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Kalusha Fails FAZ Integrity Test For March 28 FAZ Elections

Sports Feature Sports Kalusha Fails FAZ Integrity Test For March 28 FAZ Elections

Kalusha Bwalya has failed the integrity test in his bid to stand for the FAZ presidency during the March 28 elective annual general meeting.

The two-term former FAZ boss was found ineligible with four out of the candidates who filed in their nominations.

FAZ Ethics Committee chairperson Ronald Hatongo said the successful candidates are ex FAZ vice president Emmanuel Munaile, former executive committee member Joseph Nkole and the incumbent Andrew Kamanga.

Hatongo said Kalusha and the others who failed the test have until February 17 to appeal the nullification of their nominations.


  1. Kalusha is a Zambian icon celebrated far beyond our borders. When you say you are Zambian, people will either mention KK or Kalusha.

    Well it is unfortunate that he ha failed the screening, especially on the day that a street is named in his honor.

    Well due diligence and integrity are more important than fame to run an establishment.

    • Kalu was FAZ President for 8 solid years..Surely that wasn’t enough? Why are you people questioning Edgar’s attempt for a third term?

  2. The electorates should decide whether they want kalu or not. kamanga’s ethics committee should not decide. Even kamanga has skeletons in the closet. No one is perfect. We are back to another 4 years of failure and kamanga fighting with government.

  3. I am sure my good friends kalu respects this decision. However if he does not I am sure there are appeal procedures he can follow. Nothing sinister. Kz

  4. We expected that, and we not be shocked if HH is out of ballot in 2021. Mwe mbwa mwe.
    These things may even accuse Kalusha of satanism.
    Zambia is cursed…

  5. Even if we call lungu corrupt , one thing that stands out is he did not interfere in FAZ elections in favour of Kalu despite kalu kicking balls for lungu on stage in campaigns.

    For this I have respect for mr lungu.

  6. Kalusha must forget about what has happened and look to other side of what he asked to do. He has flopped because of being politically inclined. That position needs a unifier, a none politicaly motivated person. Zambians meet in the football pitch with one support like are in church. If you bring political language in the game, the game will always be biased so is great kalu.

  7. You’re not truthful even to yourself. The New Era is exactly what has happened.
    All fraudsters have been weeded out.
    Let FAZ develop the game and not pockets of some high lifestyle of certain chaps.

  8. Kalu can rest please it’s not a big issue. A street has been named after him. What more fame do people need mwebantu. Kudonsanadonsana kikiki

  9. How long does kalu want to be FAZ president?Let others also try .Let him
    give others chance.let him try to be MP or some other posts.

  10. @Danielle Kalusha was atFAZ for 8 years. In those years he achieved what we couldn’t do in 50 years. He gave us the afcon. Kamanga has been head for 4 years and we have seen what we have never seen before namely Zambia s failure to qualify for Afcon two consecutive times. We are not a nation of failure but by Kamanga we are being made to take failure as normal. Yayi

  11. @Wauze what do you mean by let him? You imply by standing he is stopping others. He is not the FAZ president. He can’t let or stop anyone. People who want to stand are not being stopped by Kalu They should just stand against him. In fact Kamanga should let him stand if Kamanga isn’t scared of him

  12. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Whatever their process and procedures, I commend them for applying an “integrity smell test”. Kalu was found corrupt by FIFA Ethics Committee… wasn’t he even banned from coming close to ant football matters?

    We just need to extend this interest smell test to the ECZ and politics and other public offices… we may just be heading in the right direction as a country.

  13. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Yes Kalu was a great player and he was worshipped and paid handsomely during his playing days. But you know the difference between him and other sports legends in other countries, those people built sports academies and founded charity organisations to give back to the public and nurture talents and offer opportunities to young people. There are many examples, Federer, Nadal, Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams, etc. Our Kalu instead has squandered all his money and continue to demand that the country pays him and honour him even in his retirement age. He thinks the country owes him instead of him owing the country for all the love and opportunities he was given by the country. Sports is no political freedom fighting where you sacrifice your life, family, time, etc like Mandela. In sports, you…

  14. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    …In sports, you are paid for your talents and you get the fame and love… it’s time to pay back you numskull dimwit!

