Nevers calls for Prayer and Fasting

Dr.Nevers Mumba

Zambians have prayed over the years to break the spirit of witchcraft which has dominated national politics. Today, we are the generation witnessing the answering of those prayers.

Now that the powers of darkness are being exposed, it is the role of God’s people to declare a solemn assembly and totally free Zambia from the jaws of demonic forces and free it to start to enjoy the benefits of a truly Christian Nation.

Over the past four weeks, Zambia has been experiencing major spiritual activities. Our towns, our streets and our homes have been overwhelmed by ritual killings, therianthropy, (this is the ability of humans metamorphose into other animals by means of shapeshifting). During this time we have also experienced a heightened prayer culture by many families.
In reaction to these events, citizens are weary and fearful. They blame the police for failing to protect them from the ritual killers on the loose and have decided to take the law into their own hands by meting out instant justice on those suspected to be involved in ritual killings.

To all Zambians I say, let us not join the ritual killers by starting to kill each other. This is exactly what the witches want to achieve. To create uncontrolled anger and initiate a movement of blood shedding across the nation. No Zambian should torch another Zambian. No Zambian should axe another Zambian. We must stop to take the law in our own hands. We shall become part of the ritual killers ourselves. Instead, if we can arrest the suspects, let us take them to the police station for a proper judicial process.

On a more important note, the battle before us is a spiritual battle which the police with their guns cannot win. This battle can only be won Spirit against Spirit. We have to invoke the power of the blood of Jesus against the power of the blood they are shedding. The Bible says, “ For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the high places…” Ephesians 6:12
To defeat the forces that are killing innocent people in our nation we must employ the shed blood of Jesus. says, “ “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb…..” Rev 12:11

In the Old Testament, when a plague was released(death angel) to kill the first born of every house hold in Egypt, God told his people Israel to kill a lamb without blemish and sprinkle its blood on the door posts of their houses. When the death angel comes to the house and sees the blood, he will pass over it and that house hold will be safe. (Exodus 12:7)

Time has come to build an altar and allow a show down between the God of Elijah and the gods of Baal.(2Kings 1:10). I call on every believer in Zambia, regardless of denomination to join in this great spiritual show down between the gods of those who continue to use witchcraft for political purposes and those who trust in the completed work of Christ.

I call the on body of Christ to a day of prayer and fasting on Sunday 16th 2020. Those who believe we can stop this evil once and for all. We shall pray and fast on that day as a nation and conduct Holy Communion in our homes across the nation at 18:00hrs concurrently and break the spell that has been cast upon this nation.

We shall disempower the forces of darkness. Those who shall attempt to continue on the same path will start dying one after the other until Zambia is cleansed. Then shall we freely say, Zambia Shall be Saved.

I therefore proclaim a solemn assembly for Sunday 16th February 2020 from 6:00hrs to 18:00hrs. Holy Communion shall be simultaneously taken at 18:00hrs across the nation.


  1. Thanks ba Mumba. You are now talking. This is what we expected long time ago. Indeed the battle is spiritual so we shud fight it spiritually. I will join you on Sunday.

  2. Brainwashed by bazungu….you rarely see bazungu calling for prayers they just work hard and sort out corruption….whatever is happening in Zambia is a result of PF bandits agenda….dont involve God

  3. Kutumpa fye ukunomba. Even men of God believing in styupidity.
    Just shut down Lusaka and let Zambia army and ZNS fumigate each house of those idyots calling themselves criminals.
    Shut that Lusaka for 2 weeks, shut it down, the Wuhan way!!!

  4. Lovely Zambia. What has happened to the beautiful country of Zambia and it’s peaceful people? Burning people, chemical attacks and all manner of unruliness! Sounds so alien. Has all law and order deserted this beautiful country?

  5. We hope to see you at the next national prayers ba mumba. However, I am asking for our president, why doesn’t your counterpart HH ever attend or call for national prayers ? Would people be wrong to assume that he follows certain unnatural beliefs. We already are scared about his association with the gay organisation. Please try and pray for him. In the name of jeeeezos. Kz

  6. Ba Mumba u jst one of those who look at Zambians as being the stupid ones. They will response to any thing u call for, we facing hard times, ad u don’t hv anything apart frm calling for prayers ad fasting. If we fast, are we not going to die? Look at yourself ad the Zambians, we’re fat ad healthy than those you calling to fast. Awee!!, wht benefits ba politician, u jst want to use us.

