Stephen Kampyongo warns illegal Gold Miners in at Kasenseli gold mine

Shiwang'andu Member of Parliament Hon Stephen Kampyongo
Shiwang'andu Member of Parliament Hon Stephen Kampyongo on Thursday continued his tour of the constituency to check on developmental projects and interact with residents of the area.

Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo has assured Chief Chibwika of Mwinilunga district in North-Western Province of Security at Kasenseli gold mine against illegal miners.

Hon. Kampyongo has stated that Police will not allow President Lungu’s directive to suspend mining activities at Kasenseli to be frustrated adding that necessary security measures will be put in place to ensure that the directive is adhered to.

The Minister made the assurance when he paid a courtesy call on His Royal Highness Chief Chibwika at his palace in Mwinilunga district on Friday.

Hon. Kampyongo said no mining licences have been given out for people to mine at Kasenseli and has warned all those mining illegally that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

“Our coming is to assure you your Royal Highness that we will secure this place as we agree on the modus operandi”, Hon. Kampyongo assured

The government last year declared gold as a strategic reserve and suspended all activities at Kasenseli Gold Mine following a cabinet decision.

Hon. Kampyongo said it is the desire of the government to see to it that the local community and beyond benefit from the resource.

“The natural resource found in this area must be harnessed for the benefit of the local community first and foremost and beyond,” he said.

He observed the need for police to intensify security in the area which has been invaded by foreigners from all walks of life who are buying gold from illegal miners

He said if illegal mining in the area is allowed to continue despite the Presidential directive and the community continues to feel excluded it may culminate in civil strife as the residents would also want to benefit from the resource.

Hon. Kampyongo thanked the Chief and his subjects for exercising patience as the government works on modalities to conduct structured mining in the area which would also see the community benefit through the construction of roads, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure.

And Chief Chibwika has appealed to the government to consider putting up a police station in the area to help combat crime which he says has been on an increase following the discovery of gold.

“It is important if we can have police presence here by way of a police post it will help us address some of these issues, being a border area we have all these people crossing both ways,” he appealed.

The Home Affairs Minister was accompanied by the Provincial Minister Hon Nathaniel Mubukwanu, Deputy Inspector General of Police Eugene Sibote among other senior security government officials.


  1. Illegal mining is not only bad for the economy but also for the safety of those desperate people involved. In most cases the desperate illegal miners are used by powerful gangs. Let this be a warning. Any one found wanting will face the wrath of the law . Kz

    • @ kaizar Zulu. FYI you are being watched. We know what you’re doing, we know what you’ve done and also know what you’re planning to do in terms of intimidation, harassment, torture or false imprisonment of innocent Zambians. Everything you’ve done in your name or in Lungu’s name is well documented.

  2. God must be laughing at us wherever he is. And he is in shock. I can clearly hear Him shouting

    “What sort of government is this that in incapable of protecting all my blessings to it’s people? First, it was mukula and now, gold. Unbelievable!”

    We are doomed.

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