Vehicle Assembly plant coming to Kapiri-Prof Chirwa

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa, Works and Supply Minister Sylvia Chalikosa, Prof Chirwa and Kapiri Member of Parliament Stanley Kakubo arriving at the launch of the City Cruiser
Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa, Works and Supply Minister Sylvia Chalikosa, Prof Chirwa and Kapiri Member of Parliament Stanley Kakubo arriving at the launch of the City Cruiser

Zambia’s renowned UK based Professor Clive Chirwa has announced that a vehicle assembly plant will soon be launched in Kapiri Mposhi, Central Province.

Speaking during the unveiling of new bus design, Prof Chirwa said the vehicle assembly plant will create about 1, 000 jobs once operational.

Prof Chirwa has designed and manufactured a high roof monocoque bus according to the Provisions of Statutory Instrument (SI) No 79 of 2016.

This is the first-ever AUVIV bus to be manufactured according to the Zambian laws.

“The reality is that this company is a global company manufacturing for the entire world. Zambia is one of the countries according to the company’s strategic plan where an assembly plant is earmarked. This will be in Kapiri Mposhi. This is where vehicle assemblies will be done from. There might be assemblies of perhaps not the entire vehicle but assemblies of AV electrical vehicle parts,” Prof Chirwa said.

He said according to the company’s strategic plan, the vehicle assembly plant is expected to begin operations in 2022.

“We are a private company, entirely a private company, therefore, we don’t need anything from the government. But if there is any tax incentives and they will not be asking for it…that would be appreciated,” he said.

Prof Chirwa said the vehicle was specifically designed to take care of the local policies.

He said the AUVIV bus was expected to be a 21st Century leading brand like Ford in the 19th Century and the Toyota in 20th Century.

Prof Chirwa said the vehicle parts that will be manufactured in Zambia will be supplied across the globe.

“Manufacturing today is simpler as everything is done by specialist industries. Every single manufacturing company today is an assembly plant. It’s much simpler today to have an assembly plant. AUVIV is coming to Zambia today as a diesel and petrol engine simply because there is no infrastructure for charging points. If we had them, we would have brought electrical vehicles…so they are taking the electrical vehicle to Europe,” Prof Chirwa said.

The launch of the vehicle took place at the Government Complex in Lusaka and was attended by Works and Supply Minister Slyvia Chalikosa and Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa other government and related industry officials.

And Kapiri Member of Parliament Stanley Kakubo described the development as good news.

“The good news today is that Kapiri Mposhi will be home to our country’s motor vehicle assembly plant.

Mr. Kakubo said AUVIV will be producing environmentally cleaner, safer, more comfortable and yet more affordable commercial vehicles like minibusses, panel vans including ambulances and refrigerated vans.

“I have to say that the AUVIV could not have come at a better time for us in Kapiri Mposhi. The plant will bring opportunities for our people especially our Youths. We are looking forward to skills training via the jobs that will come, the value chain for supplies of consumables, we also see an opportunity for small businesses opening to make bolts and nuts and other parts that will be needed,” Mr. Kakubo said.

Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament Stanley Kakubo with Prof Chirwa at the launch of the City Cruiser Bus in Lusaka
Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament Stanley Kakubo with Prof Chirwa at the launch of the City Cruiser Bus in Lusaka


  1. Thank you Prof Chirwa, Zambia needs such, I only wish this man was given Zambia Railways, he had such brilliant strategy for ZR but NSANJE SOME PEOPLE NSANJE, Well-done especially for the Manufacturing and assembly at Kapili, well-done

  2. Well done..we hope this benefits our people entirely. That is all the pf cares about- improvement of ordinary zambians life. Kz

  3. we dont need vehicle assembly
    plants .We need solar plants.So that we depend less on hydro power in view of climate change
    and weather pattern.vehicles are
    plenty for our already congested

  4. I’m sorry but how does PF come into this again? It’s a private company that has nothing to do with PF. You have over taxed the hard working individuals you keep coming with innovative ways to milk us, 200 % electricity tariff increase!! Sir do us a favour and stop claiming what you haven’t worked for

  5. Hang in there prof Chirwa, help from new UPND government is coming next year.
    These PF are busy finding a liquadator, even before company start operating.
    PF a jealous bunch of idyots, business killers.

  6. Lusaka Times Launching but you dont have any more pictures…i hope this is not just blah blah blah…2022 is not far….lets wait and see but knowing this Man Chirwa…kaya mwandi….now he is fronting for the chinese…

  7. I hope these buses will be relativity cheaper because you might as well ban the importation of second-hand Japanese cars in order to compete.

    Anyways, if Jaguar/LandRover can open a dealership here then I guess it’s possible.

  8. Launching and all we see is people walking in the corridors……the problem with us Africans we play too much and most of the times fooling ourselves…..if you know Chirwa then you know how this blah blah story will end…and its not the first time he has done this….remember that fake company he created in the UK so that he can give himself tenders from Zambia Railways

  9. The problem with Chirwa is he doesn’t say the truth…AUVIV has been around for 35 years according to their website…and today Chirwa is claiming to be the manufacturer…just like he claimed to own a mansion in UK which wasn’t his….no wonder we dont develop instead of just saying he is fronting for the chinese for a small fee…yes but as usual blah blah and it will just end with wishful thinking

  10. @chester & disciple, checkout previous LT articles, you will see the pictures. This is the second time LT is covering this story. By the way, the vihecle/bus is already past the design and “prototype” phase….check out the pics in LT archives. This is already tested and proven to have met the Zambian standards and requirements as stipulated in SI 79 of 2016, that’s why the Prof is now talking about setting up a MANUFACTURING/ASSEMBLY plant in Kapiri Mposhi. Clear now?

