall, perhaps the best and oldest mining school in the world. I can also inform u that I am aware that India has people of African descent who are citizens of India. They went there before the British brought indentured labourers to Africa from India. People of African descent in india are treated like dirt. Don’t think Africa doesn’t know this. We’re watching u as u seek to expand India’s interests in Africa.

  3. This is what the pf stands for. Putting zambians first and making Zambia great again. Unlike our friends in upnd who kiss the backside of the western world and cry whenever they go abroad. Ati bani jata vote. Vote

  4. There is need for action Kampyongo not just the talk. The so called expats are not even experts at all, some are just dump truck operators where they are coming from. Scrutinize them and get familiar with mining jobs because the job descriptions they give when applying for work permits at times don’t even exist in the mines.

  5. They are only realising now that no zambian is in the mgnt position? Its……too late…………….2021 is near the corner

  6. Take a look at performance of our state companies. Most Key management positions if not all are held by Zambians. Just because one has a degree does not mean that one will produce good results. A degree is just a paper, if the holder of a degree can not produce results why should one be paid. Having a degree does not mean you will be a manage. Attitude matters.

  7. Bululu you have a point. we don’t need publicity .Action is needed scrutinize these people, you will discover that some of them the only qualification they have is being white .I have seen this in South African construction industry being white means higher salary ……

  8. @See: the president just announced the other day that the value of IDC has gone up to $7.8bn from $6.5bn from 2015 to 2018. All the SOEs are run by Zambians. If you believe in the concept that Zambians cannot run the mines as propounded by the imperialists, then you will see no sense in what Steven K is trying to put across. You are colonised, my brother!!

  9. This is a very good call only a moron will be negative on such a matter. Zambian has well educated and experienced expats in mining capable of running these mines.

  10. It’s a great idea but we are politicising it.
    The easiest to get this done is through various acts of Parliament for the various professional associations that exist. Say for instance, Head HR for any and all companies in Zambia is supposed to be Zambian/member of the association. If we do the same for the other professional associations like ICTAZ, ZICA, etc most management positions will go to Zambians.

  11. Simply good at talking about having jobs in companies they dont own…when inflated Police housing construction contract comes up he hands it to his crooked friends at AVIC who just puts up cheap prefabricated housing that ZNS can do.

  12. We appreciate the effort you are making to serve the interest of zambians but in the same vain due to the police dept which comes under you, Zambians are suffering through numerous road blocks and traffic officers all over the capital and country at large. Please sir have a heart for the citizens. Already economy is hard and people are working hard to try and make ends meet and the little they make is taken away by these traffic officers. Just in a space of 3 square km you will find 3 to 4 road blocks like on every junction not forgetting the speed traps. Please sir we beg you to do the right thing for your people and control these road blocks.

  13. Leave First Quantum mining alone. How many Chinese Nationals have you given work permits for jobs that can be done by zambians. FQM has been the largest contributor to the nation in form of taxes. The Chinese are tolerated because they fund your party.

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