Sunday, June 16, 2024

See man destroy PF talking points in Chilubi



  1. The UPND cadre came from Kitwe. He was talking to an empty house similar to the lady in Kasama prior to General Elections.REMEMBER how GBM used to boast how he had finished PF in Kasama!

    The UPND rally was so poorly attended by 15women and 25 kids plus expensive speakers..

  2. These are type of campaigners the opposition needs. He hails from the community ,understands the prevailing problems and can communicate clearly to the populace.

  3. Only people from Southern Province and Western province can vote for UPND. Other parts of Zambia will never vote for UPND even if a saint stood on UPND ticket. Other parts of Zambia just copy and paste what Ndundumwezi does.

  4. @kci, how do you explain the ecz election difference of 100,000 between ECL and HH in 2016? Infact the correct difference was only 13,000. Continue dreaming by the time you wake up, you will find all the personal benefits you have been enjoying from corrupt PF have gone

  5. This guy is not campaigning for upnd but is just telling people the truth that pf has failed to develop their area in 4 years now do you think pf will develop in few months from now to 2021? No he is very right,soon you will hear this guy has been eaten by pf cadres

  6. kci, based on your comment, I’d thus assume the only people with any common sense and wisdom hail from Southern and Western province!!!

  7. @Kubeja Badala , do not think that whoever sees reality is a PF supporter. Talk to me about Chilubi tomorrow when the results are announced. The same will happen in 2021. I do not even vote but my job entiles travelling around the country and tribalism in Zambia is a big problem. Whether from opposition or ruling party.

  8. That’s why PF cannot allow opposition to hold rallies or meetings anywhere. They know if this truth comes out then they are finished.

  9. Great speech and he was free to say all those things. This is what we want in our country ..people should be free to denounce political leaders and their parties. This is what we want also to see in Southern Province..let people be free to denounce HH and UPND without beating them .. stop hating your neigbours just coz they dont support UPND.

  10. Useless sensational videos. Some of us are too busy working for the country to respond to such emotional garbage.

  11. Really laughable ..Who is this man? I like this man so much that I want to wire him £50 no strings attached. These are the people you need at grassroots level who speak the language, no insults just right facts. I hope the boy Kamponygo wont arrest this man.

  12. Thorn in the A$$ – Why should you comment from the thread off bloggers’ comments? It just shows your level of thinking you small chaps…no wonder you can not engage opponents in issue based debates. You chaps have destroyed this forum with your cadreism. That man is speaking from the hear t about facts on the ground,.

  13. ECZ has shown to the whole Zambia that they are incapable of delivering and ensuring free and fair elections take place. Ecz is the reason Zambia got a mediocre government in the first place, they thought that if they do like they did for mwanawasa over mazoka maybe things mind go as well as they did but alas they didn’t and look where their incompetence got us today. If they fail to execute what they are mandated to do there is no reason to have them in Zambia. How can the ECZ who register voters go on to mention a combined vote for the PF and opposition that exceeds the total registered voters in the constituency. I bet lungu knows the truth of the fair results of the previous elections that is why the man has not been sleeping or made it easy for his opponents otherwise if he won it…

  14. He gives me hope that Zambia’s exposure to Sata’s Bisa bigotry has not taken deep enough root enough to split this country into pieces! The last thing we need is secessionist sentiments to spread from Barotseland to their cousins in Northwest and Southern, that’ll doom Zambia.

  15. Wow….the man is spitting fire , he’s an eloquent speaker saying the truth n we all know what the truth does to those he’s talking about.

  16. Whatever the results NDC is the winner. Use this formulary, let real votes be X , years of party existing be q , number of times the party existance W ,frequent courts be y and intimidation from government be t squared
    Real votes will be what the party will get divide by (q) x (w)x (y)

  17. Is Kadansa still alive? For those who do not know him, he used to give free polical and development lectures along Cairo road, mostly around the post office area during the UNIP era. This man speaks like him.

  18. PF should be weeded out and brought down! So that the spirit and unity of this great land called Zambia will once again be revived.
    It means we can stop sweating and bleeding for corrupt PF politicians

  19. If you want the government to take a pay cut.Different from the high salaries graduates earn.Say so.I am sure that many of you have a graduate in the family.And are glad for the little bit of money that a graduate could pass.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  20. Modern civilization has not been won by brute force and tug of war.But by listening to what the small man has to say.This Baboon mentality has not only proliferated the gun in Africa.As apart from any other weapon. But has destroyed the seeds that are sure to grow in to mighty trees.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  21. Do not let me say what is on my mind.Noah said that a great flood is coming.Well I say that a great judgement is coming.As bad as you might appear to be.Take note.That the pen remains mightier than the sword.Not just in law enforcement.But also in every sphere of human activity.Perhaps you all should wish for your children and family.What you all wish for others.Some people are not ready for the future.But in all my life I am yet to see a bus break down with in a few yards from the bus stop.When you see a bus approaching the stop.Ninety nine out of a hundred times that bus is going to pass the stop.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  22. And monkeys and apes begat humans.I tell you that far from apes being our uncle and cousin.Apes are our grand parents.In the same way slaves of yesterday would be our grand parents.I will now make my point that the poorest of humanity today.Enjoy a life style far better than the kings of yesterday.And I would add that things under a microscope look far different from what they look like in reality.Why do you not say that president Trump is a thief and thus corrupt.Or that Bloomburg the billionaire is some form of criminal.My life has been devoted to providing prosperity to all.As a rising tide would rise all ships.Please do not destroy the seeds that will become big trees.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  23. I must be hear it daily.That I am bad and negative and the white man is so beautiful and virtuous.I would end it here.You can not tell a book by the cover.So what would appear to be a rough stone with a bit of water and some care might turn out to be a valuable gem.PeterCarlos Hinds.

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