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UPND accuse ECZ of faling to enforce the Electoral Process Act to disqualify PF from Chilubi By Elections


The UPND says it is taken aback at the Zambia Police and the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s failure to control the political violence in Chilubi Constituency.

Party Secretary-General Stephen Katuka has noted with concern the continued attacks on UPND campaign officials in Kasali Polling station of Mulenga Mumpangwe village of Chilubi Constituency and the Police, Electoral Commission of Zambia silence on the matter.

Mr. Katuka says the PF cadres armed with assorted weapons an intercepted the UPND campaign vehicle carrying their campaign team and badly attacked party Deputy Secretary-General Patrick Mucheleka and his team on their way to Chaba from Kasali polling station, injuring Lubilo Ward Councillor Albert Ndoba and another campaign team member , damaged the vehicle in full view of an armed police officer yesterday 11th February 2020.

Mr Katuka said two of UPND officials have since been hospitalized.

“As usual, Zambians should not expect the thuggery PF to take responsibility. They would instead parade known corrupt megaphones to play dirty on serious life threatening events at the expense of national security and human rights”, he added.

Mr Katuka said it is only under the PF where some people are feeding their families through lawlessness and dirty statements meant to clean blood- thirsty PF.

“We are shocked that the Zambia Police Service and the ECZ have continued to ignore these violent attacks on our officials and have continued to hope for free ,fair and peaceful elections in a violent political atmosphere”, Mr. Katuka added.

He said clearly, the ECZ has failed to enforce the Electoral Process Act to disqualify the Patriotic Front for perpetrating violence in Chilubi.

Mr Katuka said the ECZ is highly compromised and wondered how they will manage the general elections in 2021 given the high level of complacency exhibited by the Commission and the inept chairmanship of Justice Essau Chulu.

He noted with regret that there are so many attacks on the UPND campaign team which the Police and ECZ have opted to ignore .

“In an ideal situation, we expected the ECZ to act on the matter by punishing the perpetrators through disqualification. We would like to demand that Justice Chulu steps aside with immediate effect. Under his Chairmanship, ECZ has lamentably failed to hold free ,fair and credible elections”, he added.

He said similarly, Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja should retire as the task ahead is too big for him.


  1. If this happened, then we are in deep trouble come 2021. Can someone please take charge and control the situation?

  2. Look here, any violence must be reported to the police in order for investigations to be commissioned. Once there is ample evidence this can then be used to instruct legal proceedings. You can then use if successful the findings of the courts as evidence to submit to the ecz or any relevant authority. Ecz is not competent to decide that an incident is an illegal act of violence. They act based on sufficient

  3. No one will take control as long as UPND smelling loose of election they will play behind violence. Institution have known them now .

  4. Zambia in the sun! When you elect a fraudulent lawyer for president and he then appoints illiterates as political strategist and advisers, You then end up with a thuggish government.

  5. Reading what Kazer Zulu has written, you deduce that EVZ is controlled by State House. In other words he is saying that ECZ won’t do anything.

  6. It is your own fault UPND…..

    I have been telling you to get video evidence and let us do the rest,

    instead you remain crying like village idiyyoots when there is a smart way to teach these thugs a lesson……

    Video evidence badala …….

  7. Apa so petafika so ka?
    There is no going back. We are now to this wolf wolf call from the upndead.
    Every election period, it is upndead crying and whining and cursing and groaning and making the case for no reason and crying on top of the world and checking ECZ trucks and wanting to win at all costs and insulting and disparaging the ECZ. Now, is ECZ police? No! Do they power to end electoral violence? No! Is upndead credible? No! Upndead is simply extremely petty.
    Mazoka, why did you creat this dead party ai? Tell us in that grave mwee!

  8. @Spaka: there is nothing ifyaku kopa naiwe. Upnd are just confused mangwams. They have no strategy. It’s cry cry and hope the world will intervene. Mwaloba ilyauma, ba kolwe….

