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RTSA,ZICTA caution against taking pictures of accident victims

Feature Lifestyle RTSA,ZICTA caution against taking pictures of accident victims

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA), have cautioned motorists and members of the public to refrain from taking pictures and videos of road traffic victims at accidents scenes.

Motorists and members of the public are reminded of their moral obligation to render assistance to road accident victims in order to save the lives of the injured as opposed to taking pictures and videos.

Further, it is unethical to circulate pictures or videos in ‘bad taste’ such as those showing dead bodies and injured persons in road accidents.

The RTSA in collaboration with ZICTA is working out modalities on how to stop the growing trend of producing and circulating accident scene pictures and videos of both the deceased and injured on social media.

The RTSA and ZICTA is, therefore, urging all motorists and members of the public to take responsibility and stop filming accidents victims but instead render assistance to save lives.

The public are advised to report persons taking pictures and videos of the deceased and injured accident victims to the RTSA National Call Centre toll-free line – 983 or the ZICTA Toll-free line 7070 or the Zambia Police on 911 for action.

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  1. Guys, let’s be realistic, the emphasis here is not about law but morality. Accident victims (i.e. The deceased and the injured) don’t deserve that kind of treatment. We shouldn’t forget that even in death we still deserve some sort of respect. Besides those unfortunate brothers and sisters have families who may be traumatized by those images posted on social media. Fellow country men and women when and where did we lose track? Remember that it’s not by choice we find ourselves in such an unforeseen circumstances.

  2. Morals alone won’t be enough to guide citizens accordingly. What we need is a law to bar and deter offenders. You enforce laws not morality.

  3. We have been telling your Minister of Christianity to top her focus on sex-in-Zambia to immoral picture takings.
    Zambians stopped mourning, they go to funeral to take pictures of the dead.
    Zambians never help injured viticisms anymore, only the “kamushi” without phones render a hand, while the rest are taking pictures.
    Sometimes even the nurses first take pictures of the dying for their WhatsApp groups before helping the suffering.
    Wait and see when Coronavirus attack those Zambians, you see videos like rains.

  4. Funny that people only take pictures when its sadly a case of casualties but when it comes to cases like my accident they don’t. This is because they know that their evidence will go against their wild claims about me. I still await video evidence of me beating up people at the scene of the accident I was involved in.kz

  5. taking pictures of accident victims should be outlawed. it’s appalling and unconscionable. what if it were your sister or your father, how would you feel seeing their grotesque pictures/videos on some social media platform?

  6. mukolwe – Social media gives you the option to uncover these photos I usually choose not …so what are you talking about?

  7. This is irresponsible advice ..do you not know that victims of accidents in Zambia and Africa die at the accident scene due to none available of emergence services. Are these morons aware that ill-handling of an injured victim by untrained individual can lead to permanent disability? Why is wrong with these organisations? When are they going to get it that we are no longer in 1960…just improve road safety as for ZICTA they just know one thing looking for people to arrest on Facebook when Networks are making a killing off docile Zambians

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