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National Road Fund Agency collects K1.2 Billion in toll fees in 2019

Economy National Road Fund Agency collects K1.2 Billion in toll fees in 2019

The National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) collected over K 1.2 billion in toll fees last year. NRFA Chief Executive Officer Wallece Mumba said this surpasses the initial One billion Kwacha estimated target for 2019.

Mr. Mumba has attributed the increase of revenue collection to the addition of Eight toll gates to 24 doted across the country. Speaking at a press briefing, Mr. Mumba said in 2018 the agency collected 9 hundred and 26 Million Kwacha.

Mr. Mumba said for 2020 the Agency has projected an even further increase of about K 1.6 Billion. He said this year the agency has plans to increase toll gates revenue collection to 40 countrywide.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mumba also disclosed that the road sector budget for the financial year 2019 was K 6.4 billion with local resources contributing over K 2 billion while external resources contributed over K 4.4 billion kwacha.

Mr. Mumba also revealed that the Agency received over K 590 million from Government from December 2019 to January 2020 to pay local road contractors.

He said so far, the agency has paid out over K 4 000 million to local contractors and over K 70 Million paid to foreign contractors.

Meanwhile, NRFA Road Tolling Director Daniel Mtonga said the introduction of the electronic card system is now bearing fruits as the agency managed to collect over K 116 million.

Mr. Mtonga said that this year the agency plans to issue 8 000 Electronic Card System countrywide.


  1. This is double taxation. The government taxes the citizens for roads then when a citizen buys a car they impose another tax called road toll

  2. Let us continue to develop Zambia. Please don’t put it in the hands of those who can privatise Zambia and sell it again. We have come a long way. President Lungu is a visionary President.

  3. Excellent accountability by disclosing the amount collected. This is what pf stands for. That money will be invested back into our communities. Oh how marvellous. Great work. Next we need to regulate and tax social media platforms. Kz

    • @ kaizar Zulu. FYI you are being watched. We know what you’re doing, we know what you’ve done and also know what you’re planning to do in terms of intimidation, harassment, torture or false imprisonment of innocent Zambians. Everything you’ve done in your name or in Lungu’s name is well documented.

  4. How can a country have 40 toll gates ?

    Countries with 1000 times more tarmac roads than Zambia have less then 10 toll gates in the whole country !

  5. Figures are not adding up. To begin with, what is K4,000M?

    It seems you paid contractors more than you had in hand (70m + 4000m) yet you only received K590 from govt for the same.


  6. Every developed country has toll roads and people get charged daily but then they use that money to develop the roads and maintain the roads not pocket it, I hope lungu and his govt put strict money monitoring so that every ngwee is counted for and put to proper use

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