  9. This is what I always laugh at UPND! ! Mucheleka was on ZNBC newsline yesterday with GBM.They were saying that campaigns are done peaceful.How come today we hear that mucheleka was harmed? I pity HH’s new bedroom life with CK.HH is getting blank Cheque from CK leading to poor Chilubi judgement.Its not always right for UPND to deal with Facebook and LT bloggers on real game. CK is a small choleric impostor who knocked so hard on the door to get back to PF but his same temperament goons like Davis Mwila influenced not to allow him using back doorway methods.They granted frustrated CK to come the way miles Sampa,GBM,Mulenga Sata etc came but he refused.Today UPND is getting unorganized political strategy from CK with hope of destroying PF.What a joke!! Don’t accuse PF or ECZ.Oppositions…


    Tomorrow’s BY – ELECTION is 50th Since Edgar CHAGWA LUNGU came on political Scene.

    HISTORICALLY; ECL’s current tenure Of office has WON more by – elections since 1991.

    And Zambia is one of democratic Country in Africa.

    @Spaka do your research.

  11. UPND should show leadership in the opposition! This party lacks the fire you need to win an election! It’s like you never learn from your past mistakes! The question I have is didn’t you anticipate this PF behavior as you planned for this By-election? Why didn’t the opposition front field one candidate? After you smell defeat, you expect sympathy from who? Do you honestly think PF can disqualify themselves for all the glaring malpractices? The fragmentation of our opposition will gift PF victory in 2021! It seems UPND does not have what it takes to galvanize the opposition to field one candidate in every election and that’s a recipe for defeat! We need another team to take on PF! UPND is boring for sure!!!

  12. It is clear that both HH and Kambwili have mutated into a set of laughing stock in the SADC region. I can only speculate that Brenthurst, their funding agent, has abandoned these political jokers. As for Kambwili, he must watch his health because he is prone to suffer from stress which could progress into developing a heart attack.

  13. Crying like Under 5 babies all the way into 2021. Your UPND has no strayegy under (HH).
    Where is Milupi’s war crimes report? He said it was 95% complete. Is it still at 95%?
    Bumbling lDiots

  14. Imagine if this had taken place in Southern province. There would be no end to the tribally inclined vitriol!! The real price of putting thugs into high office is the blood you will shed in removing them. Don’t for one moment think you’ll peacefully vote these guys out and they’ll ride off into the sunset.

  15. When people are killed, injured and many property damaged in your lust to stay in power and you call yourself a Christian nation, is Zambia blaspheming God? How dare you associate evil with the Holy Jesus! May the Almighty speedly pronounce judgement on you.

  16. Yes, UPND has no strategy whatsoever to win a general election and here is why. The problem that UPND has is that as a party they are unattractive to many people. Reason being many people have evaluated and come to the conclusion that UPND is just a vehicle to drive one man’s agenda of trying to in State House period. All the hype, the inconsequential promises of “hope and help” dont matter. If indeed UPND was serious in being the alternative government given the challenges Zambia has faced, they could have found a serious presidential candidate other than the one people have rejected and will soon reject in 2021. Its very clear people cant entrust power only in one person who thinks he is the answer to everything, its practically impossible. Thats the problem here, HH has made it…

  17. The ubomba mwibala regime does not stop to amaze, you chase your political opponents from campaigning in Chilubi and you are there campaigning alone and you are comfortable with it. My foot

  18. Inflation – hay wire, rising and rising double digit
    Reserves – gone and burried
    Exchange rate – quarrelling with the failed PF regime
    Mealie meal price – beyond reach
    Lawlessness – order of the day(Ministers not paid back salaries, court ruling ignored, others campaigning others stopped, FIC report is mfwiti mfwiti, impeachment motion thrown out, Lawrence Banda, Roan NDC member, Mapenzi Chibulo and others Killed)
    American Ambassador sent away for saying there is corruption

  19. @KAIZER, Don’t forget where you came from, people like you make Zambians look stupid. You think what PF is doing is Normal? Would have Sata succeeded if other presidents treated him this way? Stop your nonsense because immediately PF is out. You will be arrested.

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