Zambia should not be divided by selfish politicians ahead of the 2021 general elections-President Lungu

PF Supporters welcoming President Lungu
PF Supporters welcoming President Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has said that Zambia belongs to all tribal groupings in the country and should not be divided by selfish politicians ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Speaking on arrival at Kasama Airport, Saturday morning, President Lungu said tribalism is a retrogressive act that should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

The Head of State says no tribe is superior than the other and that all citizens regardless of their political affiliation have an obligation to safeguard the peace the country has enjoyed over the years.

He said tribal conflicts that have rocked North Western Province should not be allowed to go unchecked.

President Lungu urged the provincial leadership in Northern Province to continue promoting peace in the region.

“We the Patriotic Front have a legacy of peace. In our strongholds, there has never been fights,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State also advised the Police to ignore those branding them as opposition cadres. He said he cannot be swayed into believing in baseless allegations against the Police by some politicians.

On the issue of maintaining law and order ahead of the 2021 general elections, President Lungu urged Police officers to use minimum force when necessary as they execute their duties.

“What we need in this country is peace. You will not always be praised for the job you do for this nation,” President Lungu said.

And Northern Province Minister Hon Chungu Bwalya assured the President that no amount of divisive tactics by some politicians will sway the people of Northern Province into working against the ruling party.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu drums up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) Candidate Mulenga Fube in the February 13th Parliamentary by-election at Santa Maria Mission in Chilubi constituency, Northern Province.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu drums up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) Candidate Mulenga Fube in the February 13th Parliamentary by-election at Santa Maria Mission in Chilubi constituency, Northern Province.

Meanwhile, speaking during the launch of the One Animal Per Household Project ‘Chipompo Livestock Service Centre’ and commissioning of the Musa Milk Processing Centre, President Lungu said the livestock sector has enormous potential to create jobs for citizens countrywide.

He said Government is determined to transform the livestock sector into a lucractive business for livestock farmers.

The Head of State commended the African Development Bank, IFAD and other cooperating partners for their unwavering support to Zambia.

On the other hand, Hon. Chungu, the Provincial Minister, said the commissioning of the Musa Processing Centre and Chipompo Livestock Service Centre is a milestone and commended the Head of State for his commitment in developing Northern Province.

Meanwhile, Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Hon Nkandu Luo said the ministry will not relent in actualising Government’s vision on economic diversification.

And the African Development Bank representative Mary Munyau said the US$18 million livestock development project is expected to grow the livestock sector in areas such as Kasama, Chinsali, Luwingu, Isoka and Mbala.

Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa showered accolades on President Lungu for his commitment towards delivering on his campaign promises.

He urged the people of Kasama to continue rallying behind the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) for continued development.

Muchinga Province Minister Hon Malozo Sichone, Minister of Lands Hon Jean Kapata, Minister of Gender Hon Elizabeth Phiri, Minister of Transport and Communications Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya, Kasama Mayor Fredrick Chisanga, Lukanshya Member of Parliament Hon. Munkonge, Kasama District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa and Kasama Town Clerk Zakeyo Mbao were on hand to receive the President at Kasama Airport and attended the programmes in Kasama district.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu drums up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) Candidate Mulenga Fube in the February 13th Parliamentary by-election at Santa Maria Mission in Chilubi constituency, Northern Province.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu drums up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) Candidate Mulenga Fube in the February 13th Parliamentary by-election at Santa Maria Mission in Chilubi constituency, Northern Province.


  1. That’s how a leader talks, denouncing tribalism. And he’s right, in PF strongholds, violence doesn’t happen during elections and other parties should preach the same.

  2. Awe sure my people. You mean you don’t know how to spell the word continue. And this ..has MP…what is that about????

  3. This is sickening from the president? Did you hear what Bizwell and Luo said about Tongas? Or your bootlickers are shielding you from reality? Wake up man and do your job as president the country is in deep trouble.

