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Three burnt to death as Lusaka shanty compounds erupt and PF blames the opposition

Headlines Three burnt to death as Lusaka shanty compounds erupt and PF blames...

Police have confirmed that three people have been killed by instant mob in separate incidents in Lusaka’s densely populated shanty areas on suspicion of being behind the spate of house gassing.

And latest reports show that officers from the Zambia Army have been deployed in Kanyama compound, one of the areas where the riots erupted.

Police Spokeswoman Esther Katongo told a media briefing that three men from Chawama, Kanyama and John Howard were burnt to death separately by angry mobs following riots.

“In the early hours of today, members of the public in Kanyama attacked and killed an unknown male person on suspicion of being one of the people spraying households with chemical substances. They also blocked some roads in the area. Police responded to the report and after picking the body with the view of taking it to UTH, the mob charged and blocked the road and begun throwing all sorts of objects at the officers. As a result, they damaged the Police vehicle for Kanyama Police and further went and caused some damage on the newly constructed police station in the area and a Police House,” Mrs Katongo said.

She added, “Later around 10: 30 Hours, a mob in Kanyama West damaged a Police post and killed one member of the public. Another mob went and damaged Mumbwa Road Police Post. Various private properties have been damaged by the mob and are yet to be quantified.”

Mrs Katongo said in a related development, irate members of the public in Chawama ‘s John Howard descended and killed an unknown male adult who was later burnt and later attacked police officers at the Police Station and seriously injured some officers who were on duty.

She said another disturbance was recorded in Lusaka’s Chaisa area but quick response by police saved the situation from deteriorating and officers are still on the ground monitoring the situation.

“As a result of the confrontation in Chawama and Kanyama, we recorded casualties from both sides. The operation is still on and officers are still on the ground. More details will be availed in due course.”

Riots breaking off in Lusaka’s shanty towns

She added, “We reiterate our earlier call that people should be calm and allow the police to do their work without undue disturbance. The prevailing situation where members of the public are resorting to attacking police officers and getting to the street to riot is defeating the whole purpose of investigating the incidences of malicious administering of chemical substance on innocent citizens by criminals as the police may shift their attention to quelling riots.”

“We regret the loss of lives that have occurred, however, we wish warn the general public to desist from taking the law in their own hands as may come with serious repercussion.”

Mrs Katongo said the tendency by members of the public to attack and kill suspected criminals is unlawful and is against Zambian culture.

“We want to assure the general public and the nation at large that the police are doing everything possible to see to it that criminals behind this heinous crime are brought to book. We therefore call for patience and partnership from the general public,” Mrs Katongo said.

Unless they are beneficiaries, the PF should now direct their efforts against these criminals that are gassing people. Please show leadership now before citizens start taking the law in their own hands to protect themselves,Mr Hichilema said

And the PF says the opposition parties are behind the gassing of people’s homes.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda alleges that PF is aware that opposition UPND’s foreign funders have run out of patience.

“One of Opposition’s tick boxes and conditions to continue receiving funding from their fatigued sponsors is if they can successfully fuel civil unrest and make Zambia ungovernable. UPND does not care about the peace and prosperity of Zambia,” he claimed.

“All they are concerned about is to get power by any means- even if it means leaving our nation in a bloodied ruin of ashes. Zambians can see through their wicked plans. We are watching every step they take and they can be assured that we are ten steps ahead of them. They are panicking and it’s just a matter of time when they will reap what they sow,” Mr Chanda said.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has called upon the PF government to restore order in the country.

Mr Hichilema urged the PF not to politicize the ongoing security threats in Zambia.

“The PF will politicize anything on earth and above, they know nothing but politics. As a matter of fact, they despise us because they say we are not politicians but managers. They are right, the country needs prudent management not this incompetence,” Mr Hichilema said.

“When the problem is economical, they politicize instead of finding solutions.They will politicize hunger or lack of hunger. When there is a drought they politicize, and when there are floods it is the usual politics,” he said.

“We have told them that the horrific serial killing spree must be halted and that they must redirect the public resources at their disposal to resolving the security crisis, they engage in blame games and finger pointing at others as being responsible. Arrest the criminals, take them to the courts of law and nip the problem in the bud, stop blame games and do your job,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said the continued gassing and putting of lives at risk by criminals while the PF pay a blind eye, is unfortunate for the country.

