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Kanyama Compound residents apprehend two suspects allegedly behind gassing houses

General News Kanyama Compound residents apprehend two suspects allegedly behind gassing houses

Residents in Kanyama Compound in the early hours of today apprehended two suspects alleged to be behind the gassing of houses and descended on them beating one to death while the other one was rescued by Police Officers on Patrol.

It is alleged that the suspects were seen spraying an unknown chemical through a partially closed window at some flat in the area and when the occupants called for help, members of the public descended who they caught after running away from the scene.

This happened between 01 00 hours and 03 00 hours in Kanyama Compound. The other suspect is detained in police custody and investigations have continued.

Another unidentified person was burnt to death in the early hours of today in Pepsi area in Kanyama Compound.

It is alleged that the victim was in the company of two other suspected criminals and were spotted trying to throw unknown substance in a house in the area and that members of the public gave chase and one of the suspects was caught and set ablaze by the mob.

There were also three cases of Malicious Damage to property recorded in the early hours of today, 12th February 2020 in which three motor vehicles were damaged by irate members of the public in separate incidences. Involved were a Toyota Corolla ALG 2648 which a mob had found parked on road 55 in Kanyama.

The mob set the motor vehicle on fire on suspicion that the occupants were among the people spraying households with a suspected chemical substances.

The two occupants of the motor vehicle were in the area to pick up someone around 05 00 hours and when they saw the mob advancing towards them, they sped off unfortunately reached a point where the tarmac was dug hence abandoned the motor vehicles and ran for safety.

In Matero a Land Cruiser had its windscreen shattered and the occupants beaten by a mob on suspicion of spraying chemical substances while another motor vehicle has been burnt with the occupants beaten and was rushed to Matero Hospital.

And the Zambia Police Service says it has observed with great concern, the growing trend in which members of the public are taking the law into their own hands by resorting to meting out instant justice on suspects.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has reminded members of the public that the effects of mob justice amount to criminality and police officers are investigating all such cases and all those who will be found wanting will be arrested and prosecuted.

Mrs Katongo has assured members of the public that the police are doing everything possible to restore peace and order in communities’ and appealed to them to cooperate and partner with police officers deployed in their respective areas.

She said in instances where members of the public apprehend suspects, they should surrender them to any nearest police.


  1. Let us desist from violent acts. There was no need for beating the suspects. You can effect a citizens arrest and call the relevant authority. I hope the police will also take action against those that beat the two suspects. I detest mob justice. Kz

  2. I shudder at the thought of an innocent person being maimed & brutally murdered by an instant justice mob.
    What does one expect from “tumpyongo” -B0wman & (Ch!mp)yongo??
    I hope one day when Brutes like B0wman, Pfolice commander Ch!nganja & (Ch!mp)y0ngo are no longer in power, people hand them over to Komboni mobs to teach them some “democratic instant…

  3. These slum areas …Kanyama ,Chibolya ,Kalingalinga have become hellish because of increasing poverty & unemployment brought to you by PF misrule.

  4. the police they are doing nothing, the gvnt ordered the military to make sure that city market is clean , and now they are quite on this serious issue , when people are loosing their lives every day shame

  5. These PF can’t even tell the time.. just say between nsonsonso.
    Unknown Chemicals, unkown chemicals
    Unknown people .

  6. the police are in chilubi island not in communities protecting the residents who’s tax money pay for their salaries.
    they are in chilubi not to maintain peace, law and order, but to intimidate the op position parties .
    this has been going on for over a month, a competent police force would have found out what chemicals are being used, find out what stores carry those and address such, but are busy saying “gassing” wtf is that?
    the only time these cops really work is when they get instructions from higher up to go harass the o ppositio, they move so swiftly, anything else is mediocrity

  7. UPND in Ndola have reported Kabushi PF Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo to the police for allegedly issuing derogatory remarks against party leader Hakainde Hichilema.
    During a public rally at Lubuto market in Ndola last Saturday, Mr Lusambo said Mr. Hichilema was a Satanist who was collaborating with Nigerian prophet calling himself Seer 1.
    Because of this, the UPND in Ndola has filed a complaint at Masala Police Station against Mr Lusambo.
    UPND Kabushi constituency Chairman Henry Bwalya accused Mr. Lusambo of uttering hate speeches against Hichilema.
    “This is not the first time this Bowman Lusambo is using hate and insulting language on president HH. If we react, we will be called names, because we have the capacity to face Bowman. But we want the law to take its course,” Mr…

  8. Our shambolic police force overseen by one incompetent IG are equally to blame, the moment that dull IG stated that he would not disclose the gas being used, it didn’t help matters. Even someone spraying bodyspray in his bedroom is calling for trouble. Some wicked people in kombonis use this opportunity to settle scores with their neighbours who are coming home drunk, how do you defend yourself from an irate justice mob out for blood apart from running for your dear life

  9. Comment: the public is doing the good thing by burning the ritual killers to death it’s called self defense… and the police should not interfere if they can’t manage to caught one bcz the wise said don’t give to enemies a second chance to device a second move… why did the president have board gard ……..

  10. The Challenge we have is that the police is not updating the nation on those who were caught. I remember last time wen we had those guys for sets in 2015 -2016. some pipo were apprehended but up to date the public don’t no if those individuals where taken to caught or are still in custody. You can’t say the whole entire police service have failed to get out the information from these boys on whom is sending them to do the babalic act. We want to know the one who is behind this act. Me i don’t support citizen taking the law in there on hand but at the same time people are losing life and remember life is irreplaceable. Pipo can do what ever to save their life. SO PLEASE POLICE HELP THIS NATION BY BEING PROACTIVE IN YOUR DUTIES. LET US KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THOSE BOYS WHO WERE…

  11. Lets stop the violence Zambia is a christian Nation. Let the police do their job, don`t take the case in your own hands. Pray truly for our GOD to answer us.

  12. @kaiza, police should start by arresting you for arson, assault and kidnapping! Then arrest the party’s sponsored gassers. This is what happened in 2015!!

  13. This is what PF goverment wants, for the rest of us to be demorolized and too angry at each other to recognize that they’re our real enemy

  14. Mob justice is allowed in every country. So the ritual killer deserve to be killed too. So once caught let’s do what what saying goes” do to others as u would like them to do to you” blood for blood. Ine once I catch u weather suspect or what u are gone.

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