  4. If someone is still in doubt, this confirms that the PF Kateka truly has no vision to see tribal officials in PF like Bizwel and Father Luo! In Psychiatry, this behavior is called Projection where you don’t want to admit your own faults but instead you project your faults on others, especially those you don’t like. Maybe he is blinded by the Spell from Seer1. The PF Kateka is the architect and sponsor of Tribalism and violence in Zambia and since it serves him well politically, don’t expect his lip service to end it. The only people who can end violence and Tribalism in a situation where a Kateka is in denial are the citizens themselves to tell the Kateka himself to his face! When hell breaks loose, it’s not the Kateka to suffer but the very citizens! We are not safe under this man!

  5. Both the PF and UPND are guilty of tribal politics. In the same manner that he fired Tongas, he must move to fire several Luvale, Lunda, Bemba and Easterners preaching tribal politics if indeed he’s serious. We told Tongas the same thing but they thought we were joking now they’re on the receiving end. ECL don’t just condemn please move to criminalize tribalism

  6. PF is behaving like US. It calls for war and fights it on the enemies soil. Then it turns around to say in our country we don’t fight. What a hell. You take violence into opposition’s strongholds. Stop fooling Zambians. From North to South and East to West we are never fighters by nature. Pliz

  7. If the president is serious about tribalism he should have admonished Chanda, Nkandu and Mutale straight. It seems he is scared of his team. Sata was straight he told off Mwenya Musenge that ‘ulicipuba’.

  8. It’s typical of Zambians. They’re not willing to delve the genesis of the problem. Sikota Wina has written THE NIGHT WITHOUT A PRESIDENT to document for posterity how a UNIP meeting in 1967 was affected by tribal disagreements. The foreword to the book was written by John Mwanakatwe who was also present at the meeting at Chilenje welfare hall. How many of u hv read the book, including Lungu himself and those who advise him such as Kaizar Zulu? I’m trying to get Sikota Wina to reprint the book because a new generation has grown up since he wrote it in 1985.

  9. He is lost my president,insteady of condemning mutale, ugly (woman)and nyale yamu trousers,he decided to condemn North Western province.

  10. Reading above article one comes out with sense of feeling like PF administration as joined other political parties in Perpetual disinformation of their voters.
    2021 please leading parties find someone else in your parties to change the narrative how many years you’ve been in leadership and you continue talking tribalism. You are failed to understand aspiration of the people you are trying to lead.

    It’s going to be very difficult for you to govern internationally after 2021.
    Because uncertainty you keep piling on.

  11. PF has a lot of cadres in police force. We see what they do. Tutwa Ngulube has also tribalism element because he knows that even if this time he stood he wont win. I am waiting to see how he is going to make it.
    2021PF kuyabebele. Mwalya shafula ngatwamilekelesha mukapwisha nembuto ishimulelya

  12. Coz in your perceived strong holds you are freely able to intimidate others and manipulate votes, so no violence but where it’s not your strong hold you are not allowed to manipulate and intimidate others and when you fight, they too fight back and you call it violence.

  13. Waking up in Durban with a serios hangover but to this great and wise message from our president is motivating. We know there is one infamous party with stronghold in the south that is causing trouble and trying to separate us. We will not allow it to spread tribal agenda. My wlfe regina always says a tribal man is a troubled man. Kz

  14. Is this man in charge or is just eating his own vomits. Surely I can’t believe that Zambia is in leadership crisis. His own party leaders are the ones spearheading tribalism and all he does is to put cotton wool in his ears. What no sense is this from this called president! ?

  15. You know, I have come to realize that those Bemba colonials called Bisas like Sata, Nkandu Luo and that boy Sampa are the most tribal baboons in Zambia. Especially Nkandu Luo, no wonder she bears such a cunning semblance to Zinjanthropus, she is an ape still evolving!

  16. Hehehe…..wonders just never cease in this ravaged economy. Edgar Lungu’s own Minister Nkandu Luo is on record promoting tribalism a few days ago. I hope he strongly rebuked her

  17. People in Central Province are mostly Lenje, why do they continue voting for tribal zealots like Tutwa Ngulunyo who in turn go round insulting Bantu Botatwe that they’re tribal. Well, next year let him go kumawa and run on PF ticket in Vubwi or Kasenengwa!