“Once more, we would like to condemn this barbaric behavior and call on Mr Edgar Lungu to for once show leadership by directing part of the State resources to protecting citizens from these criminals. Security for our people must come first and not vote buying,” he said.

“Our people are living in fear and spending sleepless nights yet Mr Edgar Lungu has remained mute on this very serious issue bordering on national security.”

He added, “Unless they are beneficiaries, the PF should now direct their efforts against these criminals that are gassing people. Please show leadership now before citizens start taking the law in their own hands to protect themselves.”

And Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has called on Lusaka residents to remain calm.

Mr Sampa who toured the affected areas said order will soon be restored.

“This morning I took a tour of Kanyama township to check on the status after earlier disturbances from residents precipitated by night gassing of homes. Some culprits were arrested by the Police last night but residents pounced on police stations demanding to be given the arrested so that they burn them,” Mr Sampa said.

“Police resisted this request and that’s what led to consequent riots and damage to public installations like solar street lights. We also visited victims of the fracas admitted at Kanyama clinic. We found most in stable conditions.”

“Our appeal to residents of Lusaka is to remain calm but vigilant. Report to the police even at any sign or minimal danger of gassing. I witnessed the police patrolling the entire Kanyama and I gather it will be so overnight in all Lusaka townships. We shall prevail and get arrested all involved with the gassing antics,” he reassured.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa touring the areas where some riots took place Thursday morning

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa visiting affected people hospitalized acted their homes were gassed

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa visiting affected people hospitalized acted their homes were gassed

Riots breaking off in Lusaka’s shanty towns

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  1. Miles has decent work ethics. He is doing Lusambo’s job. While Lusambo is busy weighing his balls with his boss by calling himself BCL.

  2. Mwa mona ba pf, You politicized the police service to the point they have lost time to think and act as they were taught at Lilayi. You are now confused and as usual blaming your hog wash on the opposition. Are you not ashamed ?

  3. This is really getting out of hand, let us not take the law into our hands. The Zambia police and other security wings will handle the situation.

  4. What a ball of confusion. Angry mobs attacking innocent people and venting their anger on a clueless police force. A government exhibiting immaturity by blaming the opposition. Meanwhile, the real culprits are at loose and continue with their wicked acts. Who will come to the rescue? Lord have mercy on our country!

  5. Look at this Sunday chanda boy……even he can’t belive the crap involuntarily comming out of his mouth….

    Every thing is to blame the opposition ????

    Have some shame Sunday chanda.

  6. ““In the early hours of today, members of the public in Kanyama attacked and killed an unknown male person on suspicion of being one of the people spraying households with chemical substances”

    Hello – that’s the story right there. Who was spraying households with chemical substances, what substances and for what purposes? Why was he specifically targeted by the crowd?

  7. I was wondering when the cheap prop agenda would come into play of blaming opposition. It took too long. Our leaders are indeed clueless

  8. BARELY 48hrs ago the Inspector General of Police said there’s no such thing as gassing happening in Lusaka.

    Take the things you got from Seer 1 back please. Seer 1 said some of you are stubborn you don’t want to give him back his things.

  9. Police are full of cadres who have no clue as to what to do. They only know how to go after opposition parties to stop them from holding rallies and locking them up if they do as well as going after pilato and Laura miti whom they find as easy targets. When it comes to real police work they are lost.

  10. Bane no time wasting here these are the same guys who were burning public buildings ( markets) and killing people covering them in PF chitenge in the name of removing ma set ( private parties). Yes 3 military officers and a witch doctor were nabbed for the offense but I still believe others were left out.
    Look bane degree of planning is same . Planning and timing simply means an average intelligent person can’t plan like that although juju was involved just same only that this time around it started in c/belt.These gassers are well trained individuals and someone or people are sponsoring them.chemicals that they are using is known or will be discovered,am sure investigators are the ground to get to the bottom of matters.This is well orchestrated move.The assailants are motivated by…

  11. The so-called leadership and a compromised police are all in Chilubi trying to win a bye-election at all costs. It is indeed terrible that such things are happening in our country but one thing has clearly lacked in all of this for a number of years now – ROBUST GENUINE LEADERSHIP of the nation. It always feels like there is no captain at the helm of the ship called Zambia (similar to Zuma and Ramaphosa’s lack of direction)

  12. So the government of the day know who is responsible and it has taken them this long to act appropriately? Mr. Sunday Chanda your government is not serious and does not mean well. It’s has allowed the opposition to instil fear and death in the people you love and careful and all you can do is issue press statements.