  7. Comment: NERVOURS nevers Mumba you are as stupid as your name. First I would ask that you fast BY YOURSELF and give which food you would ve eaten to the less privillage
    Second iwe niwe pompwe. You were caught with your fulthy fingers in the cookie jar

  8. Stop it right there your party is full of people wearing rings from a Nigerian crook and you are accusing HH of lies!
    Stop telling silly lies

  9. MORE P.F. LED SHAM [email protected] & “FISTING” U ASKING FOR N3VERZ??
    These Dirty belly “poloticians”, charlatans & kaponya’z are busy lying about being God fearing, whilst stealing, being ruthless & violent towards those that harbor opposing views & rush for “Black rings” steeped in human blood /sacrifice, then like P.F Satanist “Worrah Chomba” shout from the pulpit, whilst pointing a dirty finger at others, accusing others of being “Satanists” whilst forgetting theres three fingers from the same black ringed hand pointing back at them.

  10. Nervers has always evoked his spiritual powers to curse his opponents, the last one he cursed is Felix Mutati. Isn’t that witchcraft? Here’s an egoist trying to gain mileage from an unpleasant situation. What we need to cleanse is the philosophy of the Pentecosts that if you don’t heed their call then something unpleasant will happen to you. It’s the same trick that they use to extort money from gullible travelers by making them believe that if they don’t give the men of god then they won’t travel safely. Our roads are just pathetic! All our trunk routes are not worth driving on. One day somebody will come and just ban this movement, Pentecosts are full of shhiitt!

  11. Please HH and UPND be careful and pray hard to God the way I see these people are planing to wash this thing on you but we are praying for God to confuse them in their camp please Zambians let’s pray hard we are under attack by the forces of evil only God can save us out of this situation.
    The problem is that PF are dead scared of HH some don’t even sleep there trying by all means to imprecate HH into a crime so that they can disqualify him to stand in 2021 and UPND should wake up from the sleep because you will be forced to look for another person who will lose to Lung that is the plan of PF when they say HH will never be President you think it’s a small thing these people are planing and working evil against HH.

  12. See this is confusing. Your very law enforcers have acknowledged that they can’t accurately shoot fleeing cats and you think they will contain witchcraft suspects? The guy will just unleash a weird sounding fart and the cops will let him out of the cells and claim he shapeshifted. Awe mwe. This is total breakdown in a lot of respects.

  13. Always love a preaching pulpit Nevers. A gospel and Godly sounding Mumba.

    Not a political one.

    Reminds me of the old days.
    Victory Ministries.

    Never missed a preaching session on TV.

    Suddenly, God damn it! What happened to that? Hugh! What do we have?

    You’re gifted to lead the church not these ‘takataka’ lifestyle of power jostles and mazeto and politics and what have you.

  14. I support the idea of prayer and fasting bro. mumba, but i am very uncomfortable with your ” those who continue on the same path will start DYING one after the other”. Is not disarming the demons by prayer and fasting enough – you now want to kill the people who are only ” HOSTING” demons. By definition, the people are ” demon possessed” and not demons themselves. cast out satan and his demons and LOVE the human that remains thereafter.


  16. Where is the Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance? She has been too quiet at a critical time the nation needs guidance. We saw the same Ring on her finger! Isn’t her silence confirmation that she is part of the problem? Why have you brought this evil on our land? There is no doubt that the persons behind the gassings blood collections are those who once played with Seer1’s charms! A true servant of God does not issue death threats or kill the way this self-confessed blood sucking killer parasite is doing! John 6:10 says the devil comes to steal, kill and to destroy! The only reason Seer1 is fixated on Zambia is because our leaders yielded their authority to him the way Adam and Eve yielded their authority to $atan! Ask yourself why Seer1 is not playing cat and mouse in…

  17. A good shepherd tends the flock but at the same time fights off the wolves. Yes call for prayers but follow it up with actions otherwise we will continue singing the same song.

  18. Nonsense, this is crime pure and simple, not spiritual stuff for you Nervous and others to make a lucrative church out of the situation. Just tell Zambia Police and other security agencies to do their job what do we pay them for?? Atase!!

  19. Thank you pastor NEVERS MUMBA for calling the nation to pray I’m attending this prayers personally let those who don’t pray for the nation wait for elections in 2021 they will pray ( bakamwishiba yesu. …)

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