  15. This is just a ploy by Kamanga to prevent his rival from contesting. Granted that Kalusha was banned by Fifa and he served his ban. It was not a life ban but were there for a specific period. Even Platimi who banned for a specific number of years is free to contest the UEFA Presidency if he so wishes. Moreover, after the ban, Kalu was reinstated as CAF committee. Who is FAZ to supersede higher institution rules in the football family. This is a just local FAZ politics at play. Hatoongo was Kamagas friend at CBU.

  16. Integrity is very important in development I think they have done well to disqualify corrupt people from faz presidents race as much as we need development let’s look at that Angle people let him accept

  17. “The two-term former FAZ boss was found ineligible with four out of the candidates who filed in their nominations.”

    I hate English like this.

    People have pathological hate for great Kalu. He is a cut winner for God’s sake.

    I personally think Kalu has greater integrity than Kamanga.
    Kamanga’s record is appalling. It must not be automatic that he too must cash in on a double term tenure.

    Perhaps we should understand what grounds put great Kalu on the other side of the so called integrity test.
    If the FAZ constitution allows him, let the successful nigga run.
    This is different from an everlasting ZAA’s Mpondela. I want that nigga out.

  18. It’s on record Kamanga and simata simata Since Gabon air disaster have been casting challenges.Now that kamanga is on top he cannot allow Kalusha to come back .
    Who is hatongo ? I haven’t heard of him in anything.

  19. @Thorn remind me of Mpondela Elias .This man is same with his Namwala brother HH they have been sticking to their positions for nearly two decades without anything to show Zambia.FAILURES INDEED.

  20. Zambians are stuck in the past while others as in neighboring countries are making advances and its logical to think the glorified past has blinded the nation! With all the available skilled human resource aligned with current world developments the architects that designed what has got us where we are still think they can remodel what they shaped to meet current trends! Please the torch has to be borne by others as development is a relay race! Much as I adore Kalusha for what he did Zambia in soccer he has to grow out of wallowing in the past to think he still can do wonders at FAZ. He’s past it but looms larger as an icon and he must realize that the clapping is getting less and less for him. He can be useful taking on other roles, if the clock could wind back I am sure Mufulira would…

  21. counted….. have benefitted a Kalusha Soccer Academy for the many “hopeless” youths! A national advisory body voluntary in nature embracing retired soccer enthusiasts can be a bonus to FAZ!

  22. Kalusha Bwalya’s administration achievement in Zambia 50 years of independence.
    1) The only first Faz president convicted of corruption by Fifa. 2) The only Faz administration to have produced a vice president banned for life for match fixing Mwamelo a very close friend of Kalusha. 3) Kazala to have failed to this date to account for gate takings. So it will be very risk to allow Kalu and his thieving friends near Faz

  23. Kamanga is a born crook. I know him from the time he was in league with Moses Bands and used Moses (Mwanawasa’s economic adviser) to extract millions from Pascals of FQM, Agarwal of KCM and thousands from Lumwana mines.
    He has his fingers in every deal at FAZ, a most useless nephew of Rupiah Banda, the icon of corruption, infiltration of Indian, Pakistani and Chinese workers.
    Abash with Rupiah Banda, abash with Andrew Kamanga,

  24. Kalulu rabbit must just return to his hole. No integrity. Problem with disgraced “once upon a time” people in African nations is that they want to hide under “we all make mistakes” while they live the rest of their lives benefiting from their grand theft. Silly boy.

  25. Why have these PF after failing the integrity test name a road in Lusaka after Kalusha Bwalya. He is a Copperbelt hero, name a road on the Copperbelt. What is your problem????

  26. Kalu can now tell us how bitter his medicine is cause he is the one who created it so let him deal with it.
    Some of us are alive to the fact that he did everything to broke Kamanga’s rise in football administration.Let me borrow from their idiom”tapalila ingoma “shileniko abanenu.

  27. Kalusha is a qualified coach,if he wants to improve football standards in Zambia he should find a team to coach.not even a soccer academy to his name.sata sate has one

  28. Br. Hatongo, the electorate and not FAZ are the ones who assess integrity not you. KAMANGa is digging a grave for himself. Wait and see.

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