  13. Why is it like this whenever we have by elections some people die,why? Any way our God is not asleep he watching who ever is behind this he must stop, my prayer is let who ever is doing is doing this let him/her also die

  14. Looks like people are venting out their frustrations with Lungu on the Zp, this is all because you can’t really see the difference between a PF cadre and a ZP officer. Cadres act like officers and officers act like cadres.

  15. Locked in meetings today. I cannot give comprehensive comments today. However we are working hard to deal with this unfortunate event.

  16. The poverty in Zambia is real, the frustrations are real and the anger is real. All those infrastructure projects you boast about did not add value to the ordinary Zambians life.

  17. Since you got fired and started hanging out here, many people have stopped commenting here. Either they are disgusted by your presence or they are afraid of your brutality.

  18. Mr. Hichilema said, “Once more, we would like to condemn this barbaric behavior and call on Mr Edgar Lungu to for once show leadership by directing part of the State resources to protecting citizens from these criminals. Security for our people must come first and not vote buying.” So, in what capacity will Mr. Edgar Lungu show leadership?

  19. Evil wicked people thrive under cover of violence.

    Zambians should stop reacting to Provocation; but draw together to expose culprits……once known, ………hand them to law enforcers. Naturally they may want to slap them around a bit!

  20. When you have a bad leader governing everything goes sour. For so long people have been pushed back and now they will do that which the police and army have failed to do. Police have become personal body for every jim and Jack in the PF and have for a long time neglected their duties and this is the consequence of that. Criminals have taken advantage of the slumber by the security wings. Had the police shown professionalism in executing their duties none of this would have happened. We have witchdoctors advertising useless things busy brainwashing people to attain what they themselves can’t attain for themselves.

  21. We have told you in the past that IG is incompetent and the police need help, this criminality should have been eliminated in Chingola but because police incompetency and lack of modern investigative techniques, others are replicating. In Chingola it had to take the midget commissioner Katanga to slip up, they were arresting Pastors or Bishops for speaking out instead of criminals today here we are with the army deployed on the streets. The opposition, NGOs should call for the removal of Police leadership they are too incompetent just pray that the are removed before 2021 as a President like Lungu who is equally incompetent and laidback will not drop anyone until its too late as was the Kz debacle even him he was not officially dropped.

  22. UPNDEAD is evil.

    In All this evil, I Thorn, see the read devils or evils right in the thick of it.
    All the gasers could be the deads for those who care to know.
    I don’t trust the read dead grouping mwe.

    Bushe iwe mazoka, ninshi wabumbile upnd ai?

    I curse the day upnd which turned upndead was born.
    Ifiko! Alabane ifiko mumapolitics fyekafyeka! Putu! Aaah!

  23. Apologies to all my supporters for not being here that much today. I have been very busy today and it didn’t help that last night was a very late one following JK’s release of another hit single. Sunga bana lungu. We danced so much. Today we were in meetings from 6am. We do this for the zambian people. Kz

  24. This is what PF goverment wants, for the rest of us to be demorolized tand oo angry at each other to recognize that they’re our real enemy

  25. Every concerned patriotic Zambian should work at getting rid of this incompetent curse on our nation called Patriotic Front. Please, campaign wherever you are and vote these clowns out next year. This is the only chance we have to bring positive change and sanity to our nation. Incompetent lazy Lungu and all his minions need to be go next year…to prison.

  26. 1. Incompetence. 2.Constant electioneering. 3. Useless overpriced infrastructure etc because the chinks say so 4. Corruption -should one go on ? Failure of the highest order. Zimbabwe/Uganda/ Kongo anyone? Anyone?

  27. The incompetent have “meetings all day” starting at 6 am, the smart and educated plan ahead. Songs won’t fuul us anymore. We want jobs, not sweet talk

  28. In Lusaka, Kanyama is the area with the highest density of bantustanis. It’s not surprising that it happened there. We heard rumours that the gassing is being perpetrated by PF. Now listen to what Sunday Chanda has said, “…One of Opposition’s tick boxes and conditions to continue receiving funding from their fatigued sponsors is if they can successfully fuel civil unrest and make Zambia ungovernable…”. Open your eyes, people. Mr. P above has a valid point!!

  29. Those with good memory will remember that what is happening is reminiscent of the UNIP Black Mamba clandestine operation where bomb contraptions were being planted in all sorts of places around the country especially more around Lusaka to create fear among the citizenry! Like the current situation there was general frustration among the people as the economy like is now was performing poorly and anger was building up in the general public! This tactic was meant to divert peoples attention from daily living challenges to fear of being bombed! Funny that it fizzled out and no one was arrested! What is happening could be orchestrated by the PF but it has backfired for instead of being intimidated the public is reacting! By blaming the UPND the police must “invite” Sunday Chanda for…

  30. contd….. for interview as he seems to have information that would be useful! PF wants to create chaos next it will be “State of Emergency” declaration followed by curfew and possibly suspension of elections indefinitely! Then more increases on pricing of commodities and services!

  31. Very unfortunate this hysteria, whilst mobs are killing innocent people with these barbaric actions why cant the Police act swiftly to arrest and charge with murder those who are committing these burings of alledged suspects?

    At the end of the day the same ones who are killing suspects are probably of the same criminal mindset of people who are doing this alleged gassing. Hysteria is the exact same thing that sees people kill their own grand parents on suspicion of being witches. What a shame!

  32. Honestly speaking chanda can blame opposition. After 2016 Elections one opposition leader stated that he shall make Zambia ungovernable. Indeed as per his promise we can see his declaration coming to pass. Is it a coincidence???


  34. Can someone please tell me the type of psychotropic substance that Sunday Chanda smokes?
    Your time of reckoning will come Mr Chanda, people are in turmoil a d suffering and scared out of their wit and when your mouth opens it’s nonsense…

  35. These incidents are coordinated. someone is sponsoring it. That said , your reaction Mr. Sampa I must say was impressive. very mature.
    I remember at university abroad, my non-core programm was in Politics. When my turn to talk about the political system in my country came, I proudly stood up and had just finished my opening line that ours was a ” one party participatory democracy” when the whole group burst out in spontaneous laughter. Nonplussed, i blurted my way through the rest. But one thing is now very clear, MULTI PARTY DEMOCRACY ( esp) IN A SETTING LIKE OURS IS inimical to national progress ( technology, scientific, culturally, socially). We need a model like/ modeled along China/ KK’s system. There are just too many chancers, greedy enough to subvert the country’s…

  36. Why should Sunday Chanda blame UPND for the gasing taking place in some parts of Zambia? What evidence has Chanda and the other PF rascals to uttter such wild accusations against an innocent political party? Chanda and his fellow pfoos may be planning a black mamba style fiasco against UPND but if so, it will boomerang against them. In case anyone reading this wasn’t born or was too young at the time of the black mamba fiasco here is some information. Frederick CHILUBA and his MMD were hellbent on stopping UNIP from contesting the 1996 election and so they hatched an evil plan called black mamba in which the government was planting bombs in some places and blamed UNIP for this. There were some casualties and a lot of UNIP leaders were arrested and detained for crimes that they never…

  37. …..committed. When the matter finally got to court it was established that state agents were behind the bombings and all the accused were acquitted. Too bad for UPND if a similar thing occurred as UNIP was only saved because the judiciary at that time was fairly independent unlike now when it is not. UPND and all well meaning Zambians WATCH OUT!

  38. PF should be weeded out and brought down! So that the spirit and unity of this great land called Zambia will once again be revived.

  39. PF caders are hired thugs and paid killers for PF goverment.
    There’s a video making rounds to prove my statement, a video of a PF cader (KAPONYA) showing off K200, 000 (Two Hundred Thousand Kwacha cash in bundles) and boasting that there’s more on the way…
    What kind of job does a kaponya do for PF for him to earn more than Two Hundred Thousand Kwacha ??

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