    Whether this comes to pass or not is another story. But it will be not for lack of trying on the part of Prof Chirwa. The best we can do at this point as patriotic Zambians is to support him and his efforts. And NOT just be nasty keyboard warriors contributing nothing of substance.

  11. A big hand to Prof. Chirwa. A man with a heart for Zambians.
    To you critics, keep the criticism to yourselves, those of us who had the opportunity to be lectured by this man can testify how great he is and his contribution to engineering.
    He has done far much greater things than designing these cars if you do not know. From being part of teams that designed space shuttles and renowned air planes.
    As patriotic Zambian let us give this man a chance be part of the change for a better Zambia and keep politics out their proposed business. Government should create an enabling environment that will allow these guys do setup and run their facilities as soon as possible.

  12. This is a good example that the time has come to look within ourselves for national progress and stop relying on foreign aid. Love him or hate him but give the man respect for his efforts to bring development to his country of origin. While millions of other Africans are fleeing the continent in rubber boats on the perilous Meditteranean Sea, others like him are thinking of how they can make life easier for their people.

    Rwandan president Paul Kagame told the Africans waiting in refugee camps in Libya to come back home and develop Africa because Africa needs them. Africa awaits it’s creators. None but Zambians can develop Zambia. Can we do it? We can do it. We shall do it!

  13. @Anonymous, I think Prof Chirwa only claims to have come up with designs/redesigns that are specific to the Zambian environment as stipulated for in SI 79 of 2016. I don’t think he is claiming to have invited the AUVIV.

    By the way, reading the article it sounds like the manufacturing (at least portion of it) will be done abroad, and only the ASSEMBLY (maybe even some light manufacturing) part of the process will be done in Zambia at Kapiri Mposhi. Nonetheless, both will be under the auspices of the Corporate Company for AUVIV…..that is why the Prof is saying that THIS IS A PRIVATE COMPANY AND DOES NOT NEED ANYTHING FROM THE GOVT EXCEPT MAYBE SOME TAX INCENTIVES. I dont think Mr. Chirwa is implying that he is going to set up an assembly company with his own money to…

  14. Continue…@Anonymous,

    manufacture/assemble these vehicles/buses by himself. Anyway, this is my reading of the article above!

  15. The support for the car assembly plant in Kapiri Mposhi must be total and unconditional. The country is crying for industrialization. The country is crying for employment. The country is crying for technology transfer. This is exactly what Prof Chirwa is doing for the country. Give credit where it is due.

  16. He is not sincere. With due respect, The Toyota quantum minibuses in South Africa which has that design has been around before the 2010 world cup in South Africa and are the most popular combis on the road here.

  17. Excellent contribution to your country .medical doctors are doing it . Now engineers have started. This is how countries develop by thier own people. Thanks pro. C.C.

  18. I wonder if he will be getting tax breaks for importing these buses for modifying. Knowing this govt of morons they will contact the chunk friends and do the exact same thing with cheap Chinese buses

  19. @ Yambayamba
    Yes lets all be Patriotic and we can build Zambia as one Zambia one Nation…especially Zambians in the diaspora we need to invest but again corruption and theft back home is a draw back

  20. Launching things is a very big ceremony in Africa if all launched things were actualized we would have been far by now. I remember prof talking of sinking the rail from Kafuel up to Kabwe road. I pray this one will really happen.

    A good story to read though whether true or false than the seer 1 and killings. Bravo

  21. To make this viable, you need to introduce a new law to ban small buses older than 5 years to be used as public transport. In my opinion, Zambia needs infrustructure such as clean light railway system to connect different parts of the city and to allow safe travel for ordinary people. Professor Chirwa has vast experience in the railway sector and it’s a shame to see him divert to an already saturated market. Interconnecting railway will not only decongest the city but regenerate hard to reach places.

  22. Good news. Industries and job creation for the population.

    Unfortunately, it’s diesel and petrol engines not electrical which is the future. Issues with our environment with those two quickly out mixed car technologies.The excuse that there is no infrastructure for charging points, is not good enough. We need to be on the top of the electrical vehicles trend.
    Typically electrical vehicle are to be made in Europe as they know disel and petrol car manufacturing is going to be obsolete.

  23. This is great news. Well done Prof. Clive Chirwa. You are not only a national but global asset. A citizen of the world you have become. This is what we need. Our strategic geographic location is a great comparative advantage for creation of a centre of excellence in the manufacturing sector. This indeed will create more jobs and earn Zambia the much needed foreign exchange. This will also raise the profile of Zambia as a great potential for key aspects of the emerging era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
    Well done intelligent and practical Professor. Personally as an inventor of two key technologies that we play a key role in the fourth industrial revolution, I am indeed exited and inspired by Distinguished Prof. Clive Chirwa’s business move.

  24. I will only believe it when I see it happen. There are no salient details in this article. Where is the site of the assembly plant, has an EIA exercise been done, how much money is planned to be spent, what is the production projection? You know what? This is just a market entry strategy, next you will hear that the ‘project is being schedule and the first batch of buses will have to be imported since it is cheaper to manufacture in China. And bang – the market will be flooded with Fong Kong buses from China, this after all ‘non-conforming’ buses will have been removed from our roads. Who will be laughing all the way to the bank?

    Yes we need industries but, let’s not be gullible and believe any investor promising us huge projects, a vehicle assembly plant can not be ‘created’ in…

  25. Ati “help form UPND government!” If dreams were horses … Let us elect President Lungu. He is a visionary leader. Well-done Prof. Chirwa.

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