  18. Or let me put it this way tribalism started with ANC leaders in early 1960s.upnd is the daughter of ANC’s political ideology.
    Thank ECL who has toured southern province than any other president who ever lived in Zambia to try to unify the nation.In times of severe drought in the province his government was there for help although of some Chiefs,political players and their followers were insulting ECL day and night.
    Tribalism has its long history with politicians from southern province dated back kk era.Recently Bembas and Easterners have join vices in various social settings.They are doing that as a platform of previous revenge mainly through politics.

  19. Zambia has a serious leadership crisis as the country is on auto pilot as the captain behaves as though he is not present!!

  20. The missing president ignored by world leaders throughout the world! Shows where the country is headed… in a ditch..

  21. If he is serious about what he’s saying he was going to take action on what ugly Luo and her minion friends said.

  22. Ba Lungu ad it’s party, jst leave in peace, we didn’t put u there to divide us. U hv done yo part ad leave the country in problems. Let others also try, don’t scare us tht we vote for u, never, for this is not 2016. Now it’s 2021, we need change. All those are yo words u’ll never change us.

  23. I could be wrong but can someone answer me how canceling your competitors campaign rallies enhances democracy.
    Just reverse the thinking, would the current govt understand this situation if the tables were turned? Where is ECZ in all this?

  24. How did we end with this moron as a Head of State? this is why his juniors like Prof. Luo can spew all that rubbish as they know that their President secretly approves it. A Head of State should be unifying force …there he is wasting four days campaigning this is more that the funds he could have used for the AU summit where he sent his Foreign Affairs minister, its defeats the purpose of austerity.

  25. Hope nkandu luo her children they don’t resemble her , because luo she is very ugly .face ugly ,body ugly , walking ugly ,voice ugly and singing chileya.

  26. Indeed Zambians have short memories! They have forgotten the tribal remarks by ECL, Mumbi Phiri, Davies Mwila & many others before. They have forgotten that it’s ECL who has been terminating jobs of people from Southern, Western and Northern-Western Provinces. It’s sad.

  27. ECZ must be disbanded. It is not serving the people of Zambia. It is an organ of the criminal gang that is now fighting for its life. How long Zambians are we going to continue tolerating this ineptitude, this gangsterism, this deception, this callous criminal leadership? These are not leaders, it is a collection of bandits who have seized our instruments of governance. We must chase them out because they are of the devil.

  28. By alienating Tongas and Kaondes, the PF are just spreading secessionist sentiments beyond Barotseland to North Western, Southern and Central provinces. This country is so fractured tribally, anytime soon things will fall apart. This Bisa onchestrated tribal bigotry is destroying Zambia. These fu.cking baboons must be stopped!

  29. This is a case of denying your own biological child. I hope this man is not serious in his sentiments. May well meaning pastors deliver lungu from the do as I say power which his lieutenants are using to influence him. Oh boy I forget that all churches in Zambia are compromised, they have their minds on the money and money on their minds therefore no one can genuinely offer a prayer for this country hence the confusion. The Bible says the prayer of a righteous man prevails much but I don’t think there is any such people in this country anymore. We are lost and we need to do as 2 chronicles 7:14 says if we have to see peace prevail in our lands.

  30. Selfish and forked tongued politicians like Edgar Chagwa Lungu should not be allowed to divide us! All Lawyers I know are careful about what they say but Edgar Chagwa Lungu has not convinced us that he is truly a Lawyer! Only the simple minded take him seriously!

  31. Where ever there is a stinking tribal remark, without a single exception, you will always find a Bisa person there. Is it there close proximity to Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire that makes this vile baboons so innured to acts that always lead to genocides? I will report Nkandu Luo to the EU so that like the US they also deny this ugly ape visas!

  32. Even in South Africa, we should lobby their Department of International Relations to deny Luo any visa, that will teach her a lesson to desist from stinking tribal bigotry that can lead to genocide. If they want, let them secede fuc.kin Muchinga from Zambia, we are tired of their coronavunyonyonyo of